Jan 18

We’ve had a live stream and a complete build but Episode 193 marks the first time in some time that we’ve sat down in front of the camera to do a proper Gunpla TV Episode. Todd’s got a 1/100 Graze to talk about while Syd reviews the HG Quebley, RG Wing EW, and MG V2 Gundam Ver Ka! Ryan is also back and brings a little friend with him. There’s a lot of plastic in this episode!






Kits featured in this episode:

1/100 High-Resolution Model Gundam Barbatos
1/100 Gundam Kimaris
1/144 HG New MS E (Temporary Name)
1/144 HG New MS F (Temporary Name)
1/144 Ryuseigo (Graze Custom II)
1/144 HG New MS B (Temporary Name)
1/144 HGUC Qubeley
1/144 RG Wing Gundam EW
1/100 MG V2 Gundam Ver.Ka

Revoltech Figure Complex Movie Revo 003: Stitch Experiment 626

Gunpla TV


  1. HG tryon 3 would be a nice prize to win

  2. good job todd.. IBO rocks…

  3. The concern I’ve been hearing about the Hi-Res Barbatos has been that the plated/special-finish runners for the armor does not appear to be undergated based on what we can see on the runner photos.

  4. I hope i win, waited so long

  5. Such an awesome kits up for grabs this week! Really Missed your show guys! Thats one good lookin stitch!!!

  6. I would love to win a unfinished kit. Especially one that I don’t have. Oh and another good episode as always.

  7. Ohana means family

  8. cant wait for the 1/100 schwalbe graze! favourite design from IBO so far

  9. man i love the v2 design

  10. I’d personally love that gelgoog 2.0, as the 1.0 was my first master grade, and it wasn’t the best…so the 2.0 would be really nice to get! That and the design of the gelgoog is really nice too 🙂

  11. gelgoogggggggg!!!

  12. Loved SWTFA…

    For Syd, my wife willingly watched the first 6 SW films.. and she actually enjoyed the story.

    Love the V2. Nice to see Todd is going to be a part of the show for a while. Hard to believe ep. 200 is coming.. thanks for all the years of great episodes, and here is to many more!

  13. I would love to finish that Gelgoog for you!

  14. Can’t wait for my quebely to arrive!

  15. Omg that I gelgoog tho

  16. C-can I get a belated PG master race fistbump for when I got my Unicorn? (Still happy that I managed to get it in the first batch, which coincided nicely with my birthday!)

    Also, you were saying that Japanese people love to queue, but can they out-queue… THE BRITISH!?

  17. Instead of the gundams… can I win the stitch toy haha.

  18. Can’t wait for episode 200!!

  19. I really love the Quebely revive. Hopefully I win that Gelgoog! Sieg Zeon!!

  20. Would love either kits honestly, nice episode with some awesome kits making shopping with my tax money on HLJ.com more and more possible. Keep up the awesome work and curse you Sid for making me think about Ep. 200 and what will be there.


  22. Monoeye! Keep em coming!

  23. There really should be more Zeon mg 2.0 kits. Hoping for that Gelgoog.

  24. fingers crossed for gelgoog

  25. Great show again guys. Cant wait to recieve my RG Wing. Till next episode.

  26. more plamo, more figures, me drooling…

  27. MG Gelgoog 2.0, definitely like to add that to my collection!

  28. thxs for the drugs guys this may be my last show for a while

  29. Whoa. Ryan doesn’t like tacos!? Right in my feels. Great show again guys, coming from a newly devoted fan.

  30. The V2 and Qubeley look great!

  31. I have an old Realtype Gelgoog already in building process but it would be great to compare the look of it when i finish it to the Master Grade 2.0 the old kits can you look awesome too but you need many time i love them because there are no same two of them in the world every builder can put his soul in this old kits more then the new ones.

  32. finally, the hg revive quebeley is out.

  33. Need a 2.0

  34. when i saw a GELGOOG kit, it remind me of GOOGLE!!!

  35. Great episode guys and keep up the good work!

  36. TRY ON 3 GO, Gunpla is freedom! lol, SO glad you guys are back, really enjoy watching your show weekly, the live builds were fun but i wish you had more advertisement for them so next time i can watch them as they are going on. As for your 200 episode maybe do not only a giveaway but a contest. Anyways, Great show as usual, can’t wait till next week.

  37. to be honest i rlly hate the hi rez, like why would we want a built frame if were buying a model kit

  38. I’d love to get the MG 2.0 Gelgoog. I’m willing to finish the assembly or even paint the armor.

  39. Todd is becoming more confident good to see him starting to really fit in with the rest of the team 🙂

  40. I hope I win the MG Gelgoog before Disney buys Bandai. Thanks for giving them the idea, Ryan… (¬_¬)

  41. nice, i love that stich. having the upper lip and teeth open seperately is very nice

  42. Great Episode guys! The V2 version Ka looks sick!!!!!

  43. Great show can’t wait for the next episode. You have turned me into a gunpla addict, lol…

  44. ah… i remember the first lilo and stich movie… it was one of my favorite movie and stich is my favorite charracter..
    I’m glad you guys are back..

  45. i would love to get that gelgoog. its quickly becoming one of my favorite suits and it would be a nice birthday present

  46. looks like mg v2 and rg wing gundam is a must buy kits for me

  47. You guys are the best I hope I can win that trion and you guys a happy new year

  48. Digging the slew of IBO kits, especially the 1/100 line. I wish more of the designs could make 1/100, like the Hyakuri/ren. As for the anime itself, after 15 episodes, any chance the writers had of turning Kudelia and Mikazuki into interesting characters has come and gone, and now they want to write a romance subplot for the two? Boo. Stick with Orga and Merribit, your gut was making the right call on that one.

  49. love it

  50. keep up the good work!

  51. yay you guys are back!!! hope everyone had a good break/vacation 🙂

  52. Sick batch of kits

  53. I visited Japan recently and managed to get to Gundam Front Tokyo. I left their shop with 7 Gundam kits including the MG V2 ver.ka and RG Wing EW, it was a very good day.
    I actually left on the day of that coming of age festival.

  54. the v2 looks better than I thought in fighter mode. and damn his box is thick

  55. Just finished my V2 as well, and it makes you realize how unique it is in how everything comes together.

  56. Back in full force! The stitch is uber adorable!

  57. Hi guys! Nice to see you back 🙂 Recently turned 18 and would really really really want to win the MG Gelgoog!!! It would definitely make my day haha. Fingers crossed.

  58. Patchii!!! Hoping to win the Gelgoog. 😀

  59. Now that the HG Revive Qubeley is available I find myself thinking whether it will see additional releases, not just the Elpeo Ple and Ple Two Mk-II variants, but the mass production which has a different head, a larger funnel binder and back mounted cannons. I do not recall seeing an official release of this version of the Qubeley, but if Bandai were to release one now is as good a time as any.

  60. I’ve always liked the big bulky MS better than the ones that variations of the RX-78. Gelgoog looks great! I’ve never won anything online, ever! Which sort of sucks?

  61. Awesome episode, glad to see you’re back! Great seeing the Qubeley is such an improvement and the MG V2 is all I could have hoped for. Such a treat.

    TRYON 3!!!

  62. i want the gelgoog

  63. And still counting for a hope to win…
    Hohohohohohoho. Great review though!

  64. Great episode guys,ooh a gelgoog!

  65. Wassup Syd, Howzit Ryan and Hello Todd.
    Very happy to see you guys back for another exciting year of Plamo and Gunpla.

    Would love to know what you guys are hoping for this year, regarding figure and kit releases.

    Im personally hoping that we see a PG Barbatos and Re 100 Penelope Gundam.
    And I’m sure you are all excited to see GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT kits.

    Keep up the the great work, holding thumbs the magical wish fulfilling computer chooses me as a worthy caretaker for that MG Gelgoog ver 2.0.

    All the way from Sunny and awesome place to visit, South Africa.

  66. I can’t wait for next weeks episode, I remember when Zoids aired on Cartoon Network. I also have a question for you to answer on the show. There seems to be a number of anime that has yet to receive a release of figures, which anime would each of you choose to have figures released?

  67. finally you guys are back. its been a long time

  68. Did you guys watch mobile suit gundam thunderbolt? and what did you think about it so far? I wish i could win those prizes.

  69. been looking at qubeley’s recently. as much as i want the revive one, i really feel i need to get a MG instead. wouldnt mind that mg kit in the giveaway

  70. Great episode!
    Iron Blood Orphans has unique and wonderful design, love to see them in kit.

  71. Long time no see! great episode as always guys. 🙂

  72. I really like the new HG Qubeley. The build was quick and fun. I bought one and it’s now with my girlfriend, displayed on a shelf. Chicks really dig the pink-purple-white color scheme.
    Now I’m working on my 1/100 Bartatos.
    More power guys and a Happy new year!

  73. Try 1, try 2,TRY ON 3!!

    Inspired by Sid’s “Try Hard”

  74. I like gunpla.

  75. First let me say thanks guys for all the info that you provide. I was wondering, I live in the US. I recently bought a kit from my local hobby store. MG Heavyarms EW. It came with a missing part. The I runner, the one that has the eyes on it. I was wondering if you could direct me to the right place to see about getting a replacement. I really would like to build the kit and would rather not build it without the head. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the great videos and MG kit please 🙂

  76. How can I get those posters on the wall??

  77. I want that Tryon!!!! I will pass on that Barbatos tho, just give us a proper MG Bandai!

  78. Tryon 3 or MG Gelgoog. I wish there was an option to win both.

  79. I would LOVE that MG…but i would likely leave it the way it is…i love the inner frames!

  80. Maybe this will be my lucky day

  81. Great model kits for 2016!!

  82. lemme have that Gelgoog.Sieg Zeon!

  83. Hello! It’s me, your worst nightmare.

  84. Great episode, glad to see you guys are back.
    can’t wait for the RG 00q.

  85. Great episode!

    Nice to see you back 🙂

  86. Pick me, pick me
    great show looking forward to your 200th

  87. I watched SWTFA only on IMAX-3D and it was very nice to see a series I grew up with (ep 4-6) now continued with the same spirit and feel like with the original trilogy. I won’t even consider 4D as I feel it’s too over the top 😛
    P.S. That gelgoog looks really sexy xD

  88. Stitch is a perfect gift

  89. Bandai keeps releasing too many cool kits! My wallet can’t take it.

  90. Waking up every Monday morning to see a new episode of Gunpla TV just makes my day, to see all the new stuff and reviews is just fantastic ! Thanks Syd, Ryan and Todd for the reviews !

    P.S. wouldn’t mind the TRYON 3 for my Build Fighters collection though. 😀

  91. I was really worried my son was not going to want to see The Force Awakens with me because up until this year he didnt like any Star Wars. Luckily though he started getting into it a couple of months ago. Mabey he saw that other kids liked it when he started kindergarten. So I was very happy to share watchingthe movie with him in the theatre. I find itodd when I see grownups pick apart a movie thatis meant for kids. I loved the movie but loved that my son got to enjoy seeing it with me more.

  92. I will be completely honest!
    I’m here for winning the Gelgoog. I admit it!
    I don’t have anything to say this time…sorry.

  93. Great stuff as always guys! Can’t wait until episode 200!

  94. That mg looks awesome, I hope I win so I can add it to my collection

  95. I love the look of the Kimaris, but the head just looks like a purple banana…

  96. that gelgoog looks sweet

  97. Welcome back guys! I was beginning to lose hope honestly, but you guys brought it back. That Gelgoog is calling my name; hopefully luck is on my side.

  98. I’m looking forward to what you have planned for episode 200! I hope your holidays were swell.

  99. That Gelgoog is looking pretty baller

  100. Might try to get the V2. Sounds like a great challenge.

  101. Great show guys as always. Just caught up to the latest show after a 1 month binge on HL.tv! That Gelgoog needs a home, paintjob and some decals!
    Keep up the good work!

  102. I hope the High-Resolution line takes off so I could potentially see a Wing Zero (TV ver) “down a long and lonesome road” (TENACIOUS D reference.)

  103. I can’t wait for the Kimaris to release, That and the Revive Impulse. 😀

  104. nice prizes hope i could win one

  105. looking forward to learn more about the high resolution Barbatos

  106. love to do a diorama build with that gelgoog

  107. Delicious 1 hour episode, loved it. Just what I need when I come home from work on monday.

    Random question Syd/Ryan/Todd, do any of you listen to Nightwish? I feel like I’ve heard one of you mention them.


  108. I am Dave! Yognaut and I have the balls!

  109. Awesome

  110. Wow, victory V2 gundam ver ka lost great but also really complex to put together :s

  111. That Gelgoog 2.0 Frame is so SEXY! P.S. Keep up the good work guys.

  112. hopefully bandai makes more high resolution kits from other series. and the v2 gundam looks very finicky but still well worth the purchase

  113. Great to see you guys back after the new year. Excited to see what new kits they have for IBO. Btw, is the Thunderbolt episode frequency similar to that of the Origin?

  114. Good to see you guys are back! That gelgoog would be pretty sweet!

  115. wow I am super Disappointed in the V2 so flimsy fall all over the place . tryon 3 come to dady !!!

  116. Thanks for the Gelgoog 2.0!

  117. Ravioli ravioli give me the gelgoogoli

  118. Tryin 4 a Tryon!

  119. Happy New Years guys and I hope you enjoyed the time off! Another great episode to another great new year. I can’t wait for the new IBO kits builds that you are building for the upcoming shows in the future! Keep up the awesome work and stay frosty!

  120. Just got my gelgoog jager would like to finish building that 2.0 gelgoog

  121. Potato!

  122. That Gelgoog frame is beautiful!!!

  123. Awesome episode, and welcome back Ryan.

    The IBO kits are not really my thing, but the V2 looks awesome.

    I have yet to build a Zaku, what kit would you recommend as the best one?

  124. come on lady luck, help me win a gundam! Hey guys, great show as always, but what happened to the girls? They should do more reviews too! It would be nice to have one of you guys review magazines that come with gundam goodies! I’m sure there are more magazines than must Hobby Japan that does this every once in a while. How about it?

  125. Another good show. I missed the PG props, I’ve recently acquired both the Unicorn and the Norn. They are waiting for paint and customization.
    I have a couple of the RG Wings, and was actually mildly disappointed when they announced this kit as I had actually tracked down a first casting resin kit to convert the RG Wing Zero in the the EW. Well, such is life, and we’ll see which one looks better at completion.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  126. Those IBO 1/100 kits are pretty darn cool! Can’t wait to see the Gusion!

  127. GELGOOG…!!!

  128. Speaking of the Gelgoog, do you think they will do a ver Revive of the High Grade?

  129. Wow, that’s one nice inner frame on the Graze

  130. Welcome back guys! Gotta say that high resolution barbatos looks pretty darn sweet. Can’t wait to see how it stacks up.

  131. Nice!

  132. can’t wate tell march.

  133. 200th episode, 200 giveaways?

  134. Sieg Zeon!

  135. Felt abit disappoint with the V2. Hopefully Bandai will surprise me with the AB kit!

  136. That Stitch is cute. Need to win! Canadian dollar is killing my Gunpla habit!

  137. Need that RG Wing, thanks for that extra bit of convincing I needed.

  138. GUNPLA IS FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. 4D seems like it’s only good for rides like those at the Universal Studios Parks, otherwise known as purpose made product.
    Great to see a new episode. On a semi-related note, what are the companies that produce the model guns in Japan?

  140. nice kit

  141. OMG!!!! gelgoog

  142. Speaking of SWTFA, Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base 😉 gelgoog please!!

  143. Really tempted by the MG V2 Gundam Ver Ka! GELGOOG!!

  144. that gelgoog would b a awesome project

  145. great eps as always!

  146. i will keep on tryon to get the kits! Gunpla TV show really makes my day relaxed after all the work

  147. Bless you Syd (when you sneeze whe the graze beung reviewed)

  148. gelgoog mg would be an awesome kit to get please
    hope you guys have a great day hehe

  149. My zaku II is in the same state as that gelgoog

  150. Would like to see go over the articulation of the revive kits in your reviews such as shoulder, elbow, knee and angle joints

  151. Let’s give Todd another shout out!

  152. Great Episode guys

  153. Oh wow! That Gelgoog would be super sweet! P.S. I got all your refrences, so I guess I’m old too 🙁

  154. Yaaaa! going old school go Gelgoog!

  155. The Quebley makes me wonder what the designer was on.

  156. Great episode and glad to have you guys back. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for episode 200. I heard zoids, hell(heck) yes! I bet your bringing on the death stinger.

  157. MG MG MG MG MG MG!!! Keep up the good work!

  158. Gelgoog is such a funny name.

  159. Nice episode. That Stitch looks nice!

  160. MG GELGOOG!!!

  161. so understand the “trying to get the wife to watch Star Wars but failed” part


  163. MG !!!!

  164. That new Graze looks pretty cool.

  165. Welcome back Guys. Im really looking forward on the Kimaris HG

  166. I love the way Stitch’s mouth opens and shows his upper teeth

  167. In regards to that Gelgoog.
    ” I will finish what you started.”
    – Kylo Ren

  168. SUGOI!

  169. I like tacos too 🙂

  170. Hope I get something!!!

  171. MG V2 looks more and more appealing to me, might be getting one for myself soon :).

  172. wow so the HD version is that expensive.

  173. Holding off on buying a gelgoog. Might get lucky!

  174. Another great episode guys and I would love to win the Tryon 3.

  175. been watching gunpla tv for a few years now. but i started to find the recent details analysis of each kits took a bit too long. unless it happens to be my favorite, if not j will just forward. maybe just edit the videos to be snappier?

  176. It’s the Life Alert, “help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” And lol the dishwashers of the gundam universe with their aprons.

  177. That v2 is actually so cool. I only have two transferable hg’s and still finishing my deathscythe hell custom mg but this I think will be my second mg!! P.s I would also love the trying for my little bro!!

  178. You didn’t show it but the neck on the Qubeley also moves, allowing it to look almost straight up.

    I may have to get that V2 next.

  179. Rg Wing looks dope!

    Hope i will win for once! 😀

  180. I have recently found the great hobby of gunpla and love watching you guys. I have learned so much from watching and thanks to this episode finally searched out a specific kit. Cant wait until my qubeley revive comes in!

  181. Hint hint: without giving away too much of a spoiler the new mobile suit, MS A, in IBO is a mobile suit we have already seen in previous episodes. Last I recall in the last episode, its armor was removed and was being rebuilt.

  182. Welcome back guy’s!!!! Another great episode. Looking forward to episode 200.

  183. Mg Gelgoog, sure!

  184. Guys im going to keep asking this for the rest of the year till you do it Top 10 gunpla not limited to any grade please. Mg gelgoog oh yes please

  185. is it just me or does the rg wing gundam look exactly like the wing gundam ver.ka.

  186. I recently caught up with all of the episodes…only to find out that the Millennium Falcon and the Mallard are still works in progress. Maybe you guys should race to see who can finish it first.

  187. Gunpla is freedom. Well said Todd. The RG Wing looks great. As always, a great episode! Thanks Todd, Ryan, and Syd.

  188. MG Gelgoog 2.0!

  189. I hope you guys have a Gelgoog day.

  190. This gelgoog frame looks sweet !

  191. Ep. 200 is coming, I can’t wait! 😀

  192. I hope I win the MG Gelgoog!! I loved building the 2.0 Zaku and Gouf!

  193. SIEG ZEON

  194. Already had an MG Wing Zero EW.. However, still tempted to get the RG.. :-0

  195. homemade tacos obviously.

  196. pick me!

  197. I would love to win the gelgoog

  198. That Tryon 3 looks really nice.

  199. can’t wait for the 200th episode

  200. Get your Crayon! Get your Crayon!

  201. Great episode as always guys! Would absolutely LOVE to get my hands on that Geloog!

  202. I would like to win the prize!

  203. C’mon RNG!

    I Believe!

  204. 🙂

  205. Gelgoog!!!!! FTW!!!! Glad to see you cuys are back ?

  206. Weeeeee. nope i didnt win

  207. I need a gelgoog in my collection!!!

  208. I would to build the gundam wing ew.

  209. Gimme the Gelgoog!!! please? 🙂

  210. I’ve been meaning to try the Gelgoog 2.0. I had a 1.0 ages ago and regret getting rid of it.

  211. nice episode… keep them coming

  212. Such a complicated mg.

  213. Another cool episode guys. I was wondering if you could show some option parts on the show? I would also love to win a gundam cheers.

  214. Another great episode as always!

    My question is: What other Hi-Res 1/100 models do you think will come out?

    Maybe the next one will by an RX-78-2?

  215. give me

  216. I believe you’re looking for the word “edutainment”: 🙂

  217. I’d love to add that gelgoog to my pile of mono eye kits I’ve gotten from y’all. Keep the hits coming!

  218. Qubeley is a great looking kit. I like it!
    Zeta is quite a strange anime in regards to the characters, but Ōkawara Kunio’s mecha are some of the best ever designed.

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