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HG Raphael Gundam


Submitted By: Dre Merc

HG Raphael Gundam. I used this Gundam kit to test out Tamiya spray paints. Since I could not figure out the backpack color so I left it as is. I did however paint all the parts meant to be grey with gunmetal. The overall coloring on this kit was not extensive, as it was experimental. I used Tamiya TS white, light gunmetal, gunmetal, black, and gold. Tamiya acrylic silver was used for the GN drives, and gunmetal for feet and various spots throughout the kit.

I placed a sticker from Metallic Stickers for Sensors Green (1-6mm) sheet on the lens on its forehead.

The sword is from Samurai Sword 2 set by M.G.S. weapon unit 14. Painted Tamiya gunmetal and bare metal silver.

Decent articulation that allow for cool action poses. There are weight issues. Standing or… floating upright is no problem, but when the upper body is turned along with the kit tilted forward the GN claws (if attached) cause the upper body to twist till the whole thing falls. This happens to me 70 percent of the time.

The details are nice, and the gimmicks are very cool, especially when it comes to the GN Claws. There are open and closed sets of GN Claws and a mini stand for them.

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