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Real Grade Zaku II


Submitted By: Dre Merc

This is my finished build of the RG Zaku II. I used Tamiya sprays and acrylics to enhance its appearance.
Most of the outer shell was sprayed with Tamiya flat coat.

  • 1. Two Metallic Stickers for Sensor Eyes (Red) for the main lens. And painted Tamiya acrylic silver.
  • 2. Tamiya Bare Metal Silver.
  • 3. Metallic Stickers for Sensor Eyes (Red).
  • 4. Tamiya Light Gunmetal spray.
  • 5. Tamiya Gold spray.
  • 6. Metallic Stickers for Sensor Eyes (Red).
  • 7. Tamiya Light Gunmetal spray.
  • 8. Tamiya Light Gunmetal spray and Tamiya acrylic gold.
  • 9. Tamiya acrylic silver (because I was not happy with the stickers).
  • 10. Tamiya Light Gunmetal and Gold sprays.

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  1. This set is awesome. Saw your Flickr account by chance a couple of weeks back and the pics were epic! Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you! I appreciate you looking at the pics I have on Flickr.

  3. wow im not a fan of zaku kits but this made me buy 1. most of the zaku i have seen are way over the top. this 1 is so simple yet very attractive.

  4. Thank you!!

  5. Great job and the presentation is the best I have seen. Nice job.

  6. Thank you, Matt!

  7. Excellent shots!

  8. That look superb… Well done! Well done!!


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