May 9

Golden Week has passed here in Japan and Syd and Todd made use of their days off by finishing up the Master Grade Freedom Gundams they committed to building during the unboxing episode. Sit back and relax and let Todd and Syd regale you with tales of Freedom.


Kits shown in this episode:

1/100 MG Freedom Gundam
1/100 MG Freedom Gundam Ver.2.0


  1. MG Freedom 2.0 It’s cool. But I don’t think I am going to buy it. Thanks for the review 😀

  2. Love the look of the Freedom 2.0, keep up the awesome work guys!

  3. no wonder the freedom is one of the most popular gundam. it always stands out with other gundams..

  4. Strike Freedom 2.0 next?

  5. awesome episode! thanks for bringing us a review of not one but both MG Freedoms. i’m kind of disappointed that the 2.0 has been reduced in height and wondering what their reasoning is behind it. is it still true to the scale of the mechanical specs listed on the manual compared to a hypothetical actual size? lol just nitpicking on numbers and specifics. still a terrific kit and can’t wait to build it.

  6. I’m a twin too! We’re both into Gunpla but he doesn’t normally keep up with you guys :C Nevertheless I am excited to see what the hobby show has in store!

  7. when i see the Freedom 2.0 i really can’t imagine the next 12 years for the 3.0!!! Because the detail on 2.0 really look amazing and the articulation is on the serious level that i see from a pro gunpla custom. gonna get it one while it last!!!! and Tod and Syd for the review!!!

  8. IPod said on May 9, 2016

    i like the design, but as a gunpla kit, the freedom seems very fiddly. that backpack just feels like it has too much going on…
    kinda like ryan!! congrats man; best of luck with the new fatherhood mayhem double edition! looking forward to a triumphant return to GPTV once things’ve gotten settled in with the new family life; until then, somebody’s got some lines to learn (lookin at you, todd)! no pressure…

  9. For freedoooooom!

  10. As they say Freedom isn’t Free, but those Gunpla at the end are and I am aiming to win! BWahahaha!

  11. It will be nice if bandai do RG unicorn, RG banshee norn, and PG SINANJU =)

  12. so did i win?

  13. popoy said on May 9, 2016

    nice guys! building my 2.0 freedom now.. gunpla is freedom! play the song freedom by pharell williams while building my kit.

  14. i hope they make a rg exia dark matter and re amazing exia

  15. The new Freedom looks cool, all those shoulders and hips gimmicks, but no knee sliding, nor LEDs… What is Bandai up to? Also congrats to Ryan for his family upgrade, but I still want that Masterpiece Liger built. As for the song, i vote for Fight for Freedom by ManowaR. Thanks again

  16. No doubt Freedom 2.0 is the best looking one so far. And the build is certainly unique. I must have it!

  17. DL76 said on May 9, 2016

    Congratulations Ryan,I imagine your kids will probably be 13 by the 3.0 Freedom comes out lol.

  18. Great show guys. Syd I’m looking to pick up a Zeta MG but there are so many versions. I know you’ve weighed in before on the best version of the sinanju and the RX-78, what are your thoughts on the Zeta?

  19. Two thumbs up and congratulations to Ryan!

    I’ve been catching up on all the old episodes from the start at 125% speed, and I watched this one on a train trip at normal speed. It’s really weird to hear you speak so slow! 🙂


    I like the Freedom 2.0. I think it’s a major improvement on the regular Freedom design. Dunno why but the original designs never spoke to me, the 2.0 on the other hand looks awesome!

  21. Loved the review guys. I’m dying to get mine in the mail any day now. Freedom!

  22. The previous Freedom which is less busy is indeed more accurate to the anime (iirc). Drawing all those details which the 2.0 offers, would probably have given the production team a lot more work. I rather have it this way than them using 3D models.

    Also lol, was that intro blooper (the freedom 2.0 intro) suppose to be left unedited as a joke? xD

  23. Congratulation on Ryan’s healthy new born twins.

  24. Gunso said on May 9, 2016

    sorry to let you down, there is no more mythbusters. That Tested actually is a youtube channel not part of mythbusters and the mythbusters ended already somewhere in March this year. one of the main star of mythbusters (Adam) do collaboration with Tested and always appear in some talk, 1 day build, and his explanation on his coming project. Tested usually do random stuff from tech gadget and hobby thing (more to hollywood movie replica). yes recently see them build (group build) perfect grade zeta gundam. funny to see them first time unboxing it, with that so many parts it like they no have idea what to do and where to start, but they manage to build it bit by bit. but one thing for sure no testing from mythbusters to test gundam since the program ended already. actually its a fun too if they want to test gundam technology in real life. to see what it look like if they exist and how its working.

  25. i have my freedom 2.0 shipped last week so i cant wait to get mine 🙂

  26. Bara said on May 9, 2016

    Hey guys~ great video as usual.
    I have some money to spend and I have trouble deciding what kit should I buy.
    Do you guys have any MG recommendation ?
    or should I start RG collections ?

  27. Red Bull was first introduced in 1987

  28. love the show guys! keep up the good work!

  29. Congratulations to Ryan, we will see him soon!
    By the way tested did do build a gundam zeta perfect grade on the channel it was for the 0ne week build, you have to be a member of the channel to see the entire build but the have the first episode for free.
    And thanks to syd showing the wing rays in one shot in can see the details of the plastic when he took the ray apart.
    Keep the good gunplay guys, see ya next week

  30. Freedom v2.0 is so cool can’t wait for my to come and start building it

  31. Salut to Ryan.
    Go Liger man, there will be no small plasticparts for you in years,
    and since megasize is dead, it is your last chance to inhale the spirit
    of a fresh unboxed runner.

  32. Great stuff as always guys! And congrats to Ryan!

  33. OMG!!! Can’t believe I won the Guntank 🙂 Thanks guys. Also, congrats to Ryan and hope you manage to get a good look at the MG FA-78 Thunderbolt ver Ka next week, really looking forward for it. Thanks again all at HLJ!

    • I’ve seen 3D rendering of the FA-78 and was pleasantly surprised to see that Hajime Katoki had designed the inner robot. But I was truly shocked to see a rendering of the Escape pod and it will be interesting to see whether its inclusion will aid or hinder movement of the waist and upper torso section.

  34. Oh, man…! Now that I have a stable income I can’t really buy gunplas without being broken cause USD is too expensive here in Brazil. T_T These Freedom are so temptive!

  35. Praise the Emperor!
    And for the Nth time: Hope I win ^^

  36. Can’t wait for the shizuoka hobbyshow.. And the Zaku 3.0 its not just a rumor it’s a need. Do you hear me Bandai? We need it like air, water and food!

  37. Congrats to Ryan!! Nice review on Freedom 2.0 !!

  38. All this talk about freedom 1.0 and freedom 2.0 reminds me of George Michael’s freedom (Wham) vs freedom ’90. Same guy, but two very different versions.

  39. Freedom 2.0 looks sick!! Waiting on an RE/100 Kshatriya!! BANDAI JUST MAKE ONE ALREADY!!

  40. Hi Guys,

    Great show!
    I have the OG, that I purchased years ago, and it was interesting to see the differences. Also, Congratulations and Gambare to Ryan and especially Mrs. Ryan on the new additions.
    Does this mean we will be seeing even more of Todd on Gunpla TV?
    If so then, well played Todd…well played.^-^

    Looking forward to seeing the gang on the Shiz Videos.

  41. The V-fin of the 2.0 is way too long. I like the extra details on the kit though.

  42. Love the on screen comparison!! Great job!

  43. I need that 2.0 kit. been waiting for it ever since it was first announced @.@

  44. Gunpla is Freedom! Gunpla is Justice, where’s the MG justice!?

  45. Rafi said on May 10, 2016

    Very nice! Too bad I’m not into MGs (though the Sazabi and Nu may convert me yet…). I intend to get the RG at some point. 🙂

  46. Freedom!!!

  47. Another great episode guys and keep up the great work!

    The cries for the MG 2.0 Freedom sounds like it could be a rally cry from Full Metal Jacket.(I changed it up a bit, but you get the feeling)

    Bandai: “What do we do for a living, ladies!?”
    Todd and Syd: “Gunpla! Gunpla! Gunpla!”
    Bandai:”What MG do you want to build!?”
    Todd and Syd: “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!”

    So question for Todd and Syd, what initially got you into building model kits or gunpla?

  48. Great episode guys and a late congratulations to Ryan on the birth of the twins! May they bring you joy and frustration in equal measure, as children are wont to do to their parents.

    Also Todd and Syd, good work on the Freedoms, it looks like either are great kits its a shame however that I don’t really have enough room to collect anything bigger than HGs and RGs.

  49. Grats Ryan,
    great show looking forward to the next one!!

  50. Really good episode and great side by side review. The Freedom brings back all my memories of building the MG freedom gundam OG, I’ve built quite a lot of seed kits and good to see Bandai are still showing some love to the series and I’m very tempted to pick up Freedom 2.0

  51. Strike Freedom 2.0 When?

    I would really like to see more AOZ kits tho 🙂

  52. Where’s the Wallace references 🙁

  53. eXia said on May 11, 2016

    FINALLY!!!! Nice comparison for both gunplas. Can’t wait to build that kit!

  54. Happy to see that my comment got read! Thanks guys!

  55. Congrats, Ryan!

    Those railguns are too damned long. I still like the compact design on the RG Strike Freedom better. The V_fins are too damned long. What’s your wow factor on the original and 2.0?

    I’m gonna break the mould and say ‘Raise You Flag’ by Man On a Mission (OP1 for IBO).

    Yeah, MythBusters has been over for awhile now. All the members are on to their own things, after 13 years. Tested is independent.

    • I think the best on tested are Adams on day builds.
      Haha and whats with Hasselhofs “looking for freedom”

  56. goin to buy these 2 now

  57. more 2.o kits plz

  58. WizR said on May 13, 2016

    the kings of the pun ..

  59. The Freedom is sexy. I am finishing up the RG version and love it. The 2.0 looks sweet.

  60. Japanese band Homemade Kazoku got Song called Freedom 🙂

  61. la k said on May 13, 2016

    I wish the 2.0 has the same gold wing sticker as the RG Freedom

  62. the freedom look so sexy. want it. ^_^

  63. somehow im not a fan of Freedom. Looking forward for the next RE100 tho

  64. I want to have RG Sinanju… Thanks guys for the awesome gunpla videos.

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