Apr 19

Lindsay and David bring you the third release from Bandai S.H.Figuarts “Kingdom Hearts II” series. It’s Disney’s DONALD in his Royal Magician clothing from the game. He comes with multiple facial expressions, hands and his magical staff. Also, stay tuned to find out the winner of the figma racing Miku!

Items in this episode:
figma Racing Miku 2016: TeamUKYO Support ver. (Hatsune Miku GT Project)



  1. I wasn’t aware of SH FIgurarts doing Kingdom Hearts figures.
    I really like the Kingdom Hearts games… Hm…

  2. I love donald, angringly swinging his fist 🤣. He makes my childhood awesome 😊

  3. I think he should come with a stand or another staff, but cool figure anyway. If I win Donald, I’m planning to display him with some Tamashii lightning effects, so it looks like he’s kicking some of my Kamen Riders’ asses with a Electro spell lol.

  4. OH MY GOD I WANT IT!! I love kingdom hearts, it litteraly defined most of the things I like today, It changed my life as a whole! This figure is amazing, and it will be even better if it’s present in my room when KH3 will be out! Day one! Please pick meeeeee!! <3

  5. The details on that figure look amazing! I wonder if this one will also cast curaga on you after you’ve healed yourself.

  6. I love Disney and KH ! This Donald is amazing ! I need this ! He’s so cute !

  7. Always gotta love our fantastic healer Dolan. In all seriousness though love how this looks, though I wish there were more accessories. So many good looking staffs in KH. What it does have looks fantastic though.

  8. AH I freaking Love Donald Duck!

  9. I’d love to get this Donald figure and try to give it a voice, haha! 😀

  10. Wow! It looks like Donald just walked straight out of the screen!

  11. Have to admit this figure looks better than I expected. I thought Donald would come out kind of weird as a figure, but not bad, not bad at all.

  12. nice donald duck figure!

  13. I’m a lifelong Disney fan, and when the original Kingdom Hearts came out, marrying my early love for Disney with my late teens love of Final Fantasy, it was a marriage made in heaven! Donald looks AMAZING. I would love, love, LOVE to call him my own! Here’s hoping!

  14. Never played any of the KH games, but this Disney characters in RPG aesthetic really interests me.

  15. That’s a nice duck 🙂

  16. I’m a huge Kingdom Hearts fan! I hope I win!

  17. I really like the various faces for Donald – they totally catch his personality.

  18. SH Figuart never fails to bring justice to the characters we all love to play/watch from our favorite series

  19. if i had to decide what comes with Donald i would want two faces.

    A neutral expression when exploring and an angry expression for fighting…and being Donald. Now that is see the figure the sheepish sideways look is my absolute favorite. I wonder when he used that in the game. Its been to long sincei played Kingdom hearts!

    I would have included an effect part to show what he is wasting all his mana on, instead of healing Sora!

    Also i liked the PDP reference!

  20. Donald is my favorite hero. I’m so glad to see this figure.
    very exciting”””””

  21. I’m more of a Daffy Duck person but Donald does look hella sick

  22. “a mother’s touch, to get your duck son to let go of his face.” this has to be one of my favorite quotes of all time.

  23. Such great detail. Definitely something I’d give to my Fiance as shes a big kingdom hearts freak!

  24. I would love to win this. Kingdom hearts is my girlfriends favorite game :3

  25. Hopefully i get this 😀

  26. You forgot to show us if he has waist articulation, the most important articulation!

  27. I love Donald, he’s my favorite characters in all of Disney’s world, and also my favorite in Kingdom Hearts as well

  28. This Donald is awesome.
    And nice video edit :v

  29. looks like a good figure i think it something i would like as i don’t have a lot of non humanoid figures

  30. Loving the kingdom hearts figures, makes it feels like your collecting the Disney characters lol

  31. Very nice figure!

  32. DA said on April 20, 2018

    simple and nice figure.

  33. Kingdom Hearts 3 for Switch please!

  34. I gotta say Mickey is awesome, so I think Donald will be too!

  35. Nice detailled figure. Would be great to have it for your party as a mage.

  36. Wow! The those expressions look really great on Donald! Nice review 🙂

  37. Another great detailed review. Donald’s staff was absolutely gorgeous!

  38. Man those figures are awesome….I wish I could just win one

  39. Oh!! He is so cool! Even if he don’t heal me in game haha I really want to win him!!

  40. I really love Kingdom Hearts as a series (going so far as to buy a ps4 mainly to play 1.5 + 2.5). Many of the cheaper KH figures look gnarled and weird so this line could be great to get in place of those.

  41. number 45-59 always wins.

  42. Donald looks amazing! Good job on the video, it definitly makes me hope that I can win him!

  43. This is totally awesome! I love kingdom hearts and Donald has always been one of my favorite characters so it’s awesome to see him finally get such a cool figure

  44. Gorgeous action figure ! SH Donald really means business with his rage face !

  45. Another nice figure from s.h. figuarts. Enjoy your holiday!!! =D

  46. Super cool Kingdom Hearts fig! Love Donald.. 🙂

  47. can you guys giveaway one of those figures displayed in the back too lol

  48. Me WANT!!!! Donald in Kingdom Heart series really are awesome! Wish I can win this!!

  49. Great figure! looks just as good as in the games.

  50. Donald Duck, interesting.

  51. thats pretty cool

  52. Super cute and cool Donald figure! I love the outfit! ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

  53. I need this Donald to put near my King Mikey! ;3

  54. Let’s see if Donald finally decides to heal me haha

  55. Awesome review on the Figuarts Donald Duck.

  56. Neat, a figure to keep me occupied as I wait X years for Square Enix to release a game….

  57. want that donald

  58. This is an amazing looking figure and if I won it I’d give it to my boyfriend since he’s a huge kingdom hearts fan and he already has their sora although in different packaging.

  59. Whoa, SHF Kingdom Hearts series. I can start to collect all soon.

  60. love KH

  61. I love Kingdom Hearts. I got myself two Play Arts figures so far. I hope they release Xion. If they ever did a S.H Figuarts of Xion, I will get it for sure. And I hope they release Roxas in S.H too.

    (I even got the keychain replica’s of the Keyblades! Silver and gold plated!)

  62. I really love his expression. And yes! SE, please give us KH3 now! T_T

  63. Love that Donald! Hoping to win him

  64. This S.H.Figuarts Donald is so cute.

  65. My favorite character from the old Disney movies is the Donald Duck.

  66. Amazing review, long life to SHF Kingdom Hearts, I want them all

  67. Nice review and a great Donald Duck action figure! Hopefully SHFiguarts can give us more characters from the Kingdom Hearts series.

  68. Yes! The good ol’ Donald Duck. I would love to have it in my S.H.F. collection.

  69. Let said on May 1, 2018

    An excellent figure of considerably high quality. I hope S.H. can do figures of Beast and Larxene down the line.

  70. Hi guys! Do you people have any news on the Yamaguchi Batman?? It looks really awesome and I’m waiting for the preorders to come up.

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