Jul 28

We did a two-hour Live Stream of the RG Z’Gok when it was released, and in that live event Syd encountered an issue with the feet. Not two minutes after we ran out of time for the stream, Syd figured out what the problem was. So we’re going to show it here, so others who are building this great kit don’t get stuck where we did. We also discuss the latest kit preorder releases from Gundam Reconguista in G and Gundam Build Fighters Try.

1-144 RG MSM-07S Char's Z'Gok by Bandai -6

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 RG MSM-07S Char’s Z’Gok
1/144 HGAW Gundam Airmaster
1/1000 Domelaze The 3rd
New Kits from Gundam Reconguista in G and Gundam Build Fighters Try


Gunpla TV


  1. Woo newbie here

  2. makes me want to buy this rg

  3. Gunpla helps me to destress. Freaking exams and such.

  4. Where do you get the Gundam posters? I need more Gundam posters. I need Gundam posters in general. Make Bandai sell these please. Especially that Unicorn HG boxart that’s in Star Wars style.

  5. I still remember building those very primitive kits when I was a kid. Back then, I didn’t know about model kit tools so I just twisted the pieces off the runners. XD

  6. I have yet to find a justice RG but Syd I have an idea and I wondered if you’ll help me support it it was thinking that if possible would you ever want a Hi Nu Noir gundam my idea is that exact model idea so if your on board Yay

  7. Hi Syd and Ryan great video as always =3 if I get to win the RG justice, I would sell in on ebay with a “DONE BY SYD” big and obvious XD
    Also where are the zoids guys? =) looking forward to see them on hobbylinktv again =))))))

  8. great episode as always!

  9. man that z’gok looks so amazing!! The sazabi ver ka I picked up from hlj many months ago (in fact when it was released i pre-ordered it before it was released and since I bought it, everything came to fall down like a puzzle on where gunpla wants to take me. You guys with your building of your gunpla and rambling on about the greatness about gunpla puts a massive smile on my face and makes me want ot build more and more!! Great job you guys on some nice livestreams, and more videos to come!

  10. great video yet again, wish i could make it to comic con to see the beast but not going to happen this year. That rezel would look great on my shelf with some custom colors btw

  11. Can’t wait for the Grimoire to be released!

  12. if i happen to win could i have the box signed by both of you guys? :p

  13. Great eps!!! Love the idea and suggestion.. Pls do more PGsss. Thanks.

  14. Lovely vid again, chaps.

  15. Always glad to see a new episode from you guys. Thanks for featuring a comment of mine in this episode. Seems like a nice week this week for giveaways. Hope I will be able to watch your live stream if you do one for the Hi-Nu.Ka

  16. So sad that every live was in the late night.

  17. Great episode Syd and Ryan. Might have to get the Z’Gok now and add it to my collection. Looks like a really fun kit to build. I would love to be able to win any of those prizes, all of those are great kits.

  18. Hi Syd and Ryan, nice vid! I went to the HLJ booth at comic con and met Scott as well as buying over $150 worth of kits including: MG Turn X, RG Z’Gok, RG Exia, 1/100 Gundam F90-II L type, and MG Jesta. Scott ended up giving me a Neo Zeong bag as I would have been unable to carry them myself.

  19. Hey guys i was wondering if you’ve heard from rrobbert184 recently? I really enjoy his reviews and I’m kinda of going through withdrawals

    P.S. Love the rg line and wouldn’t mind winning any of those kits!

  20. hope i win one of those rg seed gundams
    and good episode guys!

  21. Lovin that Reconguista in G poster behind Ryan ! I want one. Is it available at Hlj.com ?

  22. Thank you for another great episode keep up the good work I’m always looking forward to the show

  23. Hey Syd and Ryan. Love the show so far, the tips you make for kits helped me so so much and thanks to you Syd with your little tips and tricks saved one of my model kits, YOU ARE A SAVIOUR! And Syd, what do you think may be the next release from the Real Grade line? An Infinite Justice would be nice.

  24. Aahhh I missed the live event > <; *was busy at work. I hope next time I wont have much load on future live events. That RG Z'Gok looks nice. I wonder if they'll do a regular msm-07. Keep up the good work guys!

  25. So i probably won’t win so I’m going to ay something random

    Cheeseburger, Monkey cheese and SD Age FX.

  26. Great episode guys and great to know that Scott was able to go and meet some of the happy customers of HLJ.

  27. Really wish there was an MG Justice. I really like the more pointed angular design of the RG Justice legs and I have plans for a 1/144 kitbash, but it would be really cool to be able to do it in 1/100 as well.

  28. you guys are amazing for doing so many giveaways! keep up the great work!

  29. G-self! I think the concept is pretty cool actually. It does kind of remind me of the beginning Gundam for some reason.

  30. Another great video as always. Looking forward to the new HG kits like the G-Self and the Powered GM Cardigan. However, I’m most excited about the Reborn 100 Nightingale and the Hi Nu ver ka. Keep up the great work guys.

  31. Really hope they release the mgs of the previous build fighter suits as well as the upcoming ones too!

  32. you know, to me the freedom and justice look more appealing than the strike freedom and infinite justice, and aside from that, the rezel is totally my favorite mass production version of the zeta

  33. Hey i love your videos. Gunpla building has become a blessing in my life thanks to you guys. Keep up the good work.

  34. Just a suggestion, why not sign the kits that you’re giving away. It would be a great momento for we the fans of the show.

  35. Hey Syd and Ryan! keep these awesome videos coming. It’s something I look forward to each week. Also thanks for the heads up on the Z’gok feet, I’m sure it’ll save a few of us the headache.

  36. Hey guys,

    You made me laugh so hard.. Syd letting the Z’Gok fall right on it’s face!
    Now we know why it has a flat head, when it was a baby robot, Bender was his babysitter and let it fall on his head. LOL

    Ps, can’t wait for the live stream of the Hi-Nu. I was one of the lucky ones getting to pre-order it. Very curious how it looks!

  37. Always inspiring to watch u guys building gunpla. I always have the urge to build after watching an episode 😉

  38. I never won anything from you guys 🙁 I wish I could touch a model made by SYD.. lol.

  39. I just started building RG’s. I got the MKII and Destiny. Would love to win any of these prizes. Great episode, you guys are awesome.

  40. What’s up Syd, I’m building my first PG, Strike. Not painting it. Is it a good idea for me to dry brush it at armor area using ink from gundam marker?

  41. excellent work as always guys. That RG Z’gok is looking really nice? Think we’ll ever see the blue version? I think I might just have to pick this kit up and do a costum paint scheme on the outer armored. Keep up the good work guys!

  42. Great show! Love the RG line. Any idea what the next RG may be?

  43. Really love how far they have come with these designs. The Z’gok looks like a really fun build! Keep up the good work! Look forward to watching more.

  44. Those kits all look really cool. I hope I win one!

  45. Great episode as always guys! (prepare for a lengthy comment) I really wanted to thank you for all the effort you put into the show. I’ve always been into Gundam and had many toys and figures, but never got into the model side of it. But coming across this show got me hooked. I went through episode 1-140 ish within a week. In the 2.5 months I’ve been building I’ve done 19 kits. Even doing a custom Wing Zero Custom. Safe to say that you got me hooked! I also appreciate the giveaways you’ve been doing lately as well, I hope you guys keep up the good work!

  46. I want to build more RG in the future especialy when I saw the RG Z’Gok came out I really want to build it

  47. Hey guys nice show, i watched your last live stream like at 3am (could’t sleep). Anyway hope i can get my hands on those cool kits you give away.

  48. Wow. I think i’ll give the new RG Z’gok a shot for my first rg. What do you think?

    Keep up the great work, i love your vids

  49. Great show guys, would love to see more livestreams.

  50. I really wanted that Saber Fang :(, Dam random generator. Loved the Airmaster Preview, would have liked to see it completed and in flight mode. Thanks for the upload of entertainment and keep it up, wish you guys the best of luck. #ROTNS

  51. Sup guys when are we going to see more of the quebley sinanju stein kitbash? Also the justice is my favorite gundam ever!!!!!!!!

  52. Loved episode 153! Just finished my HG Gerbera-Tetra and am now working on my second HG kit since I got back from Japan last month, the HG MS-06 Zaku II. I just love the hobby more and more everyday. Hope I win that Freedom Gundam!

  53. Wangmaster likes the Airmaster

  54. Gunpla TV – 153 – RG Z’Gok! Gundam Reconguista in G and Build Fighters Try
    -setsuna likes Your Video. xD

  55. hello guys i really apreciated your job ,helps me a lot to select my gunpla in special the rg line thats wy i wanna to win any rg if i make it please may have signatures from you guys will be very importand for me.. kind regards

    ps. by the way i am very interested too now the next rg prototipe keep us on track.

  56. Wow I am looking forward to Build Fighters Try and all of there models look amazing.

  57. I love your videos I wait for them each week and I hope you two continue to make them

  58. Hey Syd and Ryan! Great episode guys, let me tell you that as a fan of the series, I never really liked the Z’Gok that much until I watched the live stream, I’m thinking about getting one now, specially since I prefer grunts suits better. Oh! that RG Justice is just what I need to advance further on my SEED collection xD, for some reason I was sure I had won something, guess that my New Type intuition failed me this time 😛

  59. Loving the RG line and looking forward to more unique designs by Bandai!

  60. dammit i missed the live stream :(, hope you guys do more!

  61. Hi Syd and Ryan,

    I really enjoyed this week’s episode. Please keep up the great work! It’s been 3 years now since I started building MG and RG Gundam kits and it’s been an awesome experience. Thanks for bringing back my love for Gunpla by posting videos and tutorials.

  62. Heya Syd and Ryan, great episode as always! Glad to see 2 of the giveaways are RG kits! After doing the RG Exia I feel it’s the most bang-for-buck grade out there. Any opinions about it? I would definitely give MG kits a try out there but sadly I have no more space around to display a 1/100 kit 🙁

    Just wondering how do you (Syd & Ryan) display your kits? Do you buy those glass cabinets (like those from Ikea) or just display them on shelves?

    Can’t wait for the next video!

  63. the Z’GOK is so cute ! wwwww
    man, i wan that freedom XD although i already gt my SF~

  64. Sugoi!

  65. Thanks for the tips on the RG Z’Gok, just got mine delivered from HLJ on Friday (along with about a dozen other kits) and I’m really looking forward to it.

  66. Woot another sweet show love the RG Z’Gok can’t wait to get one of my own.
    I was wondering if you guys think if they will ever do some Wing RG’s or what else Ban Dai might be coming up with ?? Keep up the good work and hope you guys keep making Gunpla TV.

  67. Give me Gunpla!

  68. I am interested in the RG Z’gok, thanks for giving some review details on thsi kit.

    As for the giveaway, I would be interested in the ReZEL.

  69. I bought a z’gok right after watching the steam, looking forward to building it myself.

  70. I can’t wait for Build Fighters Try. Beginning Gundam is one of my favorite MSes and it did not get that much screen time in Gunpla Builders Beginning G. So I will be looking forward to getting the newest version as soon as the series starts.
    Question time: What’s your opinion on the RE/100 line coming up? I think it LOOKS cool, but I feel 8,640Y is a bit too steep for that model.

    • Don’t you think 6000 JPY is a bit too much for the 1/144 Kshatriya Repaired too? The Nightingale is a 1/100 and already the size of the suit itself is a lot bulkier than the Kshatriya, not to mention the scale. There will be a lot of plastic in that PG size box buddy. If anything I’d say the price is pretty low compared with the amount of hype this suit had for a very,very long time coming out as a $500+ resin kit only. So for a lot of the fans of this guy it would be a world of change and finally a way they could own this monster. Put it right next to the new Sazabi and these two would be some of the most iconic suits in the past 10 years or so. Somewhat overshadowed only by the Beargguy San of course.

  71. i like that Powered GM, also i want that RG freedom…

  72. Hey guys. Really liked the show. My girlfriend just broke up with me yesterday, and watching your videos on the hobby I love cheered me up a good bit. I’m waiting on my mg exia to get here and am excited to be building it. If I could win one of these it would be nice. I have built the rg justice twice , but neither of them were mine so I never got to keep it even though I actually liked the build. But I’d love any of them. As always, keep up the good work.

    • Also, previously, I had bad luck on eBay and lost a lot that had the mg sazabi. And my guitar broke the same day. Maybe my luck will change?

      • Wow that’s a serious run of bad luck. But Gunpla is great hobby to help forget your troubles for a while, ay?

        Don’t even bother worrying about a girl breaking up with ya, it just means that the RIGHT girl is still to come and you have all the fun that comes with falling in love to look forward to.

  73. Great episode cannot wait to build the RG Z’gok. Keep up the good work guys.

  74. ace said on July 28, 2014

    G on recon….WHAT???..anyways nice episode guys…just hingkin about it when was the last time i built plamo??? oh well…job job job. keep up the episodes coommin…..

  75. i just started doing gunpla this year. i’ve built 5 master grades already, and didnt have any problem while building them. do you think i will be ready to build a perfect grade?

    • It’s no rocket science. You have the plastic which you cut out and your set of instructions. I mean, if you’re old enough to write and read, and obviously you are, you won’t have any troubles building any kit from the Gundam universe. Snap-fit kits are easy and forgiving/rewarding and if you’re not painting, weathering, customizing etc etc and doing just a straight out-of-the-box build it’s a piece of cake. Bear in mind though that a PG will probably take a day to build, if you’re cleaning all your pieces perfectly, if not more than that.

    • Yeah go for it man! PG is a bit pricier so it can be a risk if you aren’t confident, but you’ve done 5 MG’s so i think you’re more than ready.

      Good luck man, post us some pics when you’ve done it!

  76. I am very happy I found your channel on YouTube. It is the reason I got into Gunpla recently. I have only built 3 kits so far but I am enjoying it very much and plan on building many more. I look forward to your videos every week. Keep up the great work.

  77. Just love the timing of these videos ,I wake up ,make myself a cup of tea and enjoy your show. Is it me or is the shield of the G-self sporting a frowny face ? Probably from looking at the backpack – it worsens the kit by a lot.

    Keep up the great work guys ! 😉

  78. Dat Rezel.

  79. First, we have the Exia, and now we have this kit. The 3 fingers claw do look like the leg of the Exia Dark Matter though. Do you think Bandai would combine these part to make a RG Exia Dark Matter?

  80. I hope they release a rg nu gundam soon. That would be amazing to see and bulid. As well as a rg sazabi and RPG unicorn gundam. I really I hope I can win a gundam kit.

  81. I wonder if we’ll see a different RG between the RG Char’s Z’Gok and the inevitable Mass Production Z’Gok. Maybe an Infinite Justice will show up?

  82. I love watching your videos guys. I started watching from about episode 130 and thought it was awesome, so I went back and watched from episode 1 all the way to this one! Keep up the good work! I’m 18 and I started Gunpla like 5 years ago, but I had to throw away all my collections for certain reasons… I started again a few months ago and have 6 kits now. I love the Unicorn Gundam and plan on expanding my collection! I appreciate all the hard work and look forward to future videos!

  83. I’m hoping for more MG Gundam X kits. Come on MG Leopard.

  84. These new captcha thingies are hard damnit! I had to whip out my calculator! eight x …. = 1386
    If you’re reading this that means that I’ve won. Yaaay!:D

  85. Hey Syd you think bandai is going to release an rg wing gundam or a rg burning gundam seeing how the main protagonist in build fighters is a version of the burning gundam?

  86. RG Z’Gok looks pretty awesome. Might get myself one next time. And keep up the good work.

  87. really cool show guys, I like the zgok but I seriously want to know what the next rg is gonna be. do you guys have any idea when they’re gonna announce it?

  88. Nice episode, I secretly wanted the strike freedom RG to be given away also but anything is better than nothing. Will there be give away on the gunpla posters by any chance?

  89. Another fantastic show.

    Firstly, Is that Airmaster the old tooling of the old kit I had many years ago or a whole new kit designed from scratch. I hope they do the Airmaster Burst as well.

    Secondly, is there anyway you can prominantly advertise each livestream with a time and date. That’s two I’ve missed now and unless I’m stuck at work I’d love to join in on the fun as would many others.

    Thirdly, What were you drinking? I don’t want to put you off it forever but it kinda looked like what I found in my baby’s diaper 🙂 Kidding.

    Keep up the great work and I hope there is a review of the new zeta kit in the future

  90. Love everything that you do! I have the RG Strike Freedom and would love to add more to my collection 😀

  91. Nice episode again! I like the look of the Gundam Airmaster 🙂

  92. Joe said on July 28, 2014

    Great episode! I still remember the very first time I ordered from HLJ over 10 years ago! I ordered about a dozen and a half 1/144 HG kits from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz. I ordered them just before they were released in the U.S. and I saved a bunch of money vs buying them locally at an “unnamed chain store”! I’ve been a loyal customer ever since, even when the currency rate was skewed against the USD. I always get such great service and orders have always been accurate a fulfilled quickly!

    Wish I lived closer to Cali. I would have loved a picture with that Neo Zeong.

  93. Really liked seeing the RG Z’Gok! I’ve still got my RG Exia in it’s box, gotta get around to building that, but I’ve already ordered my Z’Gok and am really looking forward to building it! Glad to see that the RG frame for it works well!

  94. Hey Syd and Ryan.

    Some episodes back, you did a comparison of the Ver Ka Sinanju and the OVA Sinanju. I was wondering if you plan to do a Comparison video of the Ver ka Hi-Nu and the MG Hi-nu. Even if they are years apart, it would be nice to see them side by side to note the differences in the kits.

    2 seconds!

  95. Great episode gents. Looking forward to building my RG Z’Gock. It’s definitely something different than the usual humanoid type MS. And I hope to win one of those sweet RG’s

  96. Great show as always guys, keep it up. I hope to win the rg justice, the justice is one of my all time favorites.

  97. Great episode!
    hopefully getting my first RG gundam this week, First gundam or what it now is called. So excited and it will be really fun to try out this kind of kit 🙂


  99. nice episode like always, and very nice giveaway prizes 😀 i also have a question: do you know when are the kits from gundam seed stargazer will be back on stock? because they are on back ordered since May.

    thank you

  100. Loved that new Z’Gok. Never seen the show before or bought a RG kit, but will definitely be tuning in and watching future episodes as well as grabbing this for my first RG kit! Thanks for the episode and info! Keep it up!

  101. Awesome episode guys, keep up the good work. hope to get the rg freedom to accompany my rg justice!

  102. I’m really looking forward to what the next RG Bandai will announce. Looking at their release pattern, they might be revisiting the Seed or 00 series next, but I’m just hoping for a RG Hyaku Shiki somewhere in their schedule in the near future.

  103. Nice episode cant wait to get my zgok…i love rg’s im looking forward for th rg freedom tnx

  104. If bandai chose too they could make a z’gok E experiment from that frame of the rg z’gok, its not too much different, heck new accessories would be an incentive to buy!

    Wonder what the next rg may be…

  105. i hope i get the justice because my freedom needs a friend Thnks ;)))))

  106. Wow the RG Zgok inner frame is very impressive. I have couple of RG and bandai is improving their RG line 1 kit after another. great episode guys. thanks for the show

  107. Cannot wait for Ryan to build the 1/1000 space battleship yamato kits. The life built is fantastic and I watch it.

  108. That Z’Gok looks good, just might consider getting it. Anyway great job with the videos guys! Keep it up!

  109. Nice episode as usual guys. Wasted I missed the Live stream of the Z’Gok. Hope there will be another live stream coming up soon. Won’t mind to win one of the RG’s.

  110. Im all for the speed battle build of that battleship. Ryan said 10 minutes. Syd 20. The losers drinks the next potion ^^

  111. Pg justice and freedom !? Pinch me i must be dreaming 🙂

  112. hi guys!
    A newcomer here, I recently came to gunpla world and love it!
    I’ve been watching many episodes of gunpla tv and building a kit at the same time, learning a lot in the process.
    already 7 in my shell and it keeps growing!

    Thanks for the great show, keep it going.

  113. that z-gok is starting to grow on me. cool design and gimmicks! just got myself a bunch of HG Seed kits from HLJ, namely the four stolen GAT-X series: Duel, Buster, Blitz and Aegis and would very much want to win that RG Justice to add to the Seed line. it’d be an excellent finishing touch 😀 looking forward to future episodes and more power to you guys.

  114. Awesome episode. First time watching on a mobile phone coz i am abroad on holiday, but ofcourse i dont wanna miss a single episode. Keep it up :p

  115. cannot wait for a new episode!!!

  116. Nice episode again 😀 come on, hope to win something this time round, especially the justice. I love justice!! i want it so bad T.T!!!! i want justice!

  117. I wish next RG is Gouf

  118. Oh i love RG! Got 5 RG, lucky i dont have the one you are giving away 🙂

  119. Dope

  120. Neat RG, and great show as always guys 🙂

  121. I’m really looking forward to the new build fighters try when it comes out, i hoping that we get a custom unicorn of some form or i’d take a jesta modifaction

  122. need some RG love, my RG Exia is lonely 🙁

  123. like the ep, Gundam G-Self make me the of strike Gundam just like syd said

  124. Hey guys, enjoyed another great episode!
    Even though the show is supposed to be about gunpla and other hobby models, I still want to see you guys eating natto!

  125. I LOVE IT! (the RG’s)

  126. Hi Syd and Ryan, Great show as usual!
    Syd, you sure like “Gogo no kocha” as you were drinking it on Neo Zeong live build. keep up the great work guys!

  127. Gundam Reconguista in G is gonna be… interesting.

  128. great episode as always. very funny and relaxing. thanks Syd and Rian. the gives away are becoming better and better 🙂

  129. This show is the best! Love those RG kits. They’re like mini 1:1 scale gundams

  130. Zomg i was just thinking about buying the RG Strike Freedom and Justice Gundams so praying i can just get one of them for free, also love youg uys keep doing what you doing!

  131. I want those RGs!!!!!

  132. Great show guys.

    Im hoping that the next rg is something from 00 or the zz i would love to see that.

  133. What’s up guys, great episode as always! Better than watching tv!
    Just finished putting together the RX-121-2A advanced hazel. Now I’ve just have to figure out what color combination to paint it and what extra details to add to it and what not. I’m going order the Hobby Japan magazine that comes with the Caletvwich custom kit for the Astray kit now that it’s on sale @ HLJ. I know it’s an old kit but still looks pretty threatning and awesome especially when I add the multiweapon to it! what do you guys think?

  134. i really love how they designed those RG kits, they do feel like machines.

  135. Nice episode as always. It was nice to see the livestream building of the Z’Gok

  136. Another great episode, thanks again.

  137. Thanks for the great episode. I hope in the future we will see som RG kits from the wing series!

  138. Hi Syd and Ryan, great episode as always! The inner frame of the RG Z’Gok looks awesome and especially the the arms and legs. To bad the there is only one 3-clawed hand for each kit :(. Also the new G-self looks cool to me. The torso adn shoulders look awesome. Although the backpack looks similar to the Aile Striker pack which kinda throws me of. Anyways, I would love to win one of those kits! C’mon Random Number Generator!!!

  139. damn, i did not win jehuty ;/ any way like always good show guys, great way to start a new week ;3

  140. I want to win the rg justice and freedom!!!!!!!

  141. Man this show is amazing!my first kit was the red frame astray, and now it’s my mission to get every version. Have you done this with a specific character sid.

  142. Thanks for the episode! I also found your store (and gunpla in general) through your Youtube channel, at first through through model building tutorials. Then I was looking at tips for military models, but now I’m a happy owner of a dozen gunpla, and finally began a painting and weathering project with the Thunderbolt Zaku I!

  143. Great episode now I know what to do with the Z’GOK’s feet before i build it.

  144. OJ said on July 28, 2014

    Bring on the RG goodness!

  145. Hi guys, great episode just like all the other 152 episodes plus the specials. I want to congratulate you for all the awesome work you done this far and I hope you keep doing this for a really long time. This is my first commet I post on Gunpla TV, because I sing up just recently, but I watch you from the very first episode! Anyway I just want to tell you guys and all the team in HLJ, a big thank you for all the great ideas that come up with and keep up the good work. Also I want to ask Ryan one think. Can you show us all the big stuff you build together, included the Neo Zeong, please!!!

  146. Yay, new episode in time for the Raya Holidays. ! XD btw mind snapping a picture of the HLJ Gunpla collection ?

  147. This video make me want to buy all the rg line LOL

  148. I spent at least the first 10 minutes admiring the new posters!

  149. Really enjoying the help that you guys give with the RG’s really can’t wait to see what the next one is.

  150. awesome kits i wonder if they would released a PG freedom even though we got a 1/60 non grade version.

  151. Makes me wanna order an RG now.

    Question 1: Do you think the new Hi-Nu Version Ka. will feature a psycho-frame?
    Question 2: any possibility that you will sell that sweet HWS armor online exclusive?

  152. great show guys.

    I do my RG’s in a flat coat only as well i like the plastic colors as the are.

  153. Can’t wait for my RG Z’Gok to arrive this week! (hopefully)
    I prefer UC kits for the most part..but a free Seed RG?!.. why not!:)

  154. Great show, keep up the good work.

  155. You guys are just beyond hilarious, I can’t stop laughing, My parents think i am crazy because I am laughing at the computer screen. I’ve been after the RG Justice Gundam for so long. I hope it will be in my possession sooner or later. Keep up the good work. Look Gunpla TV. You just wait guys, when I get old enough I’ll purchase one of every Gunpla kit that has ever been released. I know, Small boy with big dreams. Oh well.

  156. I wish they would hurry up and make 1/100 RG’s already!

  157. I wonder where we can get the posters behind you?
    Also, thanks for your hard work !

  158. Great show as always. I could not figure out the RG stand for the Gundam MKII, at least the Z’Gok one looks really simple.

  159. Ray said on July 28, 2014

    Hi Syd and Rye…
    Thanks for the tips on Z’Gok’s foot…
    I really love the RG lines and I hope Bandai will consider to release Wing Gundam series…
    By the way Syd, please notify me immediately when you decide to change your mind and give me the yellow Sinanju… 😀
    Thanks for the show Syd and Rye…

  160. do you think there would be new MG for G gundam? burning gundam preferably 😀

  161. Cannot wait for the new gundam build fighters anime.

  162. YAAAAAAAY! Rg Justice 🙂

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  358. great show as always guys. hope I could get one of those RG ^0^ .. just one question guys. I already preordered the MG Hi Nu Ver ka and the RE nightingale at Hlj.com..could you give me one of those posters that certainly would came with it. Cheers guys and keep up the video as Gunpla TV is the one that brought me back into the world of modelling..cheers guys

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    Also, my Gunpla shelf is starting to look very “white” since I’ve started building Gunpla again, could you guys recommend any suits to build that aren’t your typical lead character colors? Preferably an MG list of must haves kits on your shelf of non white armor suits.

    • Why not try a Titans suit, lovely navy blue all over. The Epyon has a cool colour scheme too and the MG version is fantastic!

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