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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 59 – Fujimi Spinner – SEED HG Re-Issues – More Muv-Luv WIP!

This episode has the second half of our look at Kotobukiya’s Muv Luv kits and asks the question, “Will Ryan (through you) ever come to know where he went wrong with the SDF-1?”

Kits featured in this video:
– Macross SDF-1
– Takemikazuchi Type-00F Tsukuyomi Mana Custom
– 1/144 HG Gundam AGE-1 Titus
– 1/24 Spinner

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  1. Hey Syd and Ryan! Syd, I have a question about the extra runners that you’re left with after building a kit. Is it possible to melt the plastic and recast them to make new parts? Thanks, and I’m looking forward to seeing the RG Freedom.

    • @ Sabekio I don’t know the answer to that question but I guess all you can do is try? Try it out and see how it works. They are leftovers after all.

  2. Quick question; what’s going on with Bandai’s waterslide line? Have they given up on it?

  3. The effect parts comes seperately as I heard.
    There are photos online with the effect parts. Some kind of event collection parts in Bandai-Asia Hong Kong. You’ll need a coupon to collect it.

    I was pretty close with Ryans help, I did mention the Spring, but only about the size. Did Ryan use the right size to begin with? .-.

    The Strike Rouge! So jealous, I saw on a site that they’re selling her for around £50 🙁

  4. I just wanted thank you guys so very much for all your help and answering my question. I love watching you both and I learned a lot from your show.

    I really appreciate it thank you.

  5. I reckon that at this rate Gunpla TV might run out of new line of model kits to introduce soon. One manga series franchise however is confusing for me: Five Star Stories. Here seems to be various companies making or re-issuing models for this series (Wave, Volks, but with drastic differences in price for them, even amount the same company’s products. Can Gunpla TV shed some lights on this?

    Also, I would love to see you guys build and compare the Kotobukiya Virtual-On model kits against those by Hasegawa. I built the Hasegawa 1/100 Myzr Delta kit a few months ago. It was fun (slight sarcasm here)

  6. This isn’t just me, but for other people whose question you have not answered. I posted a new question last week in the comment section of Episode 58 (on this site) and you guys did not answer it. If there is a reason, please do tell why you did not answer questions that people (including myself) have posted. I know that one reason is because you’ve answered a similar question before hand, or the question was inappropriate or something, but what about the ones that are none of the above?

    • @ Neon Wave your last question was not really a question more of a suggestion and thats why it was not read on the show. We read all suggestions and if we are able to do them then we will usually do them in the show. The only question part was “why cant we get a famous Japanese modeler on our show to make dioramas”.

  7. Another great show guys keep it up

  8. Yo, thanks guys, really appreciate the comments you gave me in the video, but I think that won’t help much, cos I have quite a numbers of old gundums and are given to me from a friend of mine. His gundum got a some mis-fit parts and I need to correct back… SO Syd / Ryan, can you just show us the so called “Part Separator” in the show? Since you said that the part isn’t for selling, so is there anyway that we can modify something to make 1 out of it? Really Thanks.

  9. In a previous episode of Gunpla TV, you mentioned problems with scratching clear parts and it reminded me of a custom Zoid I’d seen on the internet where a work in progress of the build was also shown. He had made clear re-casts of other zoids parts to use for the custom and then hollowed out large sections of it leaving it really badly scratched up. He fixed it however by mixing up some clear paint and thinner and bathed the parts inside it for a moment then left them to dry. The paint filled the scratches and dried with the end result being virtually scratch free. He used paint because he wanted a very faint tint to the plastic of the colour he used but a clear varnish would have worked too. For those interested, the custom was a Man-of-War Zoid he’d called a Wu.

  10. Muvluv is one of my favorite mecha series particularly Alternative which have all of the amazing mecha actions along despite being a Visual Novel. The mecha in the series called Tactical Surface Fighter/Senjutsuki are actually counterparts of real life aircraft save for few models. Kotobukiya did great job for the kit as though they really need to catch up with Volks which got way ahead with their A3 lineups.

    I would strongly recommend to play the VN as it is one of the amazing tale of Love and Courage and recently Age even re-released the VN in Xbox360 which is save for work.


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