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Bandai’s New Plamo & TV Drama Project

The other day, Bandai announced a double whammy: a new television drama called “Girl Gun Lady” that’s coming paired with a new weapon-based plamo line! All of the weapons and the characters will be released gradually, and to start off we have the Alpha, Tango, Charlie Delta and Bravo weapons with their various color schemes.

But what are weapons without characters? Well, Bandai is also releasing kits of the characters Commander Charlotte, Commander Bianca and Commander Alice. They have a fresh new look and a kind of Splatoon vibe going on. The series will start on April 6, 2021, with the kits also coming out from then on and for now in June, too.

Of course, you can preorder them now at HLJ so be sure to grab them while you can!

What is Girl Gun Lady?

The new drama is going to be a special effects drama for adults that tells the an original story of high school girls performing a “battle for survival” using plastic model guns, which are key to the plot of the drama based at school. 

The school girls build model kits that they purchased at a mysterious model shop, and who are then transported to an alternate world where they are forced to participate in a survival game. You can bet it’s another battle royal themed series, but with a brighter theme!

The Plamo Line

We will start off with the “Lady Commander Series” with 3 Lady Commanders to begin with. The commander is a female character who directs each team in the battle and will appear in both a plastic model and live-action form.

What is also special is that the guns can transform and be added to each other and they are really on the large side!

▶Girl Gun Lady (GGL) Attack Girl Gun Ver. Alpha Tango 

▶Girl Gun Lady (GGL) Attack Girl Gun Ver. Bravo Tango

▶Girl Gun Lady (GGL) Attack Girl Gun Ver. Charlie Tango

▶Girl Gun Lady (GGL) Attack Girl Gun Ver Delta Tango

▶Girl Gun Lady (GGL) Lady Commander Charlotte

▶Girl Gun Lady (GGL) Lady Commander Bianca

▶Girl Gun Lady (GGL) Attack Girl Gun x Lady Commander Alice

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