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Gunpla TV – Episode 50 – Winners of the “I love Gunpla TV” facebook contest!

50! 50! 50!  Gunpla TV celebrates its 50th episode by giving stuff away!  This episode we announce the winners to the “I love Gunpla TV” facebook contest, have some fun, and look back at 50 episodes of what it is we have been doing here.  Now let’s do another 50 episodes!

Items featured in this video:

Dragon Ball Z Jigsaw Puzzle 1000pcs: Jungle Drive

Kiki’s Delivery Jigsaw Puzzle 100pcs: Witch Outfit

Laputa Jigsaw Puzzle 1000pcs: Low-Altitude Chase

To see more of AMD puzzles, click here.

4D Vision Scorpion Anatomy Model

4D Spider Tarantula Anatomy Model

4D Vision Dog Anatomy Model

4D Vision Crocodile Anatomy Model

1/1 4D Human Anatomy: Deluxe Heart Anatomy Model

See more 4D Master!

1/150 My Neighbor Totoro Satsuki & Mei’s House

1/150 Five-story Pagoda

– 1/300 Matsumoto Castle

More Sankei Papercraft can be found here.

Royal Princess Rain Dress Costume


And congrats to the winners of the ‘I love Gunpla TV” Contest!  Our three lucky winners receive the Special Edition kit, 1/100 00 Raiser Clear Color Ver.

Luke Gardiner

Jm Ludan Ventanilla

Jack Elliot Nunn

And congratulations are in order for the 10 runners up who will be receiving a Epyon poster!

Brandon Soundara, Daniel Evans, Gerardo Mares, Joakim Manelinho, Samson Lam, Jeel Elevera, Katrina Lustre Valenzuela, Chris Borowiec, Chong Hin Tan and finally Kenneth Sama.


HobbyLink Japan Gundam


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  1. well done to all the winners 🙂

  2. It’s weird that the best Gunpla TV episode yet has almost no gunpla in it XD
    Maybe you guys could make a Comedy TV, I’d watch!

    Congrats to the winners.

  3. Congrats to ALL THE WINNERS!!!! 50 EPISODES! WAY COOL!

  4. I knew Chong Hin Tan would get something. His pic’s just too cute!

  5. Congratulations to the three winners and runner ups!
    The ep with the Head slap was hilarious!

  6. The episode kinda confused me at first, then I eventually got it and started laughing my butt off! Fifty episodes is a milestone… NOW LET’S GET TO 100!!!

    And congrats to the winners as well… *nods*

  7. watching while @ work .. ended up drawing stares from evryone while laughing . lol 😛


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