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30MM Flight Backpacks for Your Gunpla

Have you ever wanted cheap and easy to put together, modular, flight type backpacks for your Gundam model kits? Then these will definitely be right up your ally. Join Mecha Gaikotsu take a closer look at the 30 Minutes Missions Cielnova, Rabiot, and Exa Vehicle, and their respective armor sets that you can combine with your Gunpla! Get yours here: – 30mm Exa Vehicles – 30mm Rabiot and Armor – 30mm...

Gunpla TV – HGUC Messer F01

From “Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash,” comes a new HGUC kit, the Messer! This new HG boasts a moveable gimmick inside the main body, as well as a slide gimmick in the shoulder armor to allow for better movement of the arms. Other moveable parts and articulation are used throughout the kit to maximize the Messer’s ability to pull off great action poses! Plus this bulky suit just looks superb!...

1/1 Scale Evangelion Coming This October!

Japan is no stranger to enormous statues of anime-related characters. In Shinjuku, you can find Godzilla towering over Toho Cinemas. In Odaiba, there’s the Unicorn Gundam which even transforms throughout the day.  Now, Evangelion fans can rejoice: a new life-size statue of EVA Unit-01 will open at Toei Kyoto Studio Park this October. You may remember that there are actually two other life-si...

Robot Damashii (Side MS) PF-78-1 Perfect Gundam Ver. A.N.I.M.E. Review

First appearing in the 1982 manga “Plamo Kyoshiro,” comes the PF-78-1 Perfect Gundam. He may not be a looker but with all the accessories and an extraordinary range of motion through the shoulders, hips, and waist, it’s definitely one to check out! Join Mecha Gaikotsu and take a closer look. Get yours here:– PF-78-1 Perfect Gundam

figma Erwin Smith & HORSE Review

Mecha Gaikotsu brings us figma Erwin Smith from Attack on Titan! Not only does this highly detailed figma come with accessories but also a massive horse! Come check it out for a ride. Get yours here: – figma Erwin Smith

Cup Noodles That You Can Make Without Water!

Here’s one Cup Noodle that won’t be ready in just three minutes! Bandai has announced that it will be adding the quintessential form of cup ramen to its Best Hit Chronicle model line. Cup Noodle has been around in Japan since 1971. It’s been a national staple in Japan ever since, thus they are more than qualified to enter the Best Hit Chronicle lineup which celebrates goods that ...

Aya and the Witch: Studio Ghibli’s First Full-Length 3D CG Film

Studio Ghibli announces its first full-length 3D CG film, Aya and the Witch.  We all remember Studio Ghibli’s legendary film “Howl’s Moving Castle,” directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It became one of the studio’s classics and still stands as the third top-grossing anime film in Japan. It was based on Diana Wynne Jones’ 1986 novel of the same name. Now, Studio Ghibli has announced that once a...

Gunpla TV – Frame Music Girl Sakura Miku

Spring brought with it some beautiful sakura this year, and also a shiny pink Sakura Miku too! Dave checks out this glossy pink version of Miku and its accessories. Also he poses it with his FigmaPlus classroom background. In this episode:– Frame Music Girl Sakura Miku

Gunpla TV – Figure-rise Standard WarGreymon (Amplified)

From Bandai comes a new Figure-rise Standard kit of the standard version of Amplified WarGreymon from the anime series “Digimon”! Join us as we take an in depth look at this stunning beast of a kit which you won’t want to miss out on! In this episode:Figure-rise Standard WarGreymon (Amplified)

Toy Tengoku Episode 112 – Figuarts Zero Naruto

This week we’re taking a look at classic “Naruto” goodness with Bandai’s Kizuna Relations Naruto Uzumaki figure! It’s fairly small but leaves a big impact with all of the effect parts from the Rasengan, as well as the bright paintwork on the figure itself that make it pop. Naruto’s base can even slide together with the upcoming Jiraiya and Tsunade figures for a ...

Gunpla TV – Episode 285 – Gundam Jiyan Altron & One Piece Ark Maxim!!

A bit of a smorgasbord this week as we take a look at the latest Build Divers release the Gundam Jiyan Altron, the One Piece Grand Ship Collection Ark Maxim and another SD Cross Silhouette the almighty Zaku! Kits in this episode: – 1/144 HGBD Gundam Jiyan Altron – One Piece Great Ship Collection Ark Maxim – SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Zaku II – SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Cro...

Gunpla TV – Episode 284 – Galbaldy Rebake & Gundam 00 Diver Ace!!

As the Build Divers anime series trots along so does the HG releases for the series! This week we take a look at the Galbaldy Rebake as well as the Gundam 00 Diver Ace! Whether these kits are going to be ace kits or just plain old rebakes of older kits you will need to watch to find out! We also take a sneak peak at a plethora of other new Bandai kits that have come in! Kits in this episode: ̵...

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