Nov 5
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User Content (UC) : 1/144 HGUC MSN-06S Sinanju
Submitted By : the13thprince

From Gundam Unicorn comes the 1/144 HGUC MSN-06S Sinanju, successor to MSN-04 Sazabi. Saw this kit first as a Master Grade but since most of my Gunpla collection is in 1/144 scale I decided to wait it out especially when the Gundam Unicorn was released for the HGUC. After two years of waiting Bandai delivered and this is one awesome HGUC kit. Actually the HGUC line is in my opinion the best 1/144 line for Gunpla.

This is a straight build kit with only panel linings and sticker applications.

Kit is highly poseable and the joints tend to stay at the pose and not fall apart unlike in my Gundam 00 kits joints which often pop out.  There’s really no need to paint the kit unless you really want it to look anime accurate. There are lots of Gold Foil stickers and took me a while to apply them all but it’s a necessity if you want to really make your Sinanju Shine. Bandai also included some extra pair of hands for the melee weapons and the hand for gripping the beam rifle has the “slot-grip” which makes holding the beam rifle a breeze. The shield can store the beam axe handles and can also deploy the Beam Axe handles with blades to make a pincer type weapon. The shield also stores the grenade launcher which can also be attached to the beam rifle. Due to the extra beam axe handles and beam blades parts it is possible to pose the Sinanju in a sort of “full-blade” mode. The back boosters can move about freely and the leg binder boosters can also swivel which makes for a better flight mode.

All in all the kit is a must buy and it’s definitely worth the wait. I’m now looking forward to seeing the Sinanju in action in Gundam Unicorn volume 2.



  1. Great pictures! What are you using for a backdrop?

  2. thanks. the back ground is called DECOBACK. you can Google it to see the other designs.

  3. i wan 2 design 1 gundam…………..!!

  4. hello would you be able to help me out. I just built this model but stupid me I lost one of the important joints its the plastic thing that goes in the shield so he is able to hold it. It was something like PC-132 #1. So my question is do you know of a place where I can fin it? If you can that be great

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