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HLJ : Luke


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1/144 HGUC MSN-06S Sinanju
1/144 RG MS-06S Zaku II

This video wraps up our work on the awesome HGUC Sinanju kit.  Straight out of the box this kit is amazing and with a little bit of work it’s a superstar.   Bandai has really upped their game within the last year with the releases of some absolutely fantastic High Grade kits.

Next Gunpla TV is set to coincide with the release of the highly-anticipated 1/60 Perfect Grade Strike Freedom and Bandai has promised this kit to be so spectacular that we are dedicating an entire episode to the biggest PG of them all.

All of you who are eagerly awaiting the results of the 1/100 MG 00 Qan[T] giveaway need to wait just a little longer and for those who haven’t entered yet you have until 6 PM Japan Time, Friday December 3rd.  The winners will be announced in an upcoming Gunpla TV episode.

The Greatest Gunpla Sale Ever has just over a week left so be sure to click the link and save yourself money on some excellent Gunpla kits, many you have seen right here on Gunpla TV!  Sale ends December 10th, so don’t miss out.

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  1. Wow, that is an interesting method to paint detailed parts! Does using the marker on enamel paint cause the marker to dry up? Are the markers alcohol based or something else? Thanks!

  2. Couldn’t the gold/black pieces also be done the way you did recessed thruster details and such in episode 19? (Paint the gold, then paint the black and use enamel thinner to wipe it off the raised surfaces)?

    I have tried approaches like that on some projects but none of them has gone far enough along that I know how it turns out. 🙂

    • @ George You could very well do the masking technique you are talking about but i think the point of Gunpla TV is try and show as many different techniques as possible for doing the same work, the viewers can then decided which techniques work best for them. Repeating the same techniques in every episode would sort of be pointless, we like to offer as much knowledge as possible.

  3. ahh…..nice paint job!!!!…..and can’t wait for the winner announced!!!

  4. Syd, you can also get rid of excess gold paint, if you have the black unpainted, and then paint on the gold trim, then remove blemishes by scratching it off with a toothpick, but then you probably won’t be able to paint on the black…Also, couldn’t you have put down a layer of masking sol, before you started to paint the gold trim, that way you wouldn’t be paint on the black?

  5. would you have any suggestions if i was painting a white model kit? is there a white marker?

  6. Thanks Syd. Nice work !!!

  7. I’m getting my Sinanju soon, so I can’t wait to paint those gold details. One could also try to wipe off the spilled-over gold paint with enamel thinner instead of copic marker, as sometimes when paint dries it leaves a sort of uneven texture (especially if they’re spilled-over paint).

    Still, great ep. Can’t wait for the RG Char Zaku review. Hope it lives up to the expectations of die-hard Zaku appreciators (me included). xD

  8. Well, that makes sense, about providing different techniques – It’s just as I said, I’ve had a few situations where I’ve had to do something similar but I’m not yet satisfied that I know the best way to go about it… Though painting the gold first and using thinner to wipe away black from the raised surfaces (not really a “masking” technique) would have been my first guess for how to get good results on a part like this quickly and easily. Since you guys have done both techniques (though not necessarily on the same parts) I thought you might have some insight.

    Job – I think this method probably wouldn’t work too well if the background color were white instead of black. It can be very difficult to paint white over anything. Probably you’d need to paint the white first and then just be really careful when painting the trim…

  9. It seems like the marker wouldn’t be opaque enough. From my experience layers underneath still show through. So do you particularly opaque markers or are they still able to get the job done as typical markers?

  10. come here every week waiting for a new vid! just wanted to know im loving these videos!! keep them coming

  11. I want to learn how to scribe so could you plz make a Scribing Tutorial and what material i need plz

  12. Great video and on the model! Watching it actually reminded me of the horror I went through while painting the gold trim on my MG Sinanju ^^;. Not something I want to experience any time soon heh.

    I really gotta get me those clips… they look real handy!

  13. I can’t wait to see the finished Sinanju!

    Syd, are the copic markers similar to the gunpla-branded markers? After you use them over the gold, can you see a difference in color the way you would with a sharpie?


  14. when is the next eps because i live in canada so the time is different

  15. Fantastic episode, they are getting better and better look forward to next weeks episode

  16. Wow, I’ve never used paint on one of my Gundams because I was too afraid to ruin the kit this way. But the Copic Marker method is brilliant – that way I could try it out sometime, too :3
    Thanks a lot, that was a great episode and I can’t wait to see the Strike Freedom!~

  17. Nice~ I always had a thought about painting those gold trims on Sinanju would a be a pain. But after seeing this episode, I guess it wasn’t so bad 🙂

    Getting a Robot Damashii Sinanju around christmas. 😀

    Watching all these episodes makes me wanna build my MG Strike Gundam now ( ^ヮ^)ノ

  18. One suggestion (you can try it out sometimes). You can use gold Gundam marker to paint those. The Gundam marker gold colour looks fantastic on it for sure. I use it to paint my BB Senshi Sangokuden Shin Kanu Gundam and the outcome is so smooth and shinny. Try it out if you can.

  19. Can you show your paintbrush techniques when painting

  20. it looks great
    can’t wait for the pg strike freedom

  21. Man, I’m so bummed. Been watching via iTunes and the Gumpla competition is way over. Oh well.

    Looking forward to my PG Strike Freedom shipping in a few days. Many HG under the belt but this will be my first PG. Christmas for me!!!

    Love the show

  22. that sinanju is a beast. hahha
    i hope mine come out a lil better. or at least jus as good.
    thanks for the new way of cleaning up the trims i’ve always been afraid to use enamel bc of that. lol

  23. @rodgerNSF, you are brave to step from hg to pg, I would probably do some MG in between 😛

  24. Looking great Syd I love the Sinanju

  25. i looks awsoem dude but do u ever cover making a custome suit like the charecter in gunla series with his zaku f 2000 model.i i have i suit i have designed called cyclops gundam.i in the process of geting it but have u ever done a pure custom suit uusiong other gundam models and using other things to do it. but i love ur gunpla epsidoe i got tp episode 21 whne i posted this.also posted commet on youtube in certain videos

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