Feb 17
HLJ : Luke


User Content (UC) : The Assassin – GAT-X105E Strike Gundam
Submitted By : Freya

This kit is my first ever attempt on weathering effect and detailing the inner frame, its took me over a month to finishing him off, also using the wrong type of clear coat, some area need to re-do.

To be honest, this kit is very, very entertaining to assemble, I do recommend this kit for Gundam fans out there, coz you will simply enjoy interchanging the weapons for pose-ability fun. 😀

I really like the color scheme I used, primed with gray, and mostly white. I called the “The Assassin” White Edition

First time posting on Hobbylink.tv, comments would be awesome =)


  1. nice job 🙂

  2. nice work! i think a Strike IWSP will be my first attempt at an MG for sure. would love to know what your process and tools are for customization

  3. Here is the link for my W.I.P page ^_^

  4. Assassin’s Creed reference in Gundam form? WIN.
    Great job on the kit, it’s one of my favorites too.

  5. Nice job on the custom ,this was my favorite kit until I did my nu ver ka I did a custom of this kit too ill put some pictures up ,you can see it and a few others on my YouTube channel Chris Vinson

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