Jun 1

The end of the month is usually when the big stuff is released and for May both Ryan and Syd had something they had been looking forward to for some time! They also get to compare, and wax on nostalgic about, their 1/12 C-3POs.

Kits featured in this video:

– 1/48 Star Wars Snowspeeder
1/100 MG MSN-00100 Type 100 Hyakushiki Ver.2.0
1/144 HG Char’s Zaku II
– 1/12 Star Wars C-3PO
– 1/12 Star Wars R2-D2 & R5-D4

Gunpla TV


  1. g said on June 1, 2015

    great episode on the hyaku shiki!

  2. Hyaku Shiki!!! Can’t wait to have it delivered to me by HLJ!!!

  3. Mg hyaku shiki 2.0 yes!

  4. That mg~
    dark lord o chin chin plz give me power!!

  5. never been such a low comment number lol

  6. Cody said on June 1, 2015

    I wouldn’t mind that Build Strike. That’s a kit I’ve been putting off getting for a long time.

  7. Ye boi

  8. Great episode guys. Why does the Hyaku Shiki have three different eyes in the kit?

    • Maybe to Compensate for different techniques for different builders way of doing their kit’s eyes

    • Syd said on June 3, 2015

      We will talk about that in the next episode. Bandai has given us the ability to swap eyes so we can change the kit’s look at any time.

  9. How chances will I be a winner of a raffle? Hahaha :))

  10. Which one should I buy HG Build Strike Gundam Clear version or RG 00 raiser because it have similar price ?
    I like clear ver and I love 00 series

  11. Great show as always hope to win that mg build strike gundam

  12. God Speed and hope to see you guys at AX

  13. I have been building the gunpla kid for only six months but I watched every episodes. Hi Ryan and Syd. Just bought the hyakushiki from HLJ can’t wait to receive it and the prize if that is possible.

  14. This is an amazing time to be in gunpla. Its a shame that there are too many gunpla all over. Losing room for my gunpla and space. Hope you guys are doing well with space.

  15. I never lost my love for the build strike and I never will. EVER

  16. I would like to win the build strike gundam

  17. Hello again Syd and Ryan!

    I was so thrilled when you read my comment, I almost fell off my chair. My very first kit by the way is the MG Gundam Exia which made me prefer the MG line.

    You’ll probably see my other comment about the Hyaku Shiki. Can’t wait to get my hands on that golden baby!

    Keep up the good work guys! More gunplas to come! Cheers!


  18. That snow speeder looks so nice!

  19. Goldmember would be proud, or drooling over this episode due to the amount of gold.

  20. Come on lucky number 77…

    Australian here, can confirm Tasmanians like to think of Tasmania as a separate country. Or is it us mainland people that like to think of them as a separate country… I can never remember…

  21. Excited! See you guys at Anime Expo! Hope the Con is to your liking!

  22. Great job on the episode and the Hyakushiki 2.0 looks great, I would love to buy one but my wallet just suffered from my last big shipment of gunpla from HLJ! Time to start saving up again!


    I want that Build Strike 🙂

  23. I’m a sucker for strike variants. > <;

  24. i want to win it so badly!!!

  25. someone got excited over Amazing red warrior but what amazed me the most is the RG Red Astray isn’t it? What do you think Syd and Ryan?

  26. NsK said on June 1, 2015

    Great show gents. Just one question, why no love for the Legend BB? I am literally the bloke who buys 3 copies of every legend BB because they’re that good! Versal Knight Gundam completes the Knight Gundam trinity….Should get at least a mention.

  27. Yeah! new episode!

  28. Wow the Hyakushiki looks really good, especially all that gold! It’s too bad Bandai didn’t create an undergated mould for the MG Phenex as well.

    Anyways thanks for the episode guys. Keep the content coming!

  29. Can’t wait to see the built Hyaku Shiki next week. I’m probably going to Anime Expo since I live in LA so if everything goes to plan, I’ll probs meet you guys there. (P.S. I WANT THAT BUILD STRIKE)

  30. I think people from the USA don’t include their country because we’re just not used to it. Unlike most other countries we don’t have a lot of other countries bordering us, and tend not to mail anything overseas.

  31. Yes build strike gundam gimme gimme gimme gimme

  32. Hey guys i cant wait to see that snow speeder because its my favorite ship from star wars and cant wait to see how it turns out. Also i would love to win that build strike gundam

  33. Love the hyakushiki 2.0 and I do agree about seeing mg build/try burning gundam or even a trainsent gundam. Which by the way would be most triumphant

  34. Looking to see both your builds on the next episode. Wouldn’t mind winning either.

  35. Gimme that build strike gundam! :v

  36. About the question some commenter did about painting over the gold plating. That’s not a good idea, the paint won’t stick too well and it’ll be easily scrapped or scratched off.

    If you’ve decided you want to paint it, to remove the gold plating just submerge the sprues in some household bleach it’ll done pretty quickly. Other alternatives are oven cleaners like Easy-off or drain cleaners like Drano, both of which contain sodium hydroxide. Also remember that these household cleaning products are toxic, so use gloves when handling them.

  37. Joe said on June 1, 2015

    I would love to be able to go to LA and meet you guys! I’m sure it will be a blast.

  38. hyaku shiki 2.0
    my zeta 2.0 has patern now!

  39. Cant wait for the lightning Zeta!

  40. These new HGs have crazy good articulation! I wonder if they should start categorizing them by release year…

  41. That HG Zaku looks so detailed for a HG kit.

  42. Can’t to see you guys at anime expo. a place you guys you have to eat at is In n Out burgers. It a west coast thing. Question i have is MG 00 vs RG 00 which would you recommend between these too.

  43. I agree that Bandai needs to make the master grade build burning and try burning and put it together into one box, but for some reason I feel like it is going to be two separate boxes just like with the mg build strike and mg universal booster where we will be getting the mg build burning in one box and mg try burning parts in another. Hopefully Bandai will put the two into one box otherwise it would feel like wasting boxes.

  44. Syd and Ryan,can I win that build strike? Hahaha, anyways more power to the both of you and to the show!

  45. Great show. Keep up the good work. I’m hoping to win the Gunpla.

  46. Syd do you think someday we’ll see a RE 1/100 kshatriya??

  47. Great show as always guys! Im looking forward to recieving my hyaku shiki soon! Thanks for all that you do for gunpla, youre awesome!

  48. Hyaku Shiki 2.0 just looks delicious.

  49. Liking that new Char’s Zaku, I gotta get it!

  50. Great show guys love too see more, Later.

  51. Awesome show as always are there going to be any new rg kits?

  52. great show, still hoping for master grade g self, and possibly a master grade saviour gundam!

  53. Hi there great show again Love to have that kit.

  54. Awesome Episode as Always Dudes!! Question: Why do you guys think Bandai hasn’t released an MG for Reconguista or Build Fighters Try?? I’m gonna try to make it to Anime Expo for sure!

  55. that build strike though

  56. I hope I win this time.

    hey Syd n Ryan
    if I was able to go to LA to see you I would definitely buy a kit and ask if you both could sign it. That would be awesome.

    I also have a question. What is your backlog like in terms of gunpla? How do you find the time to build anything?

  57. GTU said on June 1, 2015

    Dear lord Build Strike. Anyway, I feel like more 3.0s or kits with the same or similar engineering to the RX-78-2 3.0 down the line, seeing as Bandai seems to be trying to beef up the HG line with stuff like the All Gundam Project, Revive HGs and of course those brilliant Origin kits.

  58. Hy guys, l love your show, and please gift my that Mg, i’m a Indonesian BU the Way, :v please gift me that mg Build strike gundam , love you, hy From Indonesian( in Indonesian, salam dari indonesia

  59. Its my ‘Destiny’ to win that Strike! Eh? See what I did there? No? Ok, so terrible joke is terrible, appologizes lol.

    But seriously love you guys, the show, and your store, hands-down the best there is on all three accounts.

  60. Come on Bandai, where is my hg Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy?

  61. Hi,
    What are your favorite characters from Star Wars?

  62. just watched your guys’ segment; great as always. I love the wit and side jokes you guys include in every show, keep up the great work! ps. I would love the Build Strike so i can get the Universe Booster with it 😛

  63. If I win that Build Strike MG I’m totally gonna buy the universe booster!

  64. I’d be fine with winning just the display base!

  65. If bandai can release the Hyaku Shiki with only nice looking gold runners and just charge some extra money, they should have just done the same thing with the Strike Freedom.

  66. I have the MG Hyaku Shiki 1.0 limited edition version and it looks like the same gold effect as the 2.0. I’m interested to compare the two.

  67. Hi guys,

    Great show as usual.
    I will skip my comments on the Star Wars thingies, just because my eyes are hurting because all that gold out there 🙂
    – 1/100 MG MSN-00100 Type 100 Hyakushiki Ver.2.0
    I have seen posts on Facebook complaining about cracks on the gold pieces. Can you tell us more?
    – 1/144 HG Char’s Zaku II
    Finally a Char’s Zaku that doesn’t remind me of a salmon quiche. Love it.


  68. Gus said on June 1, 2015

    The hyaku shiki and the snowspeeder look awesome. Gotta love that c3p0!

  69. pick me2!!

  70. Having the Zaku hold the rifle like that is really badass. I really like that pose but sadly, the kits I have can’t pull it off.

  71. win win =D

  72. Sid, this might be a little old, but what happened to the PG Unicorn LED? The shipping literally just stopped, and now I have to get the LED from another seller. Did Bandai went stingy on you?

  73. ..love your show guys!! very informative!! great job!! cheers!!

  74. woop woop, another cool episode. Thanks guys for putting these together.

  75. OMG build strike full package ty ty

  76. awesome episode!

  77. Pazu said on June 1, 2015

    awesome show as always, those Star Wars kit are looking great.

  78. The percentage of me winning is only 0.2 percents

    Nice Star War are awesome

  79. First timer here dropping a line, you guys are the bomb.

  80. Dear ryan and Syd love the show and I can’t wait for the rg astray coming this August or September

  81. Not sure to get that origin Zaku…

  82. Can’t wait to see you guys at anime expo. Maybe one day I’ll win something XD

  83. think this year is full of gold cannot wait for metal built strike freedom

  84. That sure is a nice build strike would be nice to receive that in the mail as a gift.. but seriously do u guys or the girls look forward to seeing a mg of the mega shiki ya know it’s coming

  85. I hope the chest armor articulation becomes standard, was kind of worried we might not see that outside of build burning.


  87. have fun in LA

  88. Great episode as always guys… That Zaku is awesome…

  89. I Want that Build Strike! I am so excited for the RG Astray Red Frame. Are you gonna build it on the show, Syd? The MG Amazing Red Warrior is also on my wish list!!! Imma poop my pants from all this excitment

  90. I’ve always been a fan of the Strike design, but I’ve never picked up the Build Fighters variant

  91. Auki said on June 1, 2015

    Cant wait to see the Hyaku Shiki built!

  92. Another great episode! Always looking forward for the next one.

  93. already have a mg build strike, but two would be nice, come on RN jusus

  94. Is that gold on the Hyakushiki similar to the gold in titanium kits just like the gold parts in the Nu Gundam ver Ka Titanium? I like this gold version better than the gold-plating of the older version. And those Star Wars kits that Bandai keep pumping out gets even more amazing! might pick up one as a gift. Love your vids guys, more power to you!

  95. I want it

  96. The new Hyaku-Shiki looks sick… I wonder if I should buy it since I bought the old one just three months ago… I don’t like doubles ):

  97. feng said on June 1, 2015


    i won !

  98. Cool! a new episode quickly. Always enjoy these? Type 100 ftw!

  99. Two thumbs up for the Hyakushiki! I want that Build Strike!

  100. Im looking forward to more/new Real Grades, but Build strike MG is on my backordered list at HLJ already!

  101. Shiki parts are sexy as hell!

  102. my girl and are really looking forward to getting HYAKU SHIKI, we just got a thing about golden japanese stuff, and GUNDAM! lol great vid, as always, by the way me and my girl watch them together(your videos) lol keep up the good work.

  103. Another good video guy. There’s been a huge boost in quality since I first watched your show almost 5 years ago.
    Super excited to pick up the MG Hyakku Shiki 2.0 and some Star Wars kits.
    Take it easy guys.

  104. great episode as always! do you guys think the hyaku shiki will ever get an RG release considering they have MK2 and Zeta already as RG kits ?

  105. a lot of gold =D

  106. i want build strike so that may aile strike have ah buddies

  107. Hey Gunpura TV Guys

    Great show as always, as of writing I’m anxiously awaiting my delivery of the Hyaku Shiki ver 2.0 from HLJ aka (anaheim electronics).

    Don’t know if you guys know this already, but you can strip the chrome plating by soaking the parts in Bleach for awhile.

    That Build Strike needs a home and a sexy paint job I’d be happy to help out with both 😀

    Quick question: Is HLJ able to get the P-Bandai (online exclusives) exclusive kits and on that note how do you guys feel about P-Bandai ?

    All the way from South Africa

    Love the show keep up the great work.

    • Sadly no , HLJ can`t get P-Bandai. I think very few online stores can actually offer those.

      • Hey there thanks for the reply. I just prefer to go Hlj first before trying out other stores. Just yeah the whole P-Bandai thing irritates me a lil.

  108. hyaku shiki 2.0 is so shinnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. me like

  110. the origin zaku would look cool in MG scale, but i’m still hoping for an MG zaku-tank

  111. i swear that r2d2 and c3po look out of proportion from each other.
    definately need to order myself an origin zaku

  112. great episode guys!
    I’m actually preferring the new gold on the hyaku shiki compared to the mekki gold.

  113. That new Zaku ii is going on my wishlist right now! Love the show guys.

  114. Another fantastic episode!
    Looking forward to another Mg 3.0 just as much as you guys and hope to see it first on Gunpla TV as always. Also very keen to see the new Star Wars stuff, so keep it up!

  115. great episode as usual guys! my main source of gunpla info!

  116. Oh, man. I want that Build strike Gundam Ver. S2

  117. Nice episode once again guys! I think the reason why Bandai made an MG Amazing Red Warrior first is that the design is already made and ready for manufacturing. The casting molds can just be re-used from already existing RX-78-2 2.0 and just print out a few new runners to house the parts exclusive to the ARW. A BBG or Try BBG will just take more time to do and so why not make money out of something that is already readily available?

  118. Great video guys, puts some humor sometimes, every time you put some jokes on your conversation, I really can’t avoid to put a smile on my face, by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYD! Sieg Zeon!

  119. That Zaku sure has ‘Char’acter

  120. Aoex said on June 1, 2015

    I wish the new MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0 have the LED gimmicks but nevertheless its a great kit.

    Also I’m surprised with the Char Zaku Origin’s details. It is like an RG.

    …and my MG Universe Booster is waiting for that Build Strike, so please pick meeeeh!

  121. Gimme that build strike gundam

  122. striking up comments

  123. I will never win something 🙂 but i’ll keep watching the show 😉

  124. These are the golden days of Gunpla!

    Anyway great job on the episode guys.
    Still in gunpla kits and I do say my true 1st one was the 00 QuanT master grade.

    I did have one kit before that but shamefully it got broken down.
    I have many HGs right now and enjoy making those.
    As well as my girlfriend who bought all the Zone of the Enders models and also started her own little collection of HGs and RGs.

    Sometimes still tempted to buy a RG Wing Zero Custom or a MG Wing Zero Custom.
    Heck maybe even a PG 00Raiser.

  125. That Mg Shiki looks baller yo. Can wait for mine to get here so i can lay all ma chains and shiz on it.

    Actually i’ma hang it from my chain and char kick anyone who disses me about it.

  126. I can’t say i am a fan of the Shiki, how ever i didn’t know you could change the look of the C3PO, thanks for showing us!

  127. Great look at HG Zaku II Origins and MG Hyaku Shiki. Congrats to the MG Strike Freedom winner PM. I hate this week’s prize, MG Build Strike. I wish there was no Build Fighters or Build Fighter Try series made. The there would be better MG kits from Gundam series that matters, like Reconguiata in G.

  128. Damn, just missed the FedEx guy while watching Gunpla TV with my headphone’s on, or else I got three more MG’s for my collection!

  129. scid said on June 1, 2015

    Can’t wait for my Zaku. Apparently got it with the clear cover and the promo stickers \^0^/

  130. Yo C3PO, I’mma let you finish but the Hyaku Shiki 2.0 had one the sexiest finishes of all time.

    I really want to see more Reconguista in G kits. I watched the anime just for the suit designs.

  131. i want that gunpla.


  133. sieg zeon

  134. Did you guys notice that on the MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0, they don’t actually say it’s the 2.0 on the boxart like they used to? I think that’s interesting. Do they maybe intend on discontinuing the older chrome gold super shiny one and instead have this as its replacement? Do you think that we will get a MG Mega Shiki using the Hyaku Shiki 2.0 as its base?

    Do you guys think the reason why we don’t have like a MG Zaku Amazing is because Bandai intends to do a 3.0 of the Zaku 2 [Char Custom] first and then do it? Similar for the Kampfer Amazing…?

  135. Rob said on June 1, 2015

    I’d love to get that MG!

  136. AWEZOME!!! 😀

  137. So, Syd, do you think that the RG Red Frame is a step back, after the RG 00 Raiser ?

    • Step back??? How so ??? I mean u won’t be getting the amount of plastic as the 00 raiser that’s for sure but I’m excited to see how posable the kit will be compared to the HG red frame which by the way in my opinion is extremely posable. Now if it turns out to be less posable and fragile then that for sure would be a step back.

  138. Mike said on June 1, 2015

    Shiny ep dudes! Hyakushiki looks badass but the name kind of sounds like a sneeze

  139. Hi Syd, hi Ryan,
    Thanks for the show as usual.
    Just a question: news about RX-0 led kits?
    Would be cool to get an update on these 🙂
    Thanks in advance,

  140. I don’t really like strike series but how could i not want the build strike? Loved GBF.
    Anyway origin zaku II looks amazing. Can’t wait for more origin kits to come out (i know there is a mobile worker…maybe we will finally have a zaku tank HG?)

  141. Awesome channel! Oh my… I need this Gundam…

  142. Awesome now that the Snowspeeder is released. Too bad they did not make a Dak figure and additional parts to recreate the damage Luke’s Snowspeeder took in the back.

    Now I just need to see a bandai A-Wing and T-16 Skyhopper. I would be totally surprised if bandai decides to make a V-Wing model kit.

  143. Always doing a great show syd and ryan< keep up the good work. I would like to win that gunpla 🙂

  144. As usual, great episode. Nice to see that the HG is being buffed like MG/RG in terms of details and articulation.

    It would’ve been nice if you’ve showed the nubmarks for Hyaku Shiki 2.0, but I guess we have to see it in Syd’s blog anyway.

    I want you guys to have a build-off of a Starwars kit please :3 HAHA!

  145. Are there ever going to be more non-model kit collectables on the show? I’d love to see some Gundam Converge and Hagen No Zista figures.

  146. GOLD! Love the bling.

  147. Great show and items!

  148. a bit off topic to the usual gunpla, could you guys take a look at the Play Arts Kai Darth Vader and tell us your thoughts about it, and also the Bobba Fett and Storm Trooper when they become available for more Star Wars goodness

  149. The Hyaku Shiki looks great, I wonder how bad the nubs will look. Great episode as usual guys! 😀

  150. is that my turn yet??

  151. The gold on the Shiki looks great, probably the best gold (imo) to date, I wonder if the MG Phenex would have looked better with this matt version instead.

  152. GN said on June 1, 2015

    Thanks for the look at the Hyaku Shiki v2.0 kit. I’m looking forwards to building it.

  153. i want to win!!!

  154. Please let me win. i want this badly. This kit sold out everywhere here

  155. Jeeg said on June 1, 2015

    Ok it’s time to win! I can feel it!
    Nice show as always btw.

  156. Glories to the Emperor!

  157. Zail said on June 1, 2015

    Another great episode guys and I love that gold on the Hyaku Shiki.

  158. Hey guys, I kinda liked the hyaku shiki you showed this week but the price tag was too expensive for what the kit has to offer lol I hope bandai doesn’t do this anymore.

    Also, do you guys like kitbashing?

    That’s all I guess, I hope I get the build strike, I’d love to paint it red and give it to my sengoku astray.


  160. wow a build strike mg. i got an hg version of this i would like an mg one! strikes are one of my fav suits

  161. I wanna win that Build Strike Gundam

    p.s. good show guys

  162. If I told you half the things I’ve heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you’d probably short circuit.

  163. Where my strike fanboys at?

  164. Gosh the Star Wars kits look so AWESOMEEE!!!
    I have to get my hands in at leats one of those some time.
    Any way I wanted to share that I just finished my first RG (EW Wing Zero) and it was an awesome build, I’ll try to post some pictures when I finish the decals and lines.

    A MG of the Burning/Try Burning would be a dream! I haven’t seen the HG kits in my local spot yet (I leave in Cost Rica so go figure when they’´ll get here).
    Any way I am still catching up on ALL episodes of Gunpla TV amd all the back to 80… gosh how time flies.

    You guys rock and my Monday’s are not complete with out a healthy dose of Sid and Ryan.

    See ya later!

  165. Im just here waiting for that RG Red Frame!!!

  166. Great episode again guys.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can I have the MG Build Strike? Pretty pretty please 😀

  167. I just passed on buying the hg chars zaku the origin at the Phoenix comicon… after watching episode 177 I regret it. That thing is amazing!

  168. Great show guys, I’ve just started building Gunpla about a month ago.I’m working on a MG Heavy Arms EW kit as I type this. I enjoy watching your tutorials and of course Gunpla TV. I plan on attending the Anime Expo in LA next month, so I will be dropping by the HLJ booth. I’m also looking forward to picking up some kits from you guys while I’m there (Hopefully you guys bring a PG Strike as that’s the kit I’m most interested in).

  169. Really like the show, Though I will probably only buy Gunpla, but it is always cool seeing other HLJ items. I recently moved to the RG line, do you have any insight in what kits to expect from the RG line in future?

  170. Can’t wait to build my Hyaku Shiki.


  172. I would love to go see you guys in L.A, but no way I can do that right now.

  173. Mark said on June 2, 2015

    awesome kit.. hope to win it..

  174. I want that 2.0 Hyaku Shiki SOOOOOOOO BAD

  175. Pick me please

  176. Where is the Amazing Red Warrior pre-order page? i have been checking hlj.com since shizuoka hobby show!! please make a pre-order page and take my money!!

  177. I want the Hyakushiki in my hands NOW!!!!!

  178. why dont you guys come to europe?

  179. Too much gold in one episode for me to handle, but I’m still loving it.

  180. the Hyakushiki is so shiny i want one.

  181. blingz

  182. i want this. T_T (Hyakushiki 2.0)

  183. Awesome post, awesome figures. Some in my shopping cart right now xD

  184. I hope to see more MG Build Fighter Try MS soon. The Build Burning/Try Burning could change future gundam design if they do it right.

  185. Looking forward to getting my Hyaku Shiki in the mail soon. It’s my fav mobile suit and I hoped for a 2.0. The Origin Zaku looks good too, already have it in my backlog. Just need some time to build all these kits!

    Good show again, best thing to watch on mondays.

  186. Hi Syd and Ryan,

    I would like to ask if do you guys apply topcoat on shiny kits like MG Phenex and even the latest MG Hyaku-Shiki Ver. 2.0?

  187. I was really hoping for a build fighter try MG like the lighting gundam to be announced but I would like a 3.0 zaku to go with my 3.0 RX-78 gundam. we just have to see whats the next MG

  188. I really love the show! Keep it up guys! Hope I can win the kit! 🙂

  189. Dave said on June 2, 2015

    Build strike gundam > build burning gundam

  190. Hi

  191. Oh boy I hope i win this time

  192. G-Self packs bonanza!

  193. Hi Syd & Ryan,Awesome episode Keep it up guys! Hope I can win the MG Build Strike cuz my Full Package backpack is broken I need a new backpack for my build strike 🙂

  194. GOLD !!! THX

  195. Great job. Char’s Zaku 2 really got spiced up!

  196. Hey Ryan and Syd finally gave me a Shout out, but it is pronounced REAL_REBEL_US or Real_Rebellious either way. i like the matte gold plating but i am worried if i build it ill mess up the finish when cutting the parts form the runners, also i wanted that strike freedom Gunpla but would like building it more. I want the BUILD STRIKE FULL PACKAGE please give it to me. As for what Syd said he hasn’t heard anything about the Build strike since build fighters show well news flash it is returning in the next build fighters show / ova and it will be sei lori vs. seika kamike at the world champion ships ok this is a little long so you can edit it.

    P.S. Syd a slurpie really someone loves there sugar, you need to take Ryan to Disneyland and Medival Times, And you should of brought the girls home to America.

  197. could you explain more about the diferents types of gunpla versions because i have always loved the ver ka but you talked about the 2.0 or 3.0 versions and they seem to be a lot better than the other ones but i’m a littel confused.

  198. hey guys, just wondering. does the hyaku shiki undergated? because you didn’t point it out.

  199. Hey guys, this is my Build Strike !!!

  200. So much gold! My eyes!

  201. Oh Em Gee! I could use another gundam stand! Oh, that Build Strike would be sweet too, I guess. lol.

  202. its been a while since i last seen build strike! the memories…

  203. I have only been building kits for a month now with the rg rx78-2 as my first kit. Now I have built 2 more and waiting for another 2 to get here and I can say one of my favorite things to do is building kits

  204. G-self MG Would be nice that design has grown on me.

    • A lot of people don’t like the Reconguista suit designs but I find them pretty amazing, mainly because they’re so different. For that same reason I liked the Turn A suits. Even though the Wing/Seed stuff are some of the best, design wise, I find some of them lacking originality, being more like a copy/paste version of a similar design. Which isn’t a bad thing mainly because, it’s a Gundam and it can copy/paste itself as much as the designers want but still, the G-Self is a hated design by many, loved by few. I’m still on the “few” side myself. I’d like to see an MG (or two) from that series.

  205. My hykushiki is sitting in the warehouse, waitting to be ship along with few more mg, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    lately been wanting to get hands on cyber formula as well, because 2015 is a special year for the anime, good old days.

    And yes the build strike is pretty sweet! hopefully I can get my hands on it =D

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  207. Whao, Char’s Zaku seems a lot better than I had expected. My only Zaku is an unassembled RG, which doesn’t seem to get too much applause i’ve noticed, but maybe it’s time to grab this to see how it compares.

    Great prizes this episode. The Strike is easily in my top 3 suits ever, so i’ve got my fingers crossed sooo hard. The Strike Freedom is only a smidgen behind in my rankings.

  208. Gold gold gold… everybody is talking about that gold but in a case of Hyaku Shiki that’s a huge PITA for serious modellers. What I mean is that We need to pay for something we don’t want and need to get rid of before the actual painting. I understand that it will not sell well without that gold plating but I would be a nice idea if we will be able to order a cheaper version of that model just in gray plastic… but it is a great kit anyway 😀

    PS.: that Origin ver of Char’s Zaku is very good for being “just” a HG. I recommend it over RG anytime 🙂

  209. I have one of these in my backlog of Gundam kits to build, not to mention 7 or 8 master grade kits from the Gundam wing series. I recently got back into model making again so to win that kit would be awesome!

  210. The hg zaku looks really impressive.

  211. Dat Zaku tho.

  212. Another fantastic episode =D Love the new gold parts on the Hyaku Shiki, and I think there’s some great potential for this new non-flakey plastic!

    If any Build Fighters Try model gets the Master treatment, it should be the Star Winning Gundam – not enough love for the SDs, and I think it would look AMAZING at that scale and detail. Get to it, Bandai!

  213. Was watching this while building the MG Aile Strike RM. Haven’t bought any of the Star Wars kits, but C3P0 looks great, and is definitely making me consider taking the dive for them. Also, the Hyaku Shiki looks gorgeous. Can’t wait till payday.

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  221. I have a Build Strike. Wouldn’t say no to winning another.

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    you guys ROCK

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  225. YES! Oh my god, I was JUST looking around for a MG Build Strike, but he seems to be very expensive now. That Origin Zaku2 is great too. And of course, another great episode guys.

  226. bob said on June 2, 2015

    MG build strike! I want it! Because this gunpla its hard to find in my local store currently.
    I hope bandai start releasing MG Cherudim gundam with full weapon attachment because i love the design & the weapon.

  227. Thank you for your previous videos. I like building Gundam/Gunpla and signed up to win that prize. Even if I don’t win it’s all good thank you.

  228. cool show 🙂

  229. McG said on June 2, 2015

    Hey Syd and Ryan, I’m excited to order my first Star Wars kit from hlj this week, the 1/72 X Wing. Also, was Scott ever able to find time to build the Hi nu gundam, if so how did he like it?

  230. 311 is my favorite band. Congrats to the previous winner. I really like the MG Build Strike. Planning on building the Strike Rouge Ootori once HLJ gets it back in stock. I look forward to these videos every time. I think I’ve been watching since episode 114 or so.

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  233. Hi Syd n Ryan, great show as usual. Keep up the good work.

    I just went ahead and ordered the Mg hyakushiki 2.0, can’t resist that gold!

    Just wondering. How will top coat (matt, semi and gloss) effect the gold finish? I’m not going to paint the gold parts, but definitely painting the rest of the kit and also applying decals. I wonder which top coat to use to protect the painted parts and decals. but still keep the same gold finish.

  234. I can’t wait till you guys unbox that MG Fenice Rinascita. I have my dreams set on getting that kit. My friend, Andy, is going to Anime Expo so I’ll make sure he stops by at the booth to meet you guys for me. I should have come myself. Maybe next time. Another fine episode guys!

  235. Hyaku Shiki, can’t wait its on sales on Malaysia. Hope I can Win the MG Build Strike Gundam Full Package 😉

  236. Hyaku shiki looks good, is it coated? sanding would be difficult.

  237. Drooling with the 2.0 Launch. Cant Wait

  238. Just discovered the show today. Can’t wait to see more!

  239. Nick said on June 2, 2015

    I can’t wait for my 2.0 Hyaku Shiki to arrive. Just the Re/100 Dijeh and I’ll have my 1/100 AEUG collection done! That said I’d love to see them make a MG Methuss.

  240. Love the show can’t wait for more real grade kits to come out

  241. Awesome episode as always. I wish i could win the giveaway. The build strike is awesome! Great builds as well!

  242. Hi Sid and Ryan,

    Greetings from The Philippines!! Every episode rocks! Hope you visit us soon to meet you guys personally.. More power and more episodes..

  243. Syd if you could choose what mobile suit would you like to see in MG or PG scale?

  244. I have been a fan of the build fighters try series. Hope that season 3 would come out this year.Also the char zaku really suprised me because i didnt anticipate it that much but it makes me want to buy it so much.

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    The Bandai Star Wars kits looks great!

    I’ll buid the Zaku II soon 🙂

  249. Kur0 said on June 2, 2015

    yup… that hg chars zaku will be my first zaku kit…no doubt about it..

  250. The Zaku II looks amazing! I definitely get one in the future!

  251. That Zaku was so REDDDDDDDDDDDD!! Planning on getting that later this year. Would also want to win that build strike~

  252. Hi guys…

  253. The Zeta era hands were very weird. Glad to see that Bandai made the Hyaku Shiki’s hands anime accurate though.

  254. Great stuff as always guys! I recently just got a new job so I haven’t been able to watch you guys right when your videos are out and haven’t had time to build 🙁 But I still do enjoy watching every episode you guys put out and hopefully will get some time to build soon!

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  258. I just wanna say thank you guys a lot Ive been watching you guys on YouTube and enjoy your videos a lot I’ve been going through some tough family issues and I needed to get away from it so my friend recommended me to watch your videos and see if I’d get into the hobby I recently built my first hg kit and now I’m hooked my next kits gonna be the NEO KEONG because I like to start off with a challenge so thanks guys keep up the great videos

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  261. Great episode guys! Keep it up!

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  263. I’ve watch gundam build fighters hundreds of times so I think I have a spot of winning iori sei’s gunpla

  264. All that gold. The Hyaku Shiki reminds me of the Akatsuki. On a side note, I totally hope for more GBF Try MGs. Gundams from that Anime are awesome.

  265. Hey Sid and Ryan. You guys are awesome! Keep up the awesome work. 🙂

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    Love the C3P0.
    Got the Zaku The Original from HLJ. Now I’m going to put it together. Thanks again for showing the Zaku.
    Got a whole bunch of Gunpla and now, I’ll be sitting home for years to finish them.. LOL.

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  270. Hi guys. Great show for the hyaku shiki 2.0. and zaku char origin. Congrats to PM for winning gunpla! 😀

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  277. lam said on June 4, 2015

    commenting cuz i wanna win 🙂

  278. Good episode as always Ryan and Syd keep up the good job

  279. I have a question not really related to this episode(good one though) Do you have a list of MG or PG kits (or HG even) that have a LED slots to them? The only kits I know that have them are the MG Nu Version ka and MG Sazabi Ver. ka, and the Unicorn (not even sure if all kits in the Unicorn series have them), I’m too lazy installing LED’s manually(with all the wires and stuff) myself so its good to have kits with LED slots and just buy the Bandai LED’s. PS. Please give me that Build Strike gundam 😀

  280. Thanks for a great show as always guys!

  281. daff said on June 4, 2015

    What ever the last guy said

  282. These star wars figures look great!!!

  283. REIJI!!!!

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  287. Still waiting for a master grade MSA-005 Methuss… T_T

  288. “Still waiting for that MG Try Burning Bandai”, said I as I attempted to complete my RG 00 Raiser

  289. Hi Syd & Ryan,

    Wow! It’s my first time to comment on your video. I already watched all your videos from 1st up to the latest. And I think this is my 2nd time to watch all of it again and already at the latest. Reason was to review your previous videos for tutorials, Q&A and advices for building GunPla.

    I started building Gunpla last April 2014 & my 1st was RG Justice. I already have 4 RGs, 2 HGs & 2 MGs including the Hi Nu Gundam. Right now I’m painting my RG Justice to make my 1st custom-painted gundam.

    Like you Syd, I really like Zaku-like gunplas. They look awesome in any grades. This new MG Hyakushiki is awesome & i’m still thinking about it. But I’m more interested in this new HG Char ZAKU as I already built one in RG. Zaku looks are badass. 🙂

    Hope to see more videos from you guys and win some kits. 🙂

    P.S. Hope you can invite Travis again to your succeeding episodes. He’s funny especially on your special episode of “What if there is no Gunpla in HLJ”.

    Maraming Salamat,

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  292. Hi! I already ordered the Origin Zaku, looking forward to it. I’d love to win that Build Fighter kit too 😀 Kind regards, Kim W.

  293. Hey, I’d like a new MG to work on!

  294. GOLD! GOLD EVERYWHERE! Love the show, long time gunpla builder here and fan of the build fighters anime since it has numerous references to all other gundam anime’s. Def recommend and hope I win the kit give away.

    To answer Syd’s question: First kit was the HG 00 Gundam and the 0-Raiser when they didn’t have a kit that had both. I used it as a test to see if I’d like the hobby. I loved building it so much that I bought the entire season 2 gundam 00 gundams (Arios, Cherudim, GN Archer, Virtue aka Big MAMA, and Seraph) immediately. Since then I have gotten a lot of various HGs, some MGs (Strike Freedom FBM, Destiny with its mode, Wing Zero Custom, and the big one Full Armor Unicorn), and 1 RG (Freedom).

    Insiration: I found gunpla TV as well as a few youtubers who built/reviewed gunpla and the interest grew to the point I decided to give it a shot. The decision came when I you guys kept saying “try it if it interests u, its not that hard” and I am a computer engineer so, gotta love the mechs.

  295. I want my RG Aries already!

  296. strike 1… strike 2… (let’s hope its not strike 3) or i’m out.

  297. I think Bandai planned to make a remold for the old MGs and here comes your chance Bandai the Build Fighters MS is a good choice.

  298. I love to win …… pleaseeeeee

  299. Got the Shiki 2.0 today and the gold paint looks gorgeous, it even looks pretty damn close to the whiter gold jewelry here.
    Syd, the polycap sheet is actually brand spanking new 2015 origin.
    Time to build it slowly and enjoy its golden goodness.

  300. I loved the Aile striker RM and rouge Otoori and I the build strike I think is an amazing reimagined look to the MS, Ryan and Sid keep up the good job and yay! Star Wars

  301. Oooh the MG build strike! First gunpla I built was the HG build strike, wouldn’t mind a larger one next to mine. 🙂
    Great episode guys!

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  304. The more I see The Origin version Zaku, the more I want one. The Hyaku Shiki looks great too.


  306. loved that Mg Hyakushiki 2.0, can’t wait to build one:)

  307. What happened to the RG Astray pre-orders, in 5 years of buying kits from HLJ getting every MG, PG, RG, RE kit when it was announced this is first time ever it has been on order stop before I even go to the site. Must be one of the most popular kits ever, either that or you didn’t get a very large allocation this time.

    When will ordering re-open do you think?

  308. Hey syd and ryan great episode as always. I was wondering if there’s going to be a ‘Zaku Mánagarmr’ from gundam build fighters try. Gundam gundam gundam !!!

  309. Just finished watching the last of build fighters and build fighters try. Would love a kit from the show. I have them on a wish list to pick up one of these days.

  310. Honestly, build fighters with sei, reiji AND build strike is the best build fighters ever. I mean comparing fights of the finals, star build strike and dark matter was the most nerve wrecking fight, up until today I still get the goose bumps when build strike gets up raises his arm and the lady announces the winner and everyone cheers. Oh and I hope I win this kit too.

  311. Do you think there will be a Master Grade Build Burning? It is weird that the Amazing Red Warrior is getting one before any of the leads.

  312. Maybe they should skip building the MG for Build burn and go straight to PG!!! 😛

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  314. I just build my first few gunpla so Im still new but would love to win.

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  316. Empire is my favorite so far, who can say no to ice planets, force training, Super Star Destroyer, asteroid chases and giant space worms?

  317. Really love the Hyaku Shiki ver 2.0! Hope to get my hands on it soon! Love your show guys!! Watch it every time you release a new episode! I hope I get to meet you guys or see the warehouse someday!!!! Keep up the good work! I hope I win!

  318. I love that zaku, especially the gigantic rifle it wields. The gold on hyaku shiki looks great too. Great episode guys

  319. Tedz said on June 7, 2015

    That hyakushiki……

  320. Any chances of that kit coming to me? Love the show and the website btw. c:

  321. Thank you for making all the videos!

  322. Build Strike Gundam Full Package!

  323. straight up…want

  324. Ray said on June 7, 2015

    I wish Bandai would make an upgrade for Darth Vader…
    Make it more sinister with some plated parts…


  326. Syd and Ryan, what are your predictions for a MG Ver Ka to be announced for 2015 December release?

  327. Syd and Ryan, what’s the best Seed Master Grade Kit?

  328. Omg, i want that mg build strike so bad!!! I want it!

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  330. universe booster : ready~! just wait build strike to dock

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