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1/100 NSG-Z0/G Magatsuki Houten by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

1/100 NSG-Z0/G Magatsuki Houten by Kotobukiya Available From HobbyLink Japan

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (1)

Houten is all put together. Let’s take a closer look at this armed beast!

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (2)
All you need is a good pair of nippers.

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (3)
First off, here are front, side, and back shots. Unarmed, he looks quite different as you’ll see.

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (4)

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (5)

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (6)
Some nice details around head and chest, and nice asymmetry on the helmet.

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (7)
The elbows can bend around 135°.

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (8)
The knees can bend just 90°.

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (9)
Now we get to the weapons cache; are there some cool poses in store?

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (10)

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (11)

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (12)

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (13)

I’d say it’s a yes!

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (14)
As for the size, it’s a little shorter than Master Grade Gundam 2.0.

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (15)
Some final thoughts: This is a kit that you’ll spend more time on its weapons than the mech itself. I like the idea of having powered variations of the same series, and of course the different colors help, too. Surprisingly, the extra armors didn’t affect the mobility much, except for some parts on the shoulders. Most of the time it stayed together quite well, and that means with all the new weapons, you’ll get more cool poses. It’s good news for people who like to play with the kit, because with the extra armors you can get multiple looks in only one kit. And finally, if you are interested in all 3 from the series, the next photo shows what might be on your shelf!

Thanks for checking this out, everyone.

Rrobbert184-Houten-Reivew (16)
Three monsters!

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