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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 70 – The Falcon Continues – MG Age-1 Build Pt. 1!

More of Ryan’s Falcon and a hearty dose of Master Grade plastic in this week’s episode of Gunpla TV.

Kits featured in this video:

– 1/100 MG Gundam AGE-1 Normal
– 1/72 Millennium Falcon
– 1/144 RG FX-550 Skygrasper Launcher/Sword Pack
– 1/144 HG Justice Gundam (Remaster)
– 1/144 HG Freedom Gundam (Remaster)
– 1/144 HG Mobil Bucue (Remaster)
– 1/144 HG Providence Gundam (Remaster)
– 1/48 A.R.K Cloud Breaker 01 (Murakumo)
– Hobby Japan April 2012 w/HG Gundam SEED Custom Kit
– Dengeki Hobby Magazine April 2012

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  1. Great ep guys, would love it if ya showed more of the liger Jaeger build 🙂

    liger – lie g er
    Jaeger – yay g er

  2. Nice one guys! I’m a big fan of hobbylink.tv and hlj… I was just wondering what will be the next PG from Bandai? Do you have any news? Thanks and more power!

  3. Hey guys, love the show……that’s what she said. I have a question about painting. With a lot of model kits the paint guides there are percentages by the colors. What do they mean, and does the order matter when layering

  4. Also, going along my last question. In some HG kits (ill use 1:100 HG Wing Gundam as reference) there are places like the shield, backpack, heel, and gun where the mold piece is one color, but it says it should be two. What is the best way to paint these spots

  5. Hi Syd and Ryan,

    Great Show!!!

    I have a question for Syd. What would be the best way to clean up or fixed nub marks on Clear Version Gundam armor?

    And could you take a look at the new HG Delta Gundam gold runner? I was wondering if there are under gates for all the gold armor.


  6. This question is for Syd
    I love watching and re-watching your tutorials in tehee first few episodes. Any chance you can make a full length tutorial and possibly put it on DVD? I know I would buy it if you did. Thanks for all the advice you’ve shared, I feel like I’ve learned so much in the few months I have been building

  7. I ve always asked myself, what can i do with the runners when im finished builduing a gundam, to save them ….

  8. Hi Syd and Ryan,love watching your show.And i was wondering do you think Bandai would ever make a remaster line of the gundam X series?The virsago was awesome.Also do think you could do a comparison between kotobukiya’s liger zero panzer and its counterparts?

  9. Hey Syd and Ryan, Syd my question is for you . What do you think of the Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory Gundams ? To me I love those the most next to the Wing Iterations. The one I want the most is the GP02 Master Grade, Hopefully I can find one someday.

    Thanks Guys

  10. Getting a MG Dual Gundam for me birthday which passed days ago 🙂
    Will be ordering the RG Sky Grasper today. Love the RG strike.

    Also, I’m wondering if they are gonna do a ver 2.0 of the MG Strike to match the upcoming GATX series… Who knows, What are your view people?

  11. Hey Guys!

    Please make a Review of the Bandai Patlabor Kits too!

  12. Hi Syd and Ryan. Love you last show, where you managed to show all the new products. Got a couple of questions about airbrush. Say I have got a air compressor. Can I just buy any airbrush and assuming the I can connect the hose to the compressor please? Do manufactures have some sort of industrial standard in term of the connections between hose and compressor? And would you prefer gravity feed or bottom feed?



  13. i have a question for syd what are the top 5 high grade kits?
    Thanks if you answer this question and your show is the best!


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