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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 19 – Super Custom Zaku & Thruster Masking Tutorial!

The next step of our HGUC Sinanju build concentrates on masking parts of the kit, specifically the thrusters and trim.  It doesn’t take any special tools or expensive materials to produce good results. All you really need is some concentration.

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  1. Hi Syd,looking at how you painted the eyes,I remembered that once I saw a fellow Gunplar using LED inside an MG gundam kit,making it look like the eyes are glowing.Can you make a tutorial about using LEDs in a gundam kit?

  2. What kind of black paint did you use? It’s an especific paint?


  3. I was wondering how do you do washes for 1/144 models when their panel lines can be pretty shallow some times.

  4. Cid thanks to show these techniques of finished to us to mainly mask the thrusters and trim, I am constructing to a model modified of zaku 2 HG 1:144 char’s custom which I am detailing so that it has finished similar to those of a model in MG and based on the series of Gunpla builders I began already it to modify, it will send the photos of the model and my advances to them. It would like me that Bandai could again send to the market the model Gouf Fly type since I never could obtain it.
    Thanks to give a space to show our works us.

  5. Great episode as always guys. Never thought about doing the eyes that way! Definitly somthing that will come in handy!

    Thanks again for the mention in your video. I really really appreciate it.

  6. Thanks for the tutorial, really appreciated! Looks like im getting rid of mg rx-78-2’s awful gold eye sticker! 🙂

  7. Great job Syd! It is really good to see you guys putting out these videos for those getting started with gunpla. And wow, another sale! i only just go my mg gouf custom and mg zaku 2 2.0 through the post! And i still have mg f91 from the sale before. My GF is gonna kill me but i really want mg ball 08th ms team version LOL. Keep up the great work. Maybe i’l put in some pics of hg gouf when i’ve finnished him. 😉

  8. It’s a good tip, Priza. I was thinking about that.

    Ohh, and I have to buy the Zaku II, it’s so cheap, but I had to pay ¥780 for the SAL ship…

    The EMS is so expensive for me… I’ll do some modifies in that Zaku II…

    Thanks Syd.

  9. Priza: If Syd or someone else doesn’t beat me to it (I am very slow!), I have been thinking of doing an electronics tutorial. Any thoughts on the types of things you’d like to see in it?

    • @ George you seem to be an expert on all things Gundam, it would be great to see you finally pump out a tutorial.

  10. Hi Priza,
    There’s many things we can show on Gunpla TV and a LED episode is something I would like to do, but for now, we don’t have one on the schedule yet. If someone out there wants to put one together and submit it, that would be fantastic. There’s lots of great modelers out there using LEDs.

    Hi Joao,
    I was using a Humbrol Black enamel with Humbrol enamel thinner to remove it.

    Hi shiro,
    I would do panel line washes on an HG the same way I would do an MG. However, if you think the lines are too shallow, you can always deepen them using a hobby knife or line scriber.

    Hi Andrew,
    Show me (and hobbylink.tv viewers) your Gouf!

  11. Awesome stuff! I always wanted to see how people gave their Sinanju that metalic finish. 🙂

  12. To Syd and everyone

    Is there any way to speed up the paint drying process or all natural is the only way?

  13. Syd the term you used here “paint” is using paintbrushes to paint? Or spray cans?

  14. Hi Yang,

    When I refer to paint it’s almost always the spray can. I used enamel and a brush for panel lines on this kit.


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