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1/144 Sazabi


Submitted By: Dave The Chef

Hi chaps, this is the old 1988 kit of this mobile suit.
I thought it’ll be fun to see one of these old kits done and yes you really can’t get anything like the poses you can with modern kits but with a little work they do look cool.
I painted the model black first and then used thin strips of masking tape to simulate panel lines, put some lead wire on the arm thrusters and filled up the inside of the shoulder area. Painted with some acrylic metal colours and finished with a coat or three of clear red.

Done as a fun build really, enjoy!

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  1. Great work! You know you’ve got some skill when you can make an older model look that good.

  2. I like this a lot, nice idea with the panel lines look good!

  3. Pretty clever with the pin stripe/ panel lines. Looks really good for such an old kit. Nice job.

  4. Thanks very much chaps. You can see some in progress stuff and more on here http://thegundammodelchef.blogspot.com/


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