Mar 18

Syd’s pulling out a lot of plastic in this Gunpla TV episode, but it’s not from one of the bigger kits. It’s from the High Mobility Psycho Zaku from Thunderbolt Gundam! We’ve also got the latest Gundam Build Fighter MGs!

Thunderbolt Psycho Zaku-4

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HGBF Miss Sazabi
1/100 MG Universe Booster UB-01
1/100 MG Build Gundam Mk-II RX-178B
1/144 HG MS-06R Psycho Zaku (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.)
HG Parts Promotion

Gunpla TV


  1. That zaku though…

    • I honestly want to win some kits for me to introduce this hobby in our place. I always wanted to put those tutorials you guys on kits to inspire others and start building. Thanks to you guys we can have some sneak peek on kits that we’re always wanting. Kuddos guys and God bless your show. P.S.:please do some tutorials on mixing paint or creating your own color. 🙂

    • I watched you guess in the beginning when i first started doing gunpla and enjoyed the tips and tutorials that you did and i helped me get ideas for kits

    • I’m just about to ship out my next group of kits and now I’m more psyched than ever to get my hands on that Zaku II.

  2. Massive backpack on dat ZAKU

  3. RG gundam exia is going to be beast because of inner frame articulation and the look of it.

    Hope bandai made RG gundam exia{trams am} for limited edition

    • There is no doubt in my mind that they will definitely do that. They are already doing Repair 1 and the GN Arms. (Which if you already have the HG GN Arms you already have it).

      • “RG” GN Arms = RG look-a-like stickers on a HG Arms kit which in terms = one big MEH. But I agree on the Trans-Am version for the “exclusive online” stores. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a 00 (with an online exclusive Raiser) and/or a QUAN[T] soon as an RG. Maybe even as a next one.

  4. yea looks nutso will go nice with the full armour too

  5. You guys shoud totally make an episode about the different Zaku’s they need some love too :]
    The Psycho Zaku looks like an absolute boss, i ordered myself the new Thunderbolt Gundam (with Ball) if i like it i might get this guy too ^^
    And a little question: When is the restock of the MG Tallgeese I EW? xD I had this guy ordered for like 2+ months xD

  6. LOL, I’ve been following GunplaTV for quite a while now, never realised that they had giveaways so often. I usually close the video at the point when Sid and Ryan finishes showing off the new kits and weekend projects.

  7. Nice episode guys, if random number generator picks me then give it to number .. 386

    Cause I got me an MG titus and I’m not really into HG age kits.

    Got to pass on the love right!

  8. massive zaku for a massive amount of thrusters… XD

  9. Yess! New released kits and dat Zaku is a must have

  10. Im loving that psyco zaku its crazy, shame there is no thunderbolt waterslide decals, would look a tad better…but then again a master grade of any of them would be amazing!

    As for miss sazabi, I actually like the design, its a big change visually and from the looks of it ALOT of parts have changed…

    That said WHEN I get one, it won’t be in those pastel colors, gonna make that fine lady shine~

  11. Woah 3:00 A.M. right now 🙂

  12. RG Exia should be awesome with all those articulations in RG. Another great episode guys. Keep it up!!

  13. For some reason I can’t get myself to like the build strike mk-ii design as much as the original mk-ii. Anyway, great episode guys!

    • There’s no Build Strike mkII. But there’s a Build Strike and a Gundam mkII though. 🙂

    • build gundam mk-ii is more likely the mk-ii ver 2.0 because of the runners except for the backpack and the v fins tho.

  14. Im not a massive fan of rg exia, the exia while from a new series FOR the rg line I don’t see any evolutionary features for the line to take on…also I heard an rg z’gok is coming, I…can’t fathom that, sure its gonna be the craziest rg, but being the (technically speaking) third of a series (rx-78, zaku 2) makes it hard to believe…whatever bandai make, it’ll be the something people want…

    Although in a way its sad the rg’s have come as far as they have, it seems the pg line is all but dead, the pg isn’t the biggest size, heck an mg (perfect zeong) beats them in size (and soon a hg will beat them, ignoring the obvious mega sized mode…), revolutionary kit gimmicks are now more common on rg kits (and the odd master grade) and with only the pg blue frame astray being the latest kit (which is just a remould with a lame bazooka over the chromed sword…) it doesn’t look good for the future of pg kits…

    Its understandable considering the cost, although a pg unicorn would pull in the big bucks if they ever find a way to get it standing!

    …also i made this second post because i was building a kit at the same time, got distracted by other factors and posted too early, but hay, those give away kits are tempting *wink*

    • I don’t see why they would do a Z’gok. RG line is all about articulation and detail and Z’gok doesn’t have that much of either. So it’s either someone’s being a troll or Bandai has lost it’s thread of ideas. Z’gok = movable arms and legs. Nothing else. No weapons, nothing.

      • the Z’gok has quite the following.

        • Well paint me red and call me a strawberry!

          Anyway,Z’Gok has movable arms and legs and that’s about it. Though I’m a fan of the suits design it eludes me why they’re doing an RG of the same. Other than the “more shades of the same color” thing and more markings it’s not going to be a step forward. Quite the contrary. But it’s just me. Honestly, they had many better choices for the next RG. Anyway, it’s a good time to be a Real Grade collector as they’re throwing them out at a steady pace.

  15. sad to know that kit i want doesn’t in HG Weapon Campaign list but i’m still waiting for mar restock anyway <3

  16. I love gundam unicorn out of all the gundams

  17. Some of the designs are cool for the GBF but it just seems to kiddy, im not a fan of 144 scale kits to small and not enough detail and thats probably why I don’t like them but im interested to see the mg one completed

  18. Hey guys great show, hope to win the free models, what do you guys think about the new coming up models in the future?

  19. I was pleasantly surprised I got some HG weapons with my Kshyatriya. Thanks HLJ. I have some awesome ideas with those weapons.

  20. free stuff

  21. Great show great kits loking foward to the next episode.

  22. Nice episode as always, quite relaxing and hope i win myself a titus!

  23. Love your vids Ryan and Syd, i hope bandai would release other RG from 00 Gundam after the RG Exia. Not a big fan of AGE, but those kits would be a great addition to my collection. Keep making cool vids, more power GunplaTV!

  24. Great show.. that zaku looks so bad ass for an HG.. “show me the guns!”

  25. I just ordered that Zaku, to go along with the other one. Quite a bit of posability for a HG. Oh thanks for the kits!

  26. that titus!!! I gotta win

  27. Hey guys!

    With the massive amount of HG and MGs for Build Fighters, which is your fvorite one so far? The Miss Sazabi look boss, but I gotta get the MG Star Build Strike with the extra stuff. So dang cool.

    Also, I’ve always loved the AGE-FX. Id be ecstatic if I actually won!

  28. More then willing to lend my robot damashii kshatryia to be reviewed on the show when it gets released great episode as usual

  29. Stickers from new kits are awesome. They don’t look like stickers at all.
    Will the stickers in re-released old kits, like 1/144 FLAT for example, be of the same quality as those in new kits ? Or they will be just the same ole crappy stickers produced in 1999?

  30. comment no. 30

  31. If I win this and I hope I do I would like syd to roleplay as me accepting the kits and I would like eye of the tiger to be playing in the background (DOOOO IT, COM ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN)

  32. I was just thinking about buying the MG Titus. I want to do a custom paint job on it. So if I could do it without having to build it, then its a win-win for everyone.

  33. boomshakalaka

  34. Hey Guy. Once again great show. I always enjoy your channel. Keep it up. As I am a master grade builder, not too looking for the RG exia. Really wish Bandai can make Reborn gundam MG. I heard the next model coming after the build gundam mk II is Turn X? If so, that’s great. Hope I can win that Age gundam. Thanks

  35. Hi!,do you have any idea if when or are they gonna release MG gundam wing fenice and MG gundam x maoh? Thanks!

    • I’d say they’re more or less ready to go. Give or take a month or two. Probably Zaku, Kampfer and Qubeley too. And then, a ZZ 2.0! 😀

  36. I can see a lot of modding and custom possibilities for the Titus and the Age-FX is probably my favourite design from the Age series. Good episode guys

  37. Thanks for the vid as always..come on number generator!!!

  38. Dangg, that zaku is so crazy lol. Great episode!

  39. Great episode again! More tips on how to improve your gunpla is always appreciated! 😀

  40. Im loving these small backpack kits for GBF, it really helps with kitbashingand making custom.

  41. Syd, Have u watched NEW SNSD’s Video Mr. Mr.

    What do you think about it?

    Are you still Interested in SNSD?

    Will you be giving away any of the SNSD’s artist?

  42. Personally I dont really care about hg kits because they have so simple structure, but that high mobility backpack looks quite nice. Maybe I have to buy this kit just because of the massive backpack.

    Would it be possible for you guys to make an episode where you compare gunpla kits structure to some other mech model kits? For example you could compare rx- 78 ver3,0 to some frame arms and/or armored core kits.

  43. 144ep for 1/144 hg Zaku, thats so cool, free gundam again, hope I can win!

  44. free stuffs !

  45. wow !! im surprised you mentioned evh !!! ROck On !!


  47. man… it looks like a one suit army… so much stuff on it!

  48. hey i have a question, i been wanting to build my 1st gundam for the pass month but i have non of the tool was told i could use nail clipper and box cutter is that a good idea? … i want to see if I’m able to build one 1st before buying tool, marker & etc …….btw i would love to win =)

    • Hi IIManzOII,

      You can use a nail clipper and box cutter. I’m actually using side cutter, nail clipper and a box cutter for all my kits. What I do is use the side cutter to cut the piece from the runner, nail clipper to trim off the excess plastic (as near to the piece as possible)then use the box cutter to smoothen out the parts. Hope that helps.

  49. the sprues can be cut with normal cutter and after that they can be filed down with a file, some sand paper.

  50. Great job to get to the 144th episode. Definitely takes a lot of discipline and commitment. Hats off to you both. Love watching you guys. Keep it up! Sure hope I can win this week. Really like the Titus.

  51. love the zaku…. not my episode not a big fan of gundam build fighter nice works guy c u next episode hope i can get the price this week…. love u guys

  52. Great show! Mondays = Gundam Build Fighters. Tuesday = Gunpla TV.

    I have a question though. Does Sid has any problems with the Aile Strike Gundam Ver RM holding its gun? Both the right and left hands are unable to hold the gun properly. It does not fit properly into the hole on the gun. Does it happen to me only?

  53. The full mobility zaku looks amazing. keep up the good work guys keeping up to date with all the new gundams is easy thanks to you. Hope to win those gundams and signing the manuals is a good idea to give them that little special feel.

  54. the box for build gundam mk-ii boxart is almost as beautiful as build strike.

  55. daaaamn thats a big backpack for a little zaku!

  56. Gundam AGE FX…
    Gundam Age Titus…
    Is it my turn now???

  57. If Bandai would release this in MG and incorporating the elements of a 3.0 ZAKU just imagine how awesome that would be.

  58. I want to you guys review the RG Exia and what’s the difference with the MG counterpart.

  59. Freakin awesome Zaku MS. Syd & Ryan – do u guys think we’ll have a MG from this babe?

  60. great show as always guys, the zaku is interesting but its going to be hell if you want to paint it. rg exia is looking sharp though, proportion is good as well

  61. i will try Gunpla is awesome day. Gundam build fighter going to be end soon Aw..what you think will sunrise/bandai made Gundam build fighter season2?

  62. You guys are great

  63. Awesome show as usual guys! Regards to Robot Damashii, I have placed a preorder for Gundam Virsago Chest Break. If you guys want to show it on the show, I’m happy to lend it to you guys. I hope to see my Gundam Virsago Chest Break in a future episode. Cheers!

  64. Miss Sazabi as a kit is relatively unappealing, even after seeing it in photographs. But after seeing it in episode 23 of Build Fighters, I’m interested. I like the fact that Miss Sazabi’s shield is actually one of the rear skirts of the original Sazabi.

  65. I really love age titus design! I hope i can win the free stuff!!

  66. Hi Guys, I have just started with Gunpla and have learnt quite a few skills on Gunpla building from your previous episode. Thanks guys for the tips and GREAT JOB!! And the idea of giveaway free kits … ITS COOL!!

  67. I gotta say this but that Zaku….that Zaku is psychotic and I’d love to see a variant of the Extreme Gundam with the Titus Wear and a pilot going “EXTREEEEEEMEE LARIAT!” just plowing through mooks. Maybe that should be a thing for the next Extreme Vs. Although I do love that AGE-FX action. Makes me wish that they released a wear of the AGE-2 that would be an experimental variant on C-Funnels. That would be beast.

  68. Great episode! An MG would be great.

  69. awesome episode

  70. MG Titus has more muscles per inch square than any other gundam. Thanks for the free gunpla syd (read this if i win) =D

  71. hmm, you need usually 1 – 1.5h to create HG, I spend 1 day to create my first RG and another full day to deal with stickers – was it too slow for first kit ?

  72. Love the show guys Why no Dark matter Exia on stock

  73. always wanted a titus !

  74. Love it love it love it, Titus my baby, come my way.. Great work Syd and Ryan, always entertaining 🙂

  75. thank guys for this episode again i start gunpla because of your channel and you guys keep showing me cool stuff. Thank again and i hope i can win those cool gundam age! ^^

  76. a zaku that char my give a hand in its creation

  77. keep up the good work guys, more episodes to come

  78. Great show! Hope Bandai will provide RGs for all Celestial Being Gundams.

  79. Nice video as always, the Zaku looks amazing with the giant backpack. Also, here’s hoping for free kits.

  80. Great show guys! Great looking zaku! How come there isn’t a lot of love for the age kits?!?! I would love to win those.

  81. awesome guys!!! keep it going!!!

  82. where is the GM love

  83. I really dig this Zaku, but I relly like to see MG for all the Thunderbolt MS

  84. That Zaku is nutsss!

  85. Yay free stuff :D..
    BTW did anyone has any info on MG wing fenice or MG x maoh? And is MG Amazing Exia is in the picture? Anyone?

    • I don’t think there will be an amazing Exia considering that it only had one episode and that it was the precursor for the Exia Dark Matter coming up in the next episode. They already confirmed the Exia Dark Matter and the Miss Sazabi before they aired on the show. So if there was going to be one I think it would have been confirmed by now.


  87. Awesome guys!!! looking forward to the next episode!!!

  88. Damn it I want to win the free stuff

  89. I think i’m gonna end up bankrupting my family on gunpla and shelf space.

  90. nice episode as always.looking forward for the mk-II.keep up the good works.

  91. I want Ryan’s sig too please.

  92. The Psycho Zaku certainly scream overkill and reload is not an option for this guy XD

  93. wow never thought I’d see so many armaments on a gundam until now…..

  94. Hope someday you would read my comments..pleeeaaseeee review the evangelion kits..pleeaaasseeeee

  95. Hey just wanna ask, why HLJ often dont get P-Bandai online Shop Exclusive releases?? i think many goods kits are release exclusively but not available here in hlj

    Hope i win this time!

  96. hi guys, greeting from malaysia, finally caught up from episode 1, nice show btw. i plan to pick up PG wing gundam zero custom next month as a birthday present for myself.

    i remember you guys mention that the viewer can request a kit to be show off by you guys, can you guys show off PG wing gundam zero custom? i want to know what to expect since the last gundam i build nearly 15 years ago was a SD wing gundam.

    also when is HLJ is going to stock HG Farsia? i really like that gundam but HLJ listed it as backorder…

    PS: i posted this on 143, but after watching 144 where you guys say there is only 400+ comment, since my comment in 143 is comment number 561, so i decide to repose this in 144 hopefully my question is answered. anyway, good job and keep up the good work.

  97. Well this is one of my favourite shows to watch can’t wait for another episode

  98. love the show guys, I’m just hoping Bandai make more After War Gundam X kits to go with MG X. also would love to win some free kits.

  99. GN said on March 18, 2014

    I wish you’d done a 1/144 scale special for episode 144 🙂

  100. That’s a lot of boxes, and the chance of winning some of them would make anyone want to rock out to Van Halen. *Insert ‘Eruption’ guitar riff here*

  101. Are you gonna give away the gundam unicorn+ms cage MG?
    Cuz I really want one of those

  102. Man you guys have the luckiest job in the world
    I always wanted to be guys like you but I’m to be like you guys

  103. Gundam Age love baby! Hope I win this time!

  104. Zakus are bazooka crazy lol 😮

  105. aged kits XD

  106. Nice episode! Keep produce more please. Lately brought 3 different types HG hazels, so sad that Bandai didn’t keep on to make more AOZ hgs.

  107. really not much of an AGE fan, so it would be a shame if I won this one, as I’m sure there’s a lot of AGE fans out here.
    But I’d never refuse free Gunpla! So here’s hoping!

  108. Syd your one of the best gunpla builders I have ever seen
    Your never broke any parts or lose any
    At least your better then me most of my gunpla models end up spoiling while building it because I use to much force trying to put the parts together
    Do you have a replacement part Order Website?

  109. Another great episode though i can’t really say im a fan of this new trend of adding a bunch of shields and/or bazookas to make ‘new’ kits…

    That aside i could really put those age kits to good use!!

  110. I love Gunpla!!

  111. was hoping for a better looking gold but I guess the prices wold be sky high if they did

  112. Nice episode. Psycho Zaku look badass 🙂 I need to get one.

  113. Hi Syd and Ryan. Great show. How do I go about ordering a replacement runner for a kit?

  114. kinda sick of all the fuss surround the Gundam Build Fighter series. Wish Bandai released a more unique MG instead of keep making version after version of already released kits ( first is a new Strike then another astray and now new MK-II 🙁 )
    Great review of those kits nonetheless.

  115. Hooray for free stuff!!!! o(^^)o

  116. I am waiting on a few things to be able to ship my Universe Booster!! Then I can make the MG Star Build Strike! 😀

    the gundam age fx HG is on my buy list so to get it as a brize would be RAD !!!
    btw ? any news on the MG we saw its prototypes ages ago “bun intended :D” but then nothing . do you know anything about it .
    awesome show keep on the AWESOME job AWESOME dudes
    love from Egypt <3

  118. As always guys , great show. Love watching it every week.
    I would like to know if you guys can a tutorial for building MG type.
    If possible if you can show using the nippers and the hobby knife in detail for us newbies. As i am still trying my best to use it but i cut to deep in.I have been practicing on HG types now. Already built about 5 in the last 3 weeks.I also got some MG types but want to practice on the HG first , hope that you guys can help on that.

    I also hope that i will be able to win the gundam age as i have not made it yet.
    Again thanks and keep up the excellent work guys.
    Gunpla builder in Nagoya.

  119. Bad azz Zaku there… But its not an MG. Would be awsome to have it face to face with the RX-0 Unicorn Full Armor. I dont mind not getting the luck of the draw this month, but would be cool to get a hand of those MG’s especially the Sinanju Stein!!!!

  120. Great show Syd and Ryan. Looking forward to your finished Build Gundam Mk. 2. A question though: are they still going to issue an MG Star Build Strike, or the Universe Booster parts are all we need to add to Build Strike Gundam to turn it into Star Build Strike?

    Thanks in advance and though not an age fan, want to win some kits from you guys! 🙂

  121. Gundam Build Fighters episode 23 shows what a 1:1 scale Zaku II would look like next to the RX782. I’d love a 3.0 Zaku after seeing that.

  122. The recent Thunderbolt kits look great.

  123. I am starting to like the build fighter MG kits more and more especially that build mk-2 kit hopefully they build the rest of the build mobile suits in MG form, also hoping to win those model kits from gundam age

  124. I’ve been really enjoying Build Fighters. Me and some of my internet buddies watch it together every week on synchtube. I hop e some of the new suits recently revealed get models before long.

  125. Gundam Build Fighters is pretty good, has some classic gundam themes throughout which engages the nostalgia factors. I’d like to see that Build Exia in MG.

    Also hope to see some MG Thunderbolt kits.

  126. So many guns on that kit wow!

  127. Great show guys. Do you know if bandai have plans to release the mg age 3 and age fx, it seems like they gave up on these as soon as they came up with build fighters.

  128. hi sid n ryan ! love your shows as always ! hope to win those age kits !

  129. Holy waka molly!!! Dat Zaku looks awsomeeeeeee and also its toys. Looking forward to next week to see your Build Gundam MK-II. Thank you guys!
    btw: Age-1 Titus is good. Hope that I can have one ^_^

  130. The hg zaku 2 high mobility looks awesome will be getting the kit eventually hope I win the kits the age Titus is my favorite from the series

  131. Beeing watching you guy since episode 60 or something, didn even know gunpla exist… thanks for showing me this awesome hobby, nice work as always 🙂 Ps: I almost bought the Titus as my first Gundam

  132. you guys are the reason I started gunplay thank you syd and ryan keep up the good work

  133. great episode again! can’t wait for the RG Exia review (:

  134. Such an excellent episode as always.

  135. Can’t wait to get my hands on that psycho Zaku

  136. I hope they release the amazing exia!

  137. Awesome show guys. How mush is shipping from HLJ?

  138. Those effect parts on the Unversal booster look awesome. Also does the universal booster come with hands for the build knuckle attack?

  139. so yeah, hope i win this time. 🙂 till next episode goodluck all 🙂

  140. Great show, as always. The MKII is one of my favorites. The rg got me back into gunpla after 12 years. Looking forward to seeing the changes for the gundam build version next week. Keep up the good work!

  141. Thunderbolt is going for a more realistic space combat kinda style, and I like the idea of making them more armed and less mobile for normal pilots. Although with everykit being armed to the teeth I can only image what a FA would be for that universe?

  142. I like the Thunder Bolt line and hope they keep it coming, I have a custom GM command in mind i’d like to build

  143. Glad to see how the new Build Fighter models are turning out. I wasn’t sure how the Universe Booster would look, but at first glances it looks great! I’ll definitely have to get it and the Build Strike at some point!

  144. PLIS one gumpla =D =))

  145. Guys when do you think we’ll see another 3.0 kit? Im building the RX right and really want a ZAKU version 3.0. Thanks guys for all the work.

  146. Love that zaku hope soon they put it out as a master grade

  147. really love hobby link tv there first episode help me start build

  148. Hope i win o3o i have plans for that titus

  149. This episode was really cool. The Zaku was way too legit and after seeing that the backpack is an addon and not an entirely new MG, I might pick up the MG since I really like the design of the kit.

    Keep up the great work guys, and take care.

  150. 3rd time participating in this… hope can win some stuff

  151. Wanna win 🙁

  152. Good stuff fellas! Always appreciate your kit reviews!

  153. Hi guys,
    Wow, that Thunderbolt Psycho Zaku looks relly nice. Any chance you can tell how much difficulty compare to MG MS-06R-2 Zaku II Johnny Ridden Custom Ver. 2.0 ?

  154. Man I really wish you could build that Miss Sazabi!

  155. Great Show guys, I really want that build strike/universal booster combo! Gotta start feeding my wallet now D=.

  156. Syd you should get a MG Sazabi and turn it into a Miss Sazabi hah!

  157. Who is the better gunpla builder between Syd and Ryan? :p

  158. Always looking forward to the next episode of Gunpla TV. Keep up the good work!

  159. Great Work, look forward to the next ep.

  160. I love this review. keep it up! gunpla tv! hope I see you two in person

  161. nice episode looking forward to the MG built-Mk-II and hope to win the prize

  162. Keep it up HLJ! Love the show, it really help me get into gundam models even more

  163. What do you guys think of the Turn X concept?? And hopefully I win the draw!

  164. Hey guys you arent gona end the show are you.. im just joining in..

  165. Thanks for the great episode! 🙂

  166. Awesome!

  167. After watching this episode, I’m actually considering getting the psycho zaku. I’m a huge zaku fan, but I primarily stick with mg, but I got to say this hg looks amazing. Even the stickers look like they go on nicely.

  168. Gundam for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Good luck everyone! Would be nice to win. Age-FX is one of my favorite Gundams.

  170. Can’t win if you don’t play! Very excited about RG Exia it is going to be sweet! Thanks again guys for giving back to the fans!

  171. Hey guys,since you guys are holding on to the newer kits a little longer why not do a custom paint job on one of them. I wouldn’t mind seeing a custom painted Sengoku Astray. One trick I use to tighten up joints on my gunpla is I use a thin layer of crazy glue ad then sand it a bit. Its worked so far.

  172. All TB kids should get a MG.

    PS. Finaly a Zaku that almost doesn’t need to worry about running out of ammo ^^

  173. love you guys…..can i have my gundam now?

  174. Syd, I know you don’t really like GBF but you should check out episode 23 since it has all the cameos!

    • I second this statement. This episode had so much fan service and cameos that I kept pausing the episode to make sure I was actually seeing what was happening. I suggest watching the show for all the paired up mobile suit matches alone. Like the Gundam F-91 vs. The Exia. It was beautiful.

  175. This is a comment.

  176. Please Please For the love of Setsuna, can I haz?

  177. One thing I’ve noticed when I’m done putting together a real grade is that there are marking stickers left over from the build. Since they are in 1/144 scale they are the perfect size for High grade 1/144 model kits that have limited stickers and detail. Just thought I would share. Also I’ve recently started working with MG models. I was wondering if you guys would suggest one that has a higher difficulty then most based on your experience with kits. I’ve built the MG X-Gundam and the MG Blitz but both were fairly straightforward and done in a day or two after assembly, paint and marking stickers. Thanks.

  178. Nice kits. I’d really be happy if I get free stuff. More power guys!

  179. someday, I’ll win one.

  180. good episode, i really liked the zaku!!

  181. Amazing episode as always. Question, what do you think is the next RG, thanks!

  182. I hope I win those kits I love the zaku it looks great I’m trying to get my friend into gundam her names Aimee 🙂

  183. Hi guys!
    I really want to see more wip and tutorial. Please Syd, do it for us!! 😉

  184. Fingers crossed for a win!

  185. Yo I hope I win yo

  186. ^^what that guy said!

  187. the thunderbolt kits look promising in terms of content!
    is it possible for Ryan to show us the Falcon or the Nutcracker or any of the side projects relating to gunpla
    happy to see the custom paint camo!

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  336. I hope gunpla tv will never end and hope you two will carry on with gunpla tv FOREVER!!! Gunpla TV FTW! Well this is my third time saying : could your create an instagram. Pleasee!! I hope i will win the 2 free kits this time. Number Generator please!

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    Anyways, that’s just my thoughts and I’d love to hear yours. Keep up the good work guys. There’s nothing like my weekly dose of GunplaTV.

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    My question for you guys is: when you first moved to Japan, being two big white guys, did you find that things were generally smaller than you were used to?

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    PS: I’m a big fan of your videos!

  382. Got a question. Recently got a RG Strike Freedom the other day. And what do you know I broke off one of the wing parts (Outer Right Wing where the armor and joints meet) of it. Love the show by the way.

    My question is whats the best approach at repairing it? I tried Modeling Cement recommended to me by a store but its not really working well.

  383. Ryan! My sister is crushing on your accent. But she’s only 15, and you’re married, so stay away 😛

    Excellent look at the Psyco Zaku! I ordered mine from you guys last week!

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    Hope to win too! 😀 Comment#395! – #lennon92gunpla

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    great job guys! keep up the good work, after watching guplatv episodes, im getting jealous of your work. 🙂

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    2 Questions:

    1. Is there any chance that we might see the Figurise 6 Kamen Rider kits on the show? Plamo is plamo, right?

    2. Has Ryan been working on any kits lately? It’s been a few episodes since we’ve seen him bring anything out.

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  431. Love a great Zaku Gunpla. As someone who has been a long time Gundam fan, but has only recently gotten into Gunpla its great seeing all the diversity that is out there for the Zaku. Of course wouldn’t mind winning some kits to get some practice in and add to my newly forming collection.

  432. Hi guys, i am new on gunpla. I have bought a few kits and, I have followed almost all the episodes of gunpla tv just to have an idea how to teak up my kits.
    Question: what brandS of clear top coat are good? I also own few scale model planes and tanks. Can the top coats be applied the same way as gunpla? Thanks guys, and keep the the awesome show rolling!

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    And don’t let age be a barrier to enjoying your hobby, I’m 48 and love it every bit as much now as I did as a 12 year old back in the mists of time.

    Now, back to my huge pile of unbuilt kits……!

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    Watched Gunpla TV since eps 1 and must congratulate you guys on developing such a successful webcast program.

    In the middle of detailing my RG Strike Freedom right now and looking forward to setting him up next to my perfect grade. Can you say MiniMe!

    Keep up the good work guys!

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    The cost of like 2 PGs, about 5 MGs. Is that for real???
    p.s amazing show.

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  465. I finally worked my way through the whole GunplaTV back catalogue of videos and at the same time finished my first ever Gundam kit today (HG RX78-2) I’m hooked. I’ve already got an HGUC RX93 Hi-Nu ready to start building tonight.

    Great idea on the kit giveaways too. I often wondered what was done with them after each show.

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    Thank you for the show.I almost forget,i too want to win one of those kits.This Tidus would be welcome!!Lady Luck i summon you to come!!
    Let give another shot!!Just in case…

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  468. Yay free kits!

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    with looking forward to your next episode and the next episode of build fighters and unicorn’s finale with all these new kits on the horizon it’s great to be a gunpla builder.

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  474. Appreciate the brief tips from this episode removing parts from the gate, instead of having to search through 144 episodes of Gunpla TV. Why kid myself, I plan on watching all the episodes, regardless. Is there any indication that equipment, i.e., x-acto blades or narrow nose clippers should be replaced and/or way to maintain sharpness? Age series gunpla looks more beginner friendly, which is helpful when starting out. Unfortunately not a fan of the series. However, free gunpla is a plus! No matter what universe the merch is based on.

  475. This isn’t just a comment, this is an M&S comment.

  476. hello guys!! i from mexico and thanks to you i get involve in these wonderfull japan culture that is gunpla i really would like to win some kits but in special im a follower of the age system gundam and thanks to your show i m able to see the kits before i buy and i think gundam fx will be a great kitbash with 00 quanta .. tro much funnels everywhere you know what im saying_”!

  477. Oh my, that Phsyco Zaku has a whole lot of detail going on, are HG’s at the level of detail that MG’s used to be a few years back, aside from not having an inner frame?

    Not seen or read any of the Gundam Age stuff, but I guess Titus is popular since I have seen a few of the completed Titus models around.

  478. Long time Gundam fan, new subscriber to the channel; and I have to say I love your show. Wish I knew about it sooner 🙁 here’s hoping to win those models.

  479. I’m beginning to love the thunderbolt series, it’s massive

  480. Wow guys the thunderbolt zaku looks so amazing, with all the weapons included its so OP. Its also not bad for the price of the kits. I use to only watch Gunpla TV from time to time depending on the review but I think you guys doing such awesome job with it I’m tuning in every week now, with incentive of the give away kits as well of course LOL.

  481. MK II looks badass!!

  482. GunplaTV rocks! Always loved Gundam from a young age. Would love to get back into building cool kits like the AGE-FX and AGE Titus!

  483. I know I left a comment but I’ve been up and done this list of comments and its not there?????

    How can I tell if and RG Zeta Karaba on Ebay is a legit kit or a knockoff. I’ve been burnt before and do not wish to go through that again but it is a kit that I really really want to get

  484. O man, i would love to have that titus!

    love that muscular look!

    makes me wanna go to the gym now and lift weight!

  485. Gunpla Tv and gundamGuy was the one who made me love gundam 🙂 kudos to you guys and BTW syd can u show us your collection ? i want to see where u store them

  486. other than gunpla-ing, is there anything else that you guys like to do during leisure time?

  487. Great episode as always!!! Ryan how about finishing that Falcon???
    Can’t wait for the next episode

  488. The Age FX kit looks awesome! Unfortunately with my luck, I wont get any near that thing!

  489. The Age FX kit looks awesome! Unfortunately with my luck, I won’t get any near that thing!

  490. What an excellent video series. Would love some kits!

  491. Hi Guys iv been a Gunpla fan scene i was as long as i can rember im 24 years old and i rember my very first one was Endless waltz sandrock
    i rember takeing m y time building it and it came preta great thoe wish i had done better i had use a butter knife to remove it from the the runners amazing it worked but i was pretty young at that point so i had no clue over the snips at that time
    you have a great show and im gald that im geting back in to gunpla after so many year of not doing it
    love the contest idea hope to win if not there always next time hear a great day!

  492. Great show guys and thanks for the chance to win some kits. Those thunderbolt kits are making it really difficult to stay away from the 1/144 scale stuff, they look amazing. Im still finishing up a MG Epyon but im looking into getting a new kit or two and im really on the fence about the sazabi ver ka. I watched your vids on them and they answered all of my tech questions, now its just deciding if a custom paint job (different colors) would look good with the panels all open. Well hope i can win some sweet plastic, thanks again guys

  493. If only the titus was mine ):

  494. I want it

  495. Really enjoying the show. Thank you guys. I’m new to Gundam kits and the community here. Been building for about 5 weeks and absolutely love it.
    Also, for the loose joint question, over the years I’ve used nail polish to fix loose joints on figures. Guessing it will work for Gundam kits as well. Nail polish is durable and dries fairly quickly. As long as you’re not embarrassed to be seen looking through the nail polish aisle at the store. Looking forward to more episodes. Thanks again!

  496. Nice show on the psyco zaku! Great build!

  497. They are upping the game with these kits!

  498. Which is better, sanding sticks or the Tamiya metal file kit?



  501. I really love most all of the Thunderbolt gunpla. I would love to see some more reviews of them in the future! I really hope I win one of Syd’s kits one of these times! Keep up the great work guys!

  502. still rewatching this till the next ep 🙂

  503. Why would you guys give me these beautiful gems…? because….

  504. 🙁 my big brother type that ^^^
    I want to win because I am ban on buying gunpla because my laptop is expensive…this contest gave me chance to have a new gunpla without spending and I like that you guys are giving 2 kits, that way I can give the other one for my big brother. 😀

  505. i want to win!!! please let me win please!!

  506. Thanks for the opportunities to win some gunpla and your awesome service. I actually had a gunpla that had a broken piece upon opening and it only took 2 weeks between communication and delivery to get the piece i needed so really happy. Thanks HLJ =)

  507. pg line is all but dead 🙁

  508. while cool looking this zaku is to loud,its not blanced. Im still praying on a HG Galbaldy beta to be made you would think bandai would have done it when they did the HG Hi-zack. I dont think anyone
    understands bandai’s thought process.

  509. dat zaku

  510. Show me the Gunpla!!!

  511. VL said on March 28, 2014


  512. Syd & Ryan, this is a really cool show and got tons of amazing real stuffs for those who are hooked with this kind of hobby. Btw Syd what happened to your blog it says Bandwidth Limit Exceeded. I hope you’ll get it fixed in no time because it serves as my reference for reviews on what kits or must have gunpla kits I have to buy. More power to your show and keep it up! -boks from Singapore

  513. Stay cool and awesome guys ….GUNPLA ROCKS hope to see some RG Exia review tnx

  514. OK, fingers crossed X

  515. Wow awesome! Did you paint the psycho Zaku?


  517. That is one tricked out Zaku!

    Thanks for the episode, guys, informative as always.

  518. hi guys another great show , i found some picture to compare with your zaku 🙂
    not sure i want the gundam titus or not but just want to get lucky.

  519. me waaaaaatn gundam!!

  520. Hi, guys! i home you see this question between all this comments 🙂
    Where can i find a poster like you have on the back???

  521. CheeseBalls are sexy
    Send me something sexy <3

  522. I want to win some gunpla to test my luck!

  523. Besides gundams, I love you guys innuendo comments the most.

  524. what happen to my post ?
    any just say hi

  525. so many commentttttts
    btw for those people always asking for posters, i came up with the idea of cutting up my gunpla boxes and stuck the center image with blu-tack as posters 😛

  526. That Zaku should have more weapons. Dendrobium Zaku ftw.

  527. Great ideas like signed manuals I really want one, and I have a story for an adopted kit, one of my favorite shelf pieces is a MG Sazabi I bought in Japan for 200 yen it was only missing one finger wich I could easily replace

  528. Zaku need MORE THRUSTER go faster haha

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