May 2

This week we say ‘Haro’ to an old friend! The Tallgeese is in as well and another returning friend can’t wait to get it built! As for what’s being looked at this week Todd takes a look at the adorable Haro kits in addition to Dr. Slump Arale!

Kits in this episode:
Haropla Haro Basic Green
Haropla Haro Shooting Orange
Haropla Haro Diva Red
Figure-rise Mechanics Dr. Slump Arale
1/144 RG Tallgeese EW
1/144 HGBD Grimoire Red Beret




  1. RG Tallgeese is next after I finish with my Nu-Gundam Ver Ka!

  2. Very nice u mentioned about Hokuto no Ken is one of my favorite all time anime, and i would love to see a model kit from Kenshiro 😜

  3. Those Haros have big boxes for small kits. I still want them all.

  4. Gmmm said on May 2, 2018

    I would love to see Syd’s newest kits (if he has made or customized any). I really liked some of his older stuff. Good to see him back if just for a bit.

  5. Holy moly that rg tallgeese is gorgeous😍

  6. Wow Syd! Good to see ya! Hope this week I win :]

  7. WOW SYD!!! Awwww too bad Ryan just Left few episodes ago, I hope to see those 2 together for even 1 episode

  8. BNuts said on May 2, 2018


    And pink poo.

  9. That rg Tallgeese looks awesome, but not as awesome as it was to see Syd on GunplaTV again. can’t wait for the review of the tallgeese and keep up the great episodes.

  10. This episode was like watching Infinity War, there were people popping in left and right.

    And Syd comes back and all of a sudden the show is back to being half an hour long. Bring him back!

  11. The episode of many hosts…it was fun and would be nice to happen every so often

  12. Glad to see so many different faces. And like always hoping to win!

  13. I can not believe I forgot the release of Arale ;/

  14. Make sure you guys come back for RG Epyon. Just guessing.

  15. Welcome back Syd I know you’re only here for one episode man but I miss watching you on gunpla TV you tell me everything I know about gunpla on how to customize and paint them for that I really appreciate it hope to see you and Ryan and future episodes or at least on an event episode I’m Athrun32-A

  16. ravioli ravioli give me the cashioli

  17. My prediction for Syd coming back was 1 episode too early!
    Welcome back Syd, good to see you on the show again.

    Hope I win this time!

  18. Let’s beat this dead horse one last time (I swear). Any chance you can look at the Wave 1/72 VF-4 Lightning III model kit? Word from modelers have said that it builds up very easily and accurately, with minor paintwork necessary.

    On another note, let’s try this: I was wrong. Anna was not the special guest.


  19. Wow! Tallgeese!! I so need to go get him now! Love the Haros too, so cute! Too many things to get!! XD

  20. So many guests!
    Isn’t one of the hobby show episodes coming up soon?

    • Anna said on May 2, 2018

      Yep! 🙂 We’ll be covering the Shizuoka Hobby Show on May 10th! (JST, of course)

  21. I want to do a Black haro with white eye Please let me have my dreams

  22. jeel said on May 2, 2018


  23. Ryan moved on and two weak later Syd showed up…….. coincidence … I think NOT !!!!
    Illuminati confirmed.
    XD XD XD
    Soooooo happy to see a friend back soooo happy <3
    Welcome back … nay …Okareee Syd San :)

  24. look whos back! Also Arale chan!

  25. great show guys! cool to see the old gang back together for 1 episode

  26. Haro!

  27. I enjoyed the spontaneity of this episode with guest hosts popping in left and right. Nice to see that Syd is doing well and hasn’t left the gunpla hobby.

  28. Good to see Sid again. Hope he is doing well.

  29. clem said on May 2, 2018

    will bandai go out a nu gundam rg to go with the sazabi?
    otherwise super video as always

  30. the haro are so cute, everyone need at least one in there collection

  31. I’m pleased to see how much the tallgeese is loved, usually its all about the 6 gundams . I still love the gundams and i’m still waiting for the other ew version in the RG line that were teased back then when the wing zero came out, but the tallgeese really has something that make you love it sometimes more than the main mecha (and not only in gundam wing) . Maybe its the mask of the pilot :p

  32. I’m still waiting for my Haro~

  33. It was great seeing Syd make a guest appearance again. I’m glad he’s been doing well and still into GunPla. It was also great to see Scott again.

  34. Great to see Syd again!

  35. So many hosts this week. It’s great to see Syd again, glad to see he’s doing well in Oz.

  36. I really liked Scott’s little story about Dr. Slump. I’ve never watched the series, but now I’ll probably give it a try.

  37. Woah, Syd moved to my country of Australia? What state?

  38. Syd. Scott and Haro?! This episode had everything!!!

  39. dee said on May 2, 2018

    win pls XD any the tallgeese is awesome

  40. RG Tallgeese 3..pls Bandai

  41. Scott never built an RG before?!? You monster!!!

  42. Hmmm…I wonder how the show would work if there was one nostalgia show with Syd Ryan and Todd

  43. rub said on May 3, 2018

    haro, haro!!

  44. does haro looks cute af!

  45. Need to get the orang haro. Gotta pare him with the Lockon’s suits.

  46. most intense montage of Haros ever! lol

  47. Wew i won !! thanks guys! Syd must be my lucky guy .

  48. PM said on May 3, 2018

    Great to see Syd again!

  49. Haroo! 🙂
    Please let me win Haroo Haro

  50. good to see Syd coming back hope to see you come back some more man. and have a good vacation.

  51. Great to see Syd again.

  52. Hello there . XD

  53. Hi Syd!
    By the way, i won the 2k yen last month, should i received a message about it by now?
    Thank you.

    • Make sure you check the e-mail linked to your HLJ/HobbyLink account. If you still don’t find anything, contact them through customer service or social media 😉 Good luck!

  54. nsxz said on May 3, 2018

    Good to see Syd again,I’ll use the 2K to buy the RG Tallgeese if I won.

  55. Haro!

  56. Please show me the Jiyan Altron gundam from Build divers, it has a really cool design and cant wait till the release this july.

  57. Great to see both Syd and Scott back to host the show together, eventhough only for a while. Hopefully we can see both more often in the future.

  58. Hi Syd, it was nice to see you!! And Scott I really hope Bandai listens to you and make kits of Hokuto No Ken!!

  59. OH MY GOD!! SYD!!! O_O We missed you!!!…….. Oh… and Scott’s here too. Just as cool. 😛 And speaking of Tallgeese and Scott, has he ever built the old 1/100 HG Tallgeese that came out either before or after the old HG 1/144?

  60. can i have one of them posters in the background?

  61. I was wondering where Sid has been!!……and then he went astray.

  62. Good to see Syd ^_^
    Great episode, thank you. Dr. Slump Arale, that bring back a lot of memories. She used to chasing people around with that “poo stick” on her hand, it was hilarious. XD

  63. A wild Syd appeared! Haro haro! good to see you Syd. Great episode as always guys.

  64. Haro Syd! Another great episode from you guys 🙂

  65. LOL’d at the last comment ;D

  66. Screw the avengers, this is the kind of crossover I want to see

  67. Argh, still waiting on those Milights! Why are white 3mm lights so difficult to get in large numbers? DX

  68. Nice to see some Haro kits. Tv shows are a fun way to learn languages, Shows like He-man and Transformers helped me learn English.

  69. Seeing Syd again was nice, he’s still building Gunpla and enjoying it to this day, so it’s nice to see him in person here once again.

    The new kits are pretty awesome! The RG Tallgeese is such an amazing kit, taking the engineering philosophies or the RG Unicorn and showing us how new RG’s would be designed, and I am all for it. The new built frame makes more to build and more stability, and if we still have splitting armor parts, then give it all to me, I’ll buy ’em all!

    The Grimoire Red Beret looks to be awesome. While the Grimoire itself isn’t a design I’m big on, I absolutely adore the Red Beret with it’s brand spanking military colorscheme, bulkier legs, and obvious votoms inspirations (which I am complete for). While poseability of the HG Grimoire isn’t amazing, the gimmicks, accessories, and appearance of this kit sell it for me and make up for any faults by a longshot. So happy to have this thing finally released!

    The Haros are as blessed as ever, I love them and want them all. Cute, cheap, easy to collect, and look great, so happy with them.

  70. Syd! Good to see ya!

    That Arale kit will be mine… soon ¬¬


  71. Wow, Good to see Syd on the show. And Scott, where have you been…LOL
    Great show. And Haro…

  72. Haro! Great to see Syd back and Scott starting a new build.

    Any plans on reviewing the 1/20 Macross kit when it comes out, or the Macross girl kit that just came out?

  73. This was my first time watching Gunpla TV since December, and seeing Syd again was a very welcome surprise!!! Glad to see you again Syd!

  74. Savvi said on May 5, 2018

    The Tallgeese is certainly a unique good looking machine in the Wing Gundam show. I too once had the firse 1/144 scale kit back in the day. Unfortunately it is now gone. But, out of the fire and ashe comes the RG Tallgeese! Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  75. Few years back I won a kit from syd, so maybe this time I win ¥2000 from todd. 😁

  76. Im glad to see Syd back for a visit!
    I want a haro build custom as a shark ball.

  77. Haro Syd.

  78. Didn’t even know Syd moved to Australia. I thought he just left the show. Awesome to see Syd back.

  79. Haro must be the most ideal kits to experiment with paint & customisation. Any news of a transparent version, I haven’t seen one yet.

  80. Its a shame we did not get to see Syd and Ryan together for one last time but Scott being in the episode is also great, cant wait for the RG Tallgeese special, i wonder if Scott is going to paint it up just like the MG? 😀

  81. Robo said on May 8, 2018

    Haro Syd!
    You left the show in good hands, but we still miss you (and Ryan)…

  82. I miss Syd, he’s a living legend!
    Didn’t know he was in Australia now, the land of weird animals and the talented modeler Joshua Darrah (and many others!).

  83. Seeing Scott again is awesome, I remember the MG Tallgeese episode perfectly, I watched it several times in 2014/2015, when I started watching the show regularly. If I remember correctly, it’s episode #118.
    Would love to see Ryan again to complete the team, haha!

  84. Awesome review on Gundam Haro. They are cute.

  85. Syd, nice to see you back on Gunpla TV!

  86. Syd is the godfather of Gunpla TV.

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