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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 71 – Priming a Falcon – Delta Gundam- MG Age-1 Build Pt. 2

On this episode of Gunpla TV Ryan finally gets ready to paint his Falcon while Syd spends more time on the MG AGE-1 Normal.

Kits featured in this video:

– 1/72 Millennium Falcon
– 1/100 MG Gundam AGE-1 Normal
– 1/48 MEGA SIZE MODEL Gundam AGE-2 Normal
– 1/144 HGUC MSN-001 Delta Gundam
– BB Gundam AGE-1 (Normal/Titus/Spallow)
– Dengeki Hobby Magazine May 2012 w/Kestrel

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  1. Thanks guys for answering my questions. I’m going to use that info to custom paint my MG Heavy Arms EW.

  2. Ok I got another painting question. Seeing as spring is around the corner, when spray painting, what do you do about pollen falling on your pieces as they dry?

  3. Maybe Ryan will want to use an airbrush to mix exactly the color he is looking for

  4. Hi Syd-
    one day can you guys do a special Episode, shows all the gundam that Syd have.;]
    Thank you,
    Stanley Xia

  5. If you have any way to spray indoors, do it. The wind ends up blowing away %75 of what comes out of the can. The sun is even worse though since as soon as the paint comes out of the can it ends up absorbing heat from the sun and rising like a hot air balloon does. Then there are issues with debris…sometimes you have to spray outside, but if at all possible don’t.

  6. hey guys another awesome show!

    ive got 2 questions:
    1: how do you remove seamlines from parts that have been spray painted. if you remove the seamline after you spray it, will the sand paper leave marks on the piece?

    2:what is the best kind of cement to remove seamlines?(extra thin cement, cement … etc )

    thanks guys 🙂

  7. Russlex

    If I was removing seam lines/joins from a mecha kit which I dont usually do as its so much work! but it will look better for sure removing them.

    Then I would use putty, tamiya putty is pretty good just look up on youtube how to apply it. It is fairly easy, then sand off the excess putty. Then spray paint with primer and then check for any gaps.

    I know you can do it with glue but im guessing its going to be fairly messy maybe the guys at hobbylink have a better suggestion.

    If you spray then sand your usually always going to take away anything and have to repaint.

  8. Howdy from Texas!

    I love the show, Ryan and Syd! I am very new to Gunpla but I have jumped in head first. I have watched every episode now I am forced to wait a week between shows! Do you guys recommend any other sites to watch reviews, or how-to’s?

    Also, do decals apply well after a top coat?


    • Hi Austin,

      Someone already provided a link to a site with lots of other links (Thanks, Robert!) but I can answer your question about decals. They apply well after a gloss top coat. In fact, that is the recommended way to do it. Gloss top coat before decaling prevents something known as ‘silvering’.

  9. Hey Syd-sensei,
    I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on using cement AND putty before doing paint?

  10. thanks rob


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