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MG 00 Raiser


Submitted By: WOL

Hi all, this is my latest finished kit of this month, i’ve been playing around with those little stuff and small project just to relax. But this one, i put quite a bit of effort to it.

First, i have to say, this is a NICE and WONDERFUL kit. Not only the marvelous look it has, but also the well designed of the whole kit, You can probably tell how much effort bandai put in this guy, how the plastics put together is so amazing.

I’m quite surprised that bandai had decided to include 0 raiser with the 00 gundam, Normally, they sell those separately and then release a combo (like what they did with the NG one). But no, with this kit, they do differently, and i think, it was a nice idea ^^.

Now, for the cons. I don’t know if any body else would feel the same asa me, or only me do. But, the decal that come with the kit are so poor, it so small. It’s like you paste it all there, but it seem u didn’t Anw, it just a minor prob, i suggest you get a water slide decal for the designer color version, it looks real cool with that on ๐Ÿ˜€ .

Back to the kit itself, it took me 2 weeks to get it done.
these are the type of paint that i used

  • Inner frame: Gaia color – star bright iron
  • White: gaia color flat white
  • blue: mr color – gundam color blue (thumb up for this color, really really nice, blue with a bit of purple)
  • Red, Yellow: mr color – gundam color

There are some mistakes during the paintjob as i’m kinda rushing through (too many projects at school). But, i’m managed to have these mistakes fixed and very happy with the end result.

If anyone still not sure whether to buy this one or not. i’m highly recommended. It looks great straight out of the box

Alright, here’s the pics

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  1. Nice work! i will soon enter in a custom painted E.M.C. 00 raiser mg too as soon as i turn 18 and buy materials online.

  2. i have 00 raiser and i just assemble it know but i have trouble part in leg there is transparent or clear parts for leg, it can ‘t paste without enamel or something can you give me some tips ???

    • Hi yohannes!
      I exactly know what you mean. My 00 Raiser has the same problem. My solution is glue it down! Watch out if you cut the clear green circle from the runner! Don’t sand it down, don’t cut the nubs down, just leave a small amount of nubs on the clear part. The clear circle on my 00 raisers right leg keeps fall down, while the left one stays on it’s place. So i hope my answer didn’t came too late, mate.
      Regrets Takahiro.

  3. Great job. I wasn’t sure about the oo raiser but now I know I am going to get it.

  4. Hello Luke, can you tell me which Mr. Color blue you used? I tried to find the color but I stumbled on a lot of different blue’s from Mr Hobby, ug2 MS Blue, u13 AUG MS Blue, #80 Cobalt blue and GX5, which one did you use?


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