Mar 21

We showed the MG Providence in an unboxing video already so we won’t get into that here — which is good, because Syd and Todd were too busy disagreeing over who would get to present the newest kit from Gundam Thunderbolt.

Don’t forget that the Playing with Plamo 2017 Contest is in full-swing. There is still time left to join and enter for a chance to win some amazing prize packages.

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HG MS Option Set 9
1/100 MG Providence Gundam
1/100 MG Providence Gundam Premium Edition
1/144 HGBF Amazing Strike Freedom Gundam
1/144 HG Gundam Bael
1/144 HG RX-78AL Atlas Gundam (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.)



  1. I’m excited for the next RG announcement on April 2017 in gunpla expo Japan

  2. hi there,

    Looking to that Atlas Gundam and HGIBO Bael, im really going to get that kit in addition to my 1/144 kit collection.

    More power to the show and happy building to all.

  3. Oh, bael. Kinda hate that mcgillis guy

  4. Origin is SWEET! Wouldn’t mind getting my hands in that kit. Also I am trying out panel wash but I’ve been having some troubles. Any tips and tricks?

  5. The Atlas Gundam is pretty darn cool! It would be pretty awesome if we did get a 1/100 MG ver. KA of it.

  6. hello!

  7. amazing strike freedom looks good, but the red frame just takes away the appearence i think
    i wonder how long will the world would really have a real local type gundam

  8. the strike freedom has the beam sabers on the side skirts (on to of the rail guns, and thank you for the side by side pic 🙂

  9. If I cut my hair, Hawaii will sink!

  10. Do you think the Atlas gundam belives the earth is flat

  11. Hitherehowareyoudoing

    The MG Providence looks really good, although the Freedom waist joint scares me a bit. I personally want the regular one, because while the ZAFT stand looks really good, I don’t think it and the waterslide decals are enough to make me want the special edition more, plus the original has one of my new favorite boxarts. Option Set 9 is gonna be great, tones of kitbash potential, and I really like how you get Landman Rodi legs in color OOB, i’ll have to buy that one day.

    I absolutely love the Amazing Strike Freedom, the shiny red frame looks really unique, and I love how so much of the suit is integrated so uniquely. The bulkiness and the sheer weaponry make me a fan.

    The HG Bael looks good, and it does seem like a pretty neat kit. However i’m holding my breath for the FM version because I want that stand, and I want to display a Bael with my Grimgerde.

    HG Atlas looks awesome, a huge shame the subarms aren’t white though, they really could’ve been done with all that white plastic, ahh well. I really like all the gimmicks and stuff the Atlas is capable of doing, and it’s functions make it look really damn sweet. People are complaining about it’s stickers but it’s not like other HGTB kits didn’t have any, i’m quite satisfied honestly, just wish those subarms were white…

  12. Sometimes I fell old!
    I see the Atlas and I think….meh…weird…ugly feet…ugly front skirt, etc.
    I should be happy to see something different but instead I always complain about these new strange designs.

  13. I think the new rg kit is going to be the unicorn Gundam I put my money on it and I would really like to build a origin kit and a Pettit guy

  14. I think the new rg kit is going to be the unicorn Gundam I put my money on it and I would really like to win a Gundam kit

  15. Amazing Strike Freedom looks more promising than I’d originally thought, but it’s also more expensive than average.

    I may get a Bael, I haven’t decided.

  16. rg dynames will be nice

  17. That bael gundam is soooo cool and the atlas has a ton of gimmicks can’t wait it to be implemented in the upcoming anime

  18. I like Bael’s overall design but the wings seems a bit awkward imo so I might ??????? on this one… heheh goteem. Deez rgb-79 ballz

  19. Best Review of the Year !!!
    Great job on Gundam Atlas review… was enjoying it so much…LoL…
    Good job Syd & TB your Gundam Atlas pose looked crooked ;)…
    can’t wait for your Gundam Providence MG review
    the Best Show IMO…

    ohhhh… and don’t forget to give me that Gundam Local Type Origin!!!
    and I’ll donate that “petite guy” to my neighbour..hahaha!!!

  20. Guys, Barbatos,Flauros,and Bael have the same frame right? Therefore:easy kitbash!

  21. I lost it at the ball in the Atlas’s chest.

  22. heyy my birthday just passed hope that local type will not too…. plss be mine .. nice review by the way

  23. cool ep atlas looks cool want that local type and petitguy for customs

  24. That rail gun definitely needs some color. Right now it looks like a really long Nerf gun. Still can’t decide if I want the Atlas or not. I’m still on the fence.

  25. I’d never though i would hear my name on the previous episode :P.
    Love that HG atlus, it reminds me of a rubiks cube 😛

  26. HG Atlus looks pretty unique for a Gundam!

  27. I wonder how an RG Barbatos would look like.

  28. cool to see the Atlas’s gimmicks working out!

  29. I like that Amazing Strike Freedom

  30. I wish there were SD versions of thunderbolt suits!

  31. March is such a great month!
    Just waiting on 1/100 Bael (my playing with plamo entry!) release to ship my private warehouse which includes the Providence Premium and ms option 9 and gusion rebake (more guns for Akihiro!)
    Can’t wait for your build and review of the providence!

  32. The Atlas Gundam is a creative design, I hope that BANDAI does have the funding to mass-produce such a kit. It would be bigger than the Double-Zeta, Unicorn, and the Nu-Gundam. I love the design of the origin kit and the bearguy would look cute for a center piece.


  34. I loved the Full Armor Gundam but I hate the Atlas Gundam! I just find it extremely ugly!

  35. Hope to win the gundam local type. Also wondering what new master grades will be coming out this summer.

  36. Fumina is waifu. Loving the new kits that you guys are showing off.

  37. HEy guys of all the newer kits what ones are you most awaiting?

  38. Waiting for my Providence to arrive!!! 😛 Great episode guys.

  39. The Atlas is growing on me, especially after seeing what the HG kit can do with his skis. The cockpit ball reminds me that I don’t own any Ball kit in any form and really should. Mass produced Balls helped the Earth Federation win the one year war after all.

  40. Am I the only one that thinks the Atlas looks dumb? So how long do we have to wait for Todd to do a kitbash and attach both of the Atlas’s skies to the ball?

    MG Kshatriya when?

  41. The “unboxing episode” and now this. Beam cannons are go! “Born in the Bael,” Atlas throw down! Great show. Origin rules. Thanks Todd, Syd, Ryan (directed by…), and Luke (chop chop…).

  42. Surprised about the ball being part of the Atlas.


  44. After seeing how much the hassle the HG Atlas can put up, I don’t think I want it anymore.

  45. I’m so tempted to buy an Atlas, but I already my closet full of kits I haven’t built yet.

  46. The Atlas reminds me a lot of Patlabor.
    Maybe they took design cues from it.

  47. Can’t wait to get my own bael, also good show guys

  48. Congrats to Ronin on winning the Gouf. Representing the Advanced Modeler group!

  49. Great episode guys! And hey I won the 1/144 Freedom!!! thanks a lot; can’t remember the last time I won anything!

  50. I love the Show! When I get home from school it is a great wy to unwind and stuff. 🙂

  51. Ordered Atlas! It looks great, hope to get it soon

  52. Atlas the”ball gundam”. Seem like a big week next week.

  53. A little disappointed that the globe joints on the Atlas don’t spin around 360 degrees. Maybe in a future MG?

  54. Loca for local

  55. Since you both built the HG Atlas Gundam, what is your take on no polycaps? Do you wish they used some? Or is the kit just fine without them?

  56. Man, that Atlas is packed! Railguns are always a good weapon to have in your mecha models.

  57. Need a comparison of the 1/144 ball to the Atlas Cockpit

  58. I have my fingers crossed, thats a nice looking mobile suit! Thanks for another great episode!

  59. I wanna win

  60. bael and atlas look so good! amazing strike… not so much.

  61. OOOH!!! that atlas looks pretty awesome. love unique kits like that. and local type for the win!!

  62. i wanna win some kits in the holis!!

  63. Have you guys considered reviewing some of the snacks that are on HLJ? I would like to try some Japanese snacks, but could use some recommendations.

  64. At first I hated the Atlas. now I’m in love with it. MG please!

  65. great show as always

  66. Really love the show, you guy’s helped me into this hobby and I appreciate your time very much. Keep up the great work! Atlas is great!

  67. Give me the chocolate

  68. I can’t deny the Atlas is simultaneously the dumbest and coolest Gundam I’ve ever laid eyes on. I love it coming in with it’s Armored Core looking rail gun on it’s stupid river rafting raft backpack. It’s absurd in all the right ways.

  69. PM said on March 23, 2017

    Great episode guys and i don’t like Amazing Strike Freedom.

  70. yes

  71. Will this be the winning comment? Yes!

  72. atlas looks like he belongs in G gundam, pretty nice though. i would certainly enjoy that origins kit and my son that petit guy.

  73. Amazing SF is amazing!

  74. It’d be cool if you guys show the Love Live figurise busts.

  75. Great show. Keep it up

  76. Really love this show! its allways great to build something while watching the show . Keep it up!

  77. Next MG is Justice Gundam. I’m not sure how I feel about it. From the CG model we saw of it, the details are nice, but I’m not the biggest fan of the design itself, and the RG has better proportions in my opinion.

  78. The Atlas Gundam looks like a pretty neat kit I’ll need to get that at some point. Looking forward to the MG Providence Rau Le Creuset is one of my favorite Gundam villains and one of the few good characters in Seed. I always wondered why the Gundam Local Type has the price it does it doesn’t come with much but it’s a good looking High Grade kit.

  79. I only recently got into gunpla and when I started I came across your very first episode and I watched all of them in the span of two weeks lol… Thanks to you Syd I’ve learned answers to all my questions I had starting out and have gotten more information on the topic than I could have dreamed of, thanks so much guys for all your help and knowledge!

  80. I like the Atlas but without the funky sled/submarine system thingy.
    Looks really good by itself. Kind of interesting the ball core it has for cockpit.

  81. Me want that Atlas , At last me will buy that Atlas

  82. Atlas Gundam is very interesting, but it requires a lot of works to make it awesome, sigh…

  83. Hope i win that HG Local Type from the Origin line. I have started collecting and painting that line. It will be awesome to paint and mod that kit a little bit and post it here in 🙂

  84. Is there any news of more MG Origin kits?

  85. All hail the Atlas lord of the Ball master race. Also Syd’s love of RGs inspired me to try to build them all. All I’ve got left is the Strike Freedom, Strike, and Skygrasper. Time well spent.

  86. Man that is one sexy box art for the MG Providence! I have a question regarding the plamo contest and I’m hoping it won’t be too late. If I’m entering one of those Macross kits that can transform, do I need to submit pictures with it in the 3 different forms or is it OK to stick with one? I’m asking because I’m afraid that if I transform it after all the decal work, the Waterslides might get ruind.

  87. Have a question for my fellow commenters mostly.
    My backlog has grown huge between zoids and gunpla.
    How big is yours?
    How do you deal with it?
    I try to build faster but cant stop myself from painting all the details.

  88. Atlas!!!! Almost completing my collection of the thunderbolt kits 🙂

  89. I drew you guys some fan art, where can I submit it?

  90. Bear guy me!

  91. More strike gundam!

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