Sep 8

We weren’t able to fully assemble the 1/100 MG Hi-Nu Gundam Ver.Ka during the Live Event but we are back in episode 156 to show off the finished kit (minus all those decals). Enjoy another Bandai MG masterpiece!

1-100 MG Hi-Nu Gundam Ver.Ka by Bandai-3

Kits featured in this video:

1/100 MG Hi-Nu Gundam Ver.Ka
1/48 Type 98 AV Ingram
BB Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex


Gunpla TV


  1. I would like to win the HG buster gundam if I have any chance. Peace out and I hope I win this time

  2. that MG Hi nu looks awesome ! great show as always syd n ryan !

  3. hi syd n ryan ! i think i’m gonna get that hi nu ver ka ! great fast build syd !

  4. hi syd and ryan ! can’t wait for the live build for nightingale !

  5. i don’t have a ver ka yet, i think i’ll get hi nu for my first. love theshow as always syd n ryan !

  6. i hope i win this time… lol

  7. VerKa kits always seem to get better and better, where do you think they’re headed next? Also, I can’t wait to see the Reconguista anime and kits!

  8. I wondered why bandai decided to release a new hi nu ver. Ka, since the last one looks pretty good, if you guys have time to build the original MG hi nu, maybe you guys can us the differences and improvements.

  9. pleas do the hi-nu’s waterslides and bring it back on the show.

  10. g’day fellas
    always enjoy see some gunpla action, any idea when bandai usually announce their big december release kit?

  11. winning comment #1 !~

  12. that hi-nu is so cool and awesome. great kit and great show.

  13. You guys are the great, I’m so jealous of your guys jobs.

  14. Great to see the Hi-Nu is able to stand up, plus the third leg on this is a whole lot more subtle than the MG ReZel type C.
    Are you able to use the fin funnels on that stand part while not airborne? That’d be really cool as my display space is shrinking by the kit.

  15. Good God! That kit looks awesome! I might consider buying one!

  16. Great episode as always!!
    Hi-Nu look so cool but too bad HWS is P-Bandai Exclusive only. i’m sure Hi-Nu will look even badass with those on

  17. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………thanks for the eps again and again.. took my time to watch all 156 eps of them. Thanks again. Still trying to win something from you guys.. hence.. the post..

  18. Love the Hi-Nu review. I think this was one of the best reviews you did! Hope there will be more review like this.

  19. Where is the MG Akatsuki?

  20. I cant wait for my hi nu ver ka too! Excellent episode as always!!

  21. i got this! thanks. KUTGW

  22. As usual another awesome episode guys! I was debating on weather or not to buy the HI-NU ka but now I’m definitely buying one! Keep up the good work!
    Also , while you guys are at the Tokyo game show , could you please look for some pokemon and kingdom hearts 3 for me?

  23. Nice video guys,
    Do you know when will bandai announce the next RG?

  24. I’d like to win the RGM-79c. Now I want more grunt suits in my collection than HG Unicorns. Great show guys, as always. And top coating in a rainy weather is always a bad idea… Tried twice on different occasions to rush it. Worst decision ever… Lol

  25. Wow can’t wait to see a new grade from Gundam. i wonder what it look and how to build those kit from Re/100 grade on NIGHTINGALE!!!! Unboxing and build it on live stream i will definitely watch it!!! Cheer Syd and Ryan From your fan in Cambodia!

    • Some japanese gunpla blogers already got their kits.
      Some even timed their build time. It took them above 3 hours.
      So Syd and Ryan will have to beat that record on the live stream ^^

      @Syd. You promised to have the led unit for the Hi Nu review episode and you forgot about it. Bring it for the Nightingale live stream since it looks like it uses one based on the head construction.

  26. Uh, that Hi-Nu looks sexy!
    Also looking forward to the Ingram. Looks way better than the old MGs.

  27. Just finished the beloved Sazabi ver Ka as my first ver ka kit. I think my next ver ka will be the new Hi-Nu. Any thoughts?

    As always, love your shows, keep it up.

  28. that BB Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex looks cute but deadly XD
    nice show as always keep it up

  29. hi-nu’s inner frame should be coloured in silver and gold ~ it will feel very nice XD
    ~ SYD and RYAN , you two should make an army of GMs~ MORE GMS!

  30. Great episode as always guys! Have you guys heard about RG Dynames?

  31. The Hi-Nu just looks really cool. Still waiting for the big announcement of Bandai for December! Hope I win the GM or the Buster!

  32. that Hi-Nu look awesome

  33. Nice ep guys

  34. Gotta love waking up and eating your breakfast while watching Gunpla TV. Great episode and very nice seeing the Hi Nu. Also very glad to see you giving away my favourite GM, now to hope I can win them!

    Keep up the good work!

  35. Just when I thought I was done with this hobby, you guys reignited my interest with the hi-nu.

  36. Wow, this Hi-Nu really looks amazing! o_o
    I wanted to build a Hi-Nu for so long but never did… Guess now I have no other option than to buy and build one!
    But, the Astray Blue Frame D already stole its spotlight. I don’t know, if I’ll buy them together but the Astray will be built first!
    Also I was wondering if there’ll be a MG Exia Dark Matter at all. It’d look so great… :/

  37. Hey, nice, they took my comment and ALSO pronounced my name right. Thanks for the clarification, guys. Looks like I’ll need to invest in a can of gloss.

    Obligatory “I would like one of these giveaway kits” comment.

  38. Great ep as always guys!
    Really interested to see what kits ( if any..) Bandai will release this winter.
    i’m rooting for a PG- Bigger is ALWAYS better!
    I would also like to see some new 00 kits as it was my favorite series, but that isn’t going to happen 🙁

  39. I hope I win at least once. LOL

  40. Gosh these guys are the number one contributors to my empty bank account ;P

  41. great episode guys hope to see more seed kits shown thanks for the episode

  42. yeah new ep by syd and ryan ….have u guy review Gundam assault kingdom set??

  43. I think someone is in love with the Hi-Nu v.KA 😀 Understandable it`s an amazing kit ,although too white for my liking.
    Great ep. as always ,keep it up…or else we`ll take your Hi-Nu away

  44. Tokyo game show is confirmed to announce new Kingdom Heart 3 info. Do you two like Kingdom Hearts? I know its a love or hate thing. I’m so jealous you guys get to go. Great show guys. I hope I win something. That would be neat. :3

  45. Hi Syd. Good to see your Hi nu and look clean build. Cant wait to see you customised the hi nu. Please do one episode you customised the hi nu..and thank for the great episode. Now, is time for me to build my Hi nu I brought from you guy.

  46. I saw somewhere on facebook that the decals for the fin funnel of hi nu was torn i dunno what happened to it.. But anyway awesome episode again keep up the good job!!
    P.s I want one of those hobbylinkjapan shirts!! Can you sell some on the website?

  47. Great episode guys keep it up, also I can not wait to get the Hi Nu. Also are we getting a new perfect grade anytime soon?

  48. Another great episode. Watched with my little sister and now she’s asking for a SD. Thanks Guys!

  49. *throws hat in the ring*

  50. Wow Hi-Nu is pretty darn sharp, I might pick him up sometime this year or next

  51. Great episode guys! oh that gm tho 😉

  52. Been contemplating for awhile if I should pop on the expansion set when I eventually get my hands on it, what do you think about the overall look with it? Seems a bit too busy and bulky the more I look at finished builds from the hobby expos :\

    • The only reason I’d pick the expansion up would be for the fact that it’s Gentei stuff. Other than that, I think it just doesn’t look right. It’s like taking a Ferrari and making a monster truck version of it. It just doesn’t go right in my book. That huge shield is the most ridiculous thing in my opinion.

  53. Man I’m kind of upset I didn’t pre order the hi-nu when I had the chance lol. It’s a really nice looking kit. Great episode like always.

  54. Still waiting for a hg musha gundam…

  55. I would love to win anything I’m easy to please like that.
    FedEx still has two more days for my latest private warehouse load to arrive. So bummed that Nightingale got delayed! Combined shipping wouldve REALLY come in handy on Hi Nu, AND Nightingale (and Sentinel FAZZ)

  56. Not a big uc fan but that hi nu looks awesome! Great show guys, keep it up!

  57. Cool Seed kit giveaway. nice. I want to ask you when are the seed stargazer coming back in stock? I have strike noir ordered since may and it isn’t in stock yet. Thank you

  58. Ahhh what a great episode but i still hoping that you guys showing us the joints of the HI-NU but it still a great episode I’m really happy about it and the HI-NU gundam its a little bit different at the colour than the older one but i still like the colour of it and the features,gret episode guys!

  59. Nice Hi-Nu, guys!
    Keep the good work!

    Hope I win!

  60. I wish i had enough money to buy that big guy for myself.

  61. NIIICE!! 😀 keep up the great work

  62. Good. Game.

  63. Aaahhh… That Hi Nu is so beautiful… Thanks for all the good works guys….

  64. When I first saw the model of the MG Hi-nu ver. KA, I thought the proportions were a bit off, but seeing the kit on video it looks great!

  65. Great episode, the Hi NU is looking really good.

  66. THIS is the episode that made me decide to watch the anime until Char’s Counterattack to get even more psyched to build the Nu and Sazabi ver kas. Beginning G and Hi-Nu’s on my list too, but for now, I forsee a future filled with sideburns for me.

  67. Double kits!! I cannot resist. I have to comment and try to win.
    I’m already dreaming of doing a four legs Jim or a four arms (and cannons) Buster!!
    I know I will not win but I’m dreaming the same.

  68. I am gonna win win win and win!!!!

  69. GM master race.

  70. Double kits all the way! I would love the GM Type C’s or Buster Gundams for kitbashing!

  71. Great to see the Hi-Nu and how excited you were about it! I saw you guys had it for pretty cheap, only 5,600yen so I ordered it from HLJ just the other day! Really excited to get it along with the P-Bandai HWS!
    Any of the HG kits would be great for doing some custom builds! Hope to finally win!!

  72. nice show as always guys..but its saddened me that you didnt give enough love to the ingram. Mine already in the private warehouse but cant ship it out untill my nightingale arrive. Cant really wait for all my kits to arrive.

  73. Dat hi nu back looks to be similar to the nu ver ka.’s which lead me to think that i can use the nu’s backpack full of funnels and put it to the hi nu’s. Pretty interesting. Haha. BTW great episode!!

  74. Ah loving that Hi Nu ver Ka. Can’t wait to build mine. Quality episode as always. You guys are pretty much my go to guys for gunpla thank you so much.

  75. Hi guys,
    Thanks for posting the show. Great show.
    Live stream on Friday is a good idea.
    The blue frame astray looks cool!
    SD Fenix…..

  76. The hi nu looks awesome. But i kinda like the blue on the older mg kit better.

  77. I ordered a Hi Nu ver Ka already and seeing this episode just makes me even more excited to get it =). Great episode as always!

  78. Hi guys. Nice episode as always. always can’t wait for the next episode. I would love to win the GMs or Strike Freedom

  79. that thing is so big for an MG. awesome work on the live stream, snapped that thing together in no time. Can’t wait for the Nightengale!

  80. Great episode as always guys, I woke up at 5 in the morning and this helped wake me up (and some coffee). Those Buster Gundams would be good for some kitbashing…

  81. If Syd is going to build another MG kit, I don’t mind seeing it half done (one side with armor, the other just inner frame). Aiming for the Busters!!

  82. it looks sexier than the already superb MG Hi-Nu, and a big deal breaker I immediately switched my Hi-Nu wishlist after seeing this

  83. Hey Syd & Ryan! love your show! any chance we will see kotobukyia high end master model of Z-Knight on the show???

  84. I’m definitely gonna grab a Hi-Nu Gundam after seeing it here. Great show guys.

  85. Hi Syd and Ryan,

    As I know you like to hear this, I watched all your episodes 4 times!!!
    To be honest, at episode 40 I had some doubts about Ryan joining the show. But it turned out to be fabulous. First of all in getting to see new things taught to him. And then all the funny dialogeus between the two of you. It helped giving the show that more joy to watch.

    As for the Hi-Nu, I received it in the mail last Thursday, as you guys filmed the show. I have to build an other MG first, but after that I will be building the Hi-Nu. Going to attempt to airbrush the Fin-Funnels in the faded look the water-slides are in.
    Please make a group for the Hi-Nu on the blog, this way we can share our Hi-Nu’s and get and give inspiration to each other.

    Happy building to all

  86. Just started making Gunpla and think your show it great and just want all the kits!! 😛

  87. Another awesome show guys. The Hi Nu Gundam is looking sweet.

  88. Great show as always guys! Seeing the completed Hi Nu has pushed it to the top of my buy list hopefully I can pick it up soon.

  89. This is a comment and a question:
    Q: if you were trying to get a friend into the world of gunpla how would you sell it to them?
    C: That Hi Nu gundam is a beaut (those legs are sexy) but i cant help but feel that something is missing from it.

  90. That SD phenex…might make a good base for a custom.

    F.A unicorn gundam type B anyone?

    Also now that we have hi nu ver ka (best gundam is now THE best gundam) what would be the next ver ka?

    Would bandai dare try nightengale despite the re:100, or…maybe gundam nt-1 alex?

    I’d so get alex if that happens…or an rg would be nice

  91. Hey Sid & Ryan! The Hi-Nu looks great, but I might not get it for a while as I discovered with the MG Sazabi Ver. Ka that loads of Waterslides are not my strong suit. I ended up having to go on ebay and buy a new decal sheet for it.

    Personally, I’m hoping the big december release will be a PG Unicorn with a light up Psycho Frame or a PG Regenerate Gundam. Bandai’s done kits of mobile suits with 2 forms, why not try one with 3 now for a new perfect grade?

    Keep up the good work! I’m excited to see what happens with the Nightingale.

  92. I bought the Hi nu ver.ka 😀 it is a damn fine kit and just as sexy as the sazabi and nu gundam, will have to get the nighting gale too 🙂

  93. btw which new hg kits do you guys look forward to the most?

  94. Awesome Episode Syd and Ryan, It was fantastic too see the sexy Hi-Nu all completed I actually feel asleep watching the live stream and wasn’t able to see past the backpack, maybe I’ll I have to take nap in the afternoon so I’ll be pumped for the next live stream. Looking forward to seeing the videos of the all japan hobby show, and as always keep up the stellar work. Go Hi-Nu!!! 🙂

  95. Great video, can’t wait to see the Nightingale live stream.

  96. Double Gundam. Double Rainbows. 😀

  97. That’s a lot plastic you guys are giving away this week. Great Episode guys and can’t wait to see that Nightingale the new line has me all excited!

  98. can’t wait to see that Nightingale

  99. So it’s funny if you don’t look at the video and get into the part where you describe the skirt armors.

  100. The Hi-Nu is looking amazing, can’t wait to see it next to your completed Nightingale on your live stream.

  101. Hey Syd! Are you going to put decals on your Ver Ka? The decals on the wings looks intriguing.

  102. I’ll just sadly continue to build my ‘ole original MG Hi-Nu…
    At least it doesn’t have deformed legs, I suppose.

  103. Gonna hold out on believing that Bandai’s going to do a MG kshatriya for December.

    Please bandai; all of my money.

  104. awesome! can’t wait to get this guy in my mitts 😀

  105. Any gundam would be good

  106. Great review for the Hi Nu. Ended up ordering it from hlj after watching this.

    The weight of the backpack and fin funnels is concerning though, hopefully the joints are strong enough to support them.

    Heavy backpacks often become floppy with time, best example being the 1/100 Astray Blue Frame’s tactical arms backpack. The wings/blades on my Astray are now so loose to the point where the backpack is unusable.

    Fingers crossed the Hi Nu doesn’t suffer from this.
    Looking forward to receiving my Hi Nu and start building this.

    • Just a reminder that these kits are made primarily as a shelf material where you would move them once or twice a year, if even that often. The joints wouldn’t go floppy if you’d use them as intended. For more playability I’d suggest Robot Damashii line with more sturdy limbs, joints and whatnot.
      I own an MG Red Frame and all I can say is that after a complete paint job, weathering and whatnot, the huge sword mode of tactical arms is as stiff as a rock.

  107. they should’ve shown the nu side-by-side with the hi-nu for comparison

  108. Great episode, like always 🙂

  109. I’ve always preferred the Hi Nu design over the Nu, but both of the recent ver. Ka kits look amazing!

  110. Love the Hi Nu. Love the new look of the Astray. Do you know when a new RG kit will come out?

  111. love the show! great work. love to win the GM this time please: )

  112. Very nice review syd! The Hi Nu gundam looks great! Its my 1st time to comment on your blog but I am a old fan since episode 1 🙂 keep it up!

  113. nice episode! 🙂 will you be doing a comparison with the old hi-nu?

  114. Have you guys heard of the mecha anime Aldnoah.Zero? If you haven’t you should definitely watch it as the mecha designs are pretty damn awesome! Do you guys think that they’ll ever get plamo releases? Great show as usual guys! 😀

  115. Great show hi-v looks awesome. Can’t wait to see it decaled up.

  116. Syd. The front skirt isnt a gimmick. Those are just the attachment points for the HWS system parts.

  117. Another great show, guys. Love the looks of the Hi-Nu. Keep up the good work. You featured my comment 😀 Whoo! Also, any of those kits would be awesome to win!

  118. I have all away thought the buster gundam is one of the better looking gundams hey Sid what do you think is the best looking gundam long time fan I value how to videos which T help me out tremendously when I first Started putting kits together much love guys thanks

  119. I’m so jealous of the posters behind you guys !

  120. Hi Syd and Rye…
    I’ve just saw an official gundam website, and it features an HWS for MG Hi Nu Gundam…
    Could you maybe give us a review for the MG Hi Nu with the “extension kit” installed???
    Rye, when will you build another kit for us???
    and Syd, I’m still waiting for your yellow Sinanju to be a member of my household hehe…At least please show us your yellow Sinanju on the future episode…
    Mr random number generator, I summon thee…

  121. Wow those are really great gundpla kits i hope i get to win one. Also today ep was really cool and i hope to see more new MG and HG. have a nice week ^_^

  122. One of my favorite mobile suit. I like to add this kit to my collection. Stay awesome guys and thanks for a good episode 😉

  123. I hope someday i could build the the MG Hi Nu

  124. Just in it to win it this wk

  125. It’s quite annoying that Hi Nu is a bit shorter than Nu, Otherwise the kit looks awesome.

  126. Will you notice me now Senpai?

    • Consider yourself noticed by senpai — but you’re still at the mercy of the giveaway like everyone else. 😛

  127. Buster!

  128. I just received my Hi Nu Ver Ka today. The thing is a beauty and a beast. I honestly won’t build it any time soon. I got it because I saw that creepy “Low Stock” label. I panicked and I bought one.

  129. Hello,nice episode as always! 🙂 keep’em coming!

  130. OH MY GOD!! The high nu is kind of fat,but still want to build that.

  131. Ya meeen!

  132. Epic episode I’m try to build one

  133. Yet another great episode.

  134. that MG Hi nu looks awesome ! great show as always syd n ryan !

  135. Great show guys…can’t wait to buy the hi nu…

  136. Great episode as always guys!

  137. Sup guys! Can you guys adopt me?

  138. love the Hi-Nu gundam, What colors would you paint your Hi-Nu Gundam? I’ve been wanting to do more customs band was hoping to see what idea more experienced builders and painters come up with for the hi-nu.

    • Make it red for 3 times faster.
      Ok joking aside. It has almost a perfect color scheme apart from the shield. You could change just the purple color to some other (but then you would have to paint the funnels and not use the waterslides for them). Changing the purple for black would look good, or red or green.

  139. Syd I too would love a Zaku 3.0 :'(

  140. hey syd and ryan! long time fan here, I just wanted to know about the new modle lines that are coming out like the re/100 is like mg and hg but what im most interested in is the new NXEDGE STYLE (MS UNIT)that is […]

  141. Awesome as usual! 8)

  142. I would love to win any of them! So I can continue to build experience as a novice gunplay builder

  143. I don’t care about winning those kits, but I just want to say you guys have really developed my interest in Gundams. You guys, along with Vegeta/Prime92/Rrobbert have been my gundam mentors, haha.

  144. hey syd and ryan, i was wondering if you knew a site to get replacement gundam parts. awesome episode like all ways.

  145. Wow great show as ever and iv found my self buying more and more kit lately between my intergration coures and working for a game review site i find model kit build relaxs me sorry for the awfull english :S heh

  146. I am loving that Hi-Nu. I may need to buy one. Its beautiful.

  147. 🙂

  148. I can’t stop drooling over the hi-nu, it looks sweeeeet. I’d love to win one of the prizes this week, as I really would like to do some custom paint jobs, but I’m too scared to have a go on my collection, so if I won one of the prizes then I could use one as a tester, and still have a back up. Thanks for the show guys.

  149. hope to win the buster but other than that, the MG Hi-nu looks fun to build but lacking a bit of articulation (maybe to me anyway)


  150. Wow! That is some awesome give – away! !! Really hope I can get that freedom! Good luck to everyone~

  151. Another awesome video syd and ryan! I was a bit doubtful about the hi-nu at first, but after seeing all its gimmicks i’m quite amazed by it. Please continue the awesome work!

  152. Hey guys great show as always, but hey just curious if you guys would know if kotobukiya is going to release anymore megaman model kits. I found out about them when they were discontinued, and now they’re super expensive, you think they’ll come out with any more??? Not any new but more of the existing ones???

  153. Working at HLJ seems to be pretty fun! 😀 Anyway keep up all the good work 😀

  154. Great show as always! Looking forward to the Gundam G-Self.

  155. Amazing as always guys. Really wanna get my hands on a hi nu ver ka after watching this

  156. The hi-nu gundam looks fantastic. i really need to get on that,

  157. Oh my gosh the giveaways is generous! Lucky for whoever wins those double kits haha!

  158. Wow! That hi nu looks really cool. Can’t wait to see the nightingale. Would love to win any if those kits. Do you think bandai is gonna release an updated hg wing zero custom as part of the all gundam project? Would love to see that. Great show as always.

  159. Really looking forward to the nightengale. I hope it’s not just a ramped up HG kit, but a kit between MG and HG in quality.

  160. I was really hoping to see the re/100 scale Nightingale.

  161. Love the Hi nu!! I hope I win!!

  162. I already have 4 kits on backlog but that hi-nu is very tempting to buy!

  163. Those freedoms would look great on my shelf!

  164. hi nu ver. ka looks cool. I like the blue frame astray d and am getting it soon.

  165. its really is a shame the Nightingale was delayed, i was really looking forward to seeing it built and how the inner frame works

  166. Love the look of the Hi-Nu, though I like it even better with the Heavy Armour extra you can get.

  167. gundam

  168. I’m really here for the GM’s, but as always, nice episode guys

  169. double kit madness has taken over the guys and i love it, hope i win i came so close this episode to winning. hope ur lives r going good and ur family’s r healthy. hoping i can buy the blue frame in nov. @syd did u say it didnt have its sword? later hlj

  170. That Hi NU looks amazing I have to get it. Great show and I cannot wait to see the live stream of the Nightingale.

  171. Hey nice kits, Im super excited for the Nightingale.

  172. I really want the Buster Gundams.

  173. Another good video and the gimmicks on the Hi-Nu are nice, though I’d detail the frame and thrusters if I was doing open hatch.

  174. That Astray was rad! Thinking of getting it and then replace the orange color with something more matching.

  175. The Hi-Nu Ver. Ka is so awesome. Though I personally prefer the original Nu design overall.

  176. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Hi Nu Ver Ka, and the new Blue Frame! Looking forward to the Live Stream of the Nightingale. As always great job on the show guys.

  177. i still feel hi nu gundam ka’s head is very small…but still look awesome. oh yeah finally you guys give away gm i am a big fun of gm , i want those gm type c!!!

  178. Any plans to do anymore LBX Danball Senki models? Some of the later ones look really good. And the Hyper line deserves some love.

  179. Great show again guys! I just caught up as well on all of the episodes. Speaking of that, in the early hundreds you both joked about doing something special for episode 160. Any chance you remember? It was early in the episode too. I can only imagine what would be next for the RG and MG line.

  180. I hope I win

  181. Nice episode guys. Love that Hi-nu gundam its awesome! looking forward to your TGS (gundam breaker 2!!) and all japan model hobby show episode.

  182. Hi Syd and Ryan. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the awesome content that you put out.

    I am new to Gunpla,(having received my first kit from a friend who hollidayed in Japan only a few weeks ago) and am really enjoying the model building experience.

    I was lucky enough to stumble across your show whilst perusing the internet and, after starting at episode one, have now finally caught up to the newer episodes. I was only planning on building the one kit and leaving it there but after watching the show i have since bought three more (two MG’s and an RG), multiple paints, effect parts etc. I’m sure that my bank balance hates you guys but i just can’t wait to start building!

    Your passion regarding this subject really shines through and has helped you gain another fan, not just of HLJ TV and, but of gunpla and model building in general. Thanks again and have an awesome day.

  183. Nice video guys I can’t wait to get my hi nu its was preordered a month ago i wish this one had the effect parts for the funnels like the old one did so I guess I’ll have to buy the extra funnels or you guys could give some away on the show and hope I win them

  184. The Hi-Nu ver.ka looks awesome but I kind of prefer the regular Hi-Nu. Great episode, I hope I win something 😀

  185. Fun and full of exciting info as always, I for one hope you guys will bring us some exciting news about new Gundam Games coming out in the future. I have been playing the Free to play Gundam Battle operations a lot though my internet makes it hard to play seeing its not officially open to Western PSN. Just recently got Mobile Suit Gundam Senki Record U.C. 0081 which has been a lot of fun. I really wish Bandai would sell these games in English again other then Gundam Musou/Dynasty Warriors.

  186. great episode again guys, I’m not to keen on the Hi-Nu’s looks but mechanically its definitely a master grade. Would love one of those kits too 🙂

  187. I alternate between wondering what the big end of year kits will be, and looking at my piles of kits and reminding myself that I should probably build some stuff before I buy anything.

  188. That “new hi-nu” smell. My goodness that’s a gorgeous bit of gundanium alloy at it’s finest!

  189. I’d love a GM for my stopmotion!

  190. Can’t wait to see the Heavy weapon system for hi-nu!

  191. Another great episode guys! I dont know if you have already answered this, but I was just wondering why HLJ doesn’t sell Premium Bandai Sets?

    Thanks for all the awesome episodes, and cant wait for more!

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  193. With Bandai releasing a new Tamagotchi this year it would be really cool to see Syd or Ryan play with one for a week and review it. I know I am interested to see it’s new features etc.

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