Aug 27
HLJ : Luke

– Click here to view Kamen Rider Double Part 2

In our first episode of Boss Builds, HLJ President Scott Hards tackles Bandai’s Kamen Rider Double “Figurerise.” If you’ve never tried a Bandai kit before, you’ll find plenty of beginner tips here!

Model shown in this video :

– 1/8 MG Figurerise Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker


  1. I really need to get that kit.

    Will you also be building gunpla like gaigun or do you stick with all the other model kits?

  2. Oh man, that kit looks freaking great! I’ve got the SH Figure Arts as well, but I think this version is much more impressive. The tips on the instructions are great. I never knew what any of those symbols meant ever.

  3. Very cool to see the president himself doing these videos.

    Wasn’t thinking of getting one of these, but seriously considering it now…

  4. Don’t make me look it! I can’t spend anymore! Can’t… resist… too… AWESOME!

  5. Have you changed the way you embed the vidoes? They dont appear on my ipad anymore. This goes for this post and episode 10 of gunpla… Before that it worked like a charm on ipad…

    • Hello Claus,

      We have changed the way our videos are displayed but we will be fixing the issue with them not working on your iPad.

  6. Cool it works again. Thanks for your swift action

  7. These look like nice kits but right now I’ve got no interest in the characters they’re featuring, if Bandai can get the Marvel licence for this line however, well then I couldn’t pre-order fast enough. 😀

  8. ola me gusta su programa si conose a inoue masairo dele mis saludos

  9. 😀 Hi!!, I like to see one of my suggestions came true, I hope it was fun to build your figure 😉
    Greetings from Mexico

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