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SD Gundam Astray Red Frame


SD Gundam Astray Red Frame
Submitted By: Sunny

After my last kit, the Shiranui Akatsuki Gundam, which was easy and didn’t require me to paint anything, I decided to brush up myself on painting. This SD Gundam Astray Red (248) I had laying around was perfect for the job, even if I botched up the paint job i would not be to sad about it. And it’s a good challenge with all the small nooks and cracks that you need to paint.

The build was done within 20 mins. I mean it’s a SD kit can’t expect too much about it. Then came the painting of the parts. For the white parts I chose a combination of Tamiya spraycan for the big parts ( legs, lower skirt, head), the red was done with a Gundam marker red from the basic set, for the small parts i bled the paint from the tip in a paint mixing tablet and used a 2mm brush. The black was hand painted using Tamiya matt black and the chrome grey on the mid riff ( yeah i know can’t really be seen on pics, trust me its there) was Tamiya x-11, also by hand. Finished of with lining marker and a coat of topcoat.

I have to say that I’m quite satisfied how it turned out, not too shabby if I dare so say myself. The kit it self has a deceivingly high amount of poses that it can take, considering its an SD. the arms can bent almost 180 and the fist and lower arm can turn 360. the head has about 30 degrees range, but yeah with such a big head I kinda expected that. The legs are quite well done in  that they are on ball joints which you can turn and twisted to most poses you want. the feet are very agile with two joints meaning you can adjust, which in turn make balancing poses a pinch on this kit.

Check out the pics for poses that I could do without it falling down. Definitely a fun kit to build and with the proper paint and lining done quite nice to look at.

Until next time,

Sunny signing out.

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  1. Nice job Sunny! I like the SD on the action base.

    After the time I’ve been taking on my master grades, I am starting to se the appeal of the SD kits.


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