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Toy Tengoku – Episode 4 – Wings & Things

It’s Wings & Things Day at Toy Tengoku! Ardith and Robin take a trip to the ’60s with that Japanese hero Batman, Yamato’s va-va-voom vmf50 Original Concept Girl Ami tries slipping into an Azone outfit, and Bandai’s Saint Cloth Crown Seiya gets his wings at last. (Watch out for that rockin’ Albert E.!)

Items featured in this video:

– Bandai Saint Cloth Crown Sagittarius Seiya
– Yamato vmf50 Original Concept Image Girl #5 Ami 50cm
– Yamato vmf50 girl holic Wig Semi Long Straight Light Brown
– Yamato vmf50 girl holic BVT Inner Set White
– Azone 50cm Punk Pleats Skirt & Garter Set Blue Check
– Azone 50cm Punk Belt T-Shirt & Arm Warmer Set Black x Black
– Yamato vmf50 girl holic Enamel Short Heel Boots
– Cuties 60cm Doll Stand Black
– How2Work 1/6 Albert Einstein
– Crazy Owners 1/6 Peace T-Shirt

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  1. Another great show. Saint Seiya looked pretty impressive with the wings mounted and the figure up on the stand. It will be interesting to see how the Numer line bodies are used in conjunction with parts from other figures (Figma, etc).

    Liked the tidbits about the old-style games from the late 60’s. I think I remember some of those. 🙂

    So, is it official? Is Ein the new Toy Tengoku mascot?


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