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Non-scale F-22A Raptor Infinities by Kotobukiya (Part 1: Unbox)

By Rrobbert184 from GundamReviews.net

Non-scale F-22A Raptor Infinities by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (1)

F-22A Raptor Infinities is one of the Tactical Surface Fighters from America from the anime Muv-Luv. Let’s check out this non-scale kit.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (2)
Nice cover art with a white background.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (3)
Same image on the side, with some more information in English.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (7)
The box is just a bit narrower than MG GN-X, and exactly the same depth.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (5)
A fair number of small weapons, along with gimmicks and action poses are suggested on the side.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (6)

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (8)
As you open the box, the 2 trans blue plates will pop out at you.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (9)
Neatly printed manual.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (10)
An introduction of the F-22, the pilot and a look at the different guns each country uses.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (11)
Parts list, against a sea of white.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (12)
We can see a lot of work awaits just by looking at the beginning of the manual.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (13)
Official color guide. Darker colors abound.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (14)
The plates in alphabetical order.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (15)

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (17)
2 identical C plates.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (18)
2 identical D plates.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (19)

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (21)
2 identical F plates.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (22)
2 identical G plates.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (23)
2 identical J plates.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (24)
H, K, I, plates with polycaps.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (25)
Also, a small sheet of water slides.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (26)
Now for some final thoughts.  I was surprised when I first saw the size of the box. and that there are a lot of double plates.  Will it take longer than an average Kotobukiya kit, and will the dark colors look alright right out of the box?  I’m looking forward to seeing it all put together so please stick around!

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (27)
“I’m a F22, what are you?”

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  1. Rrobbert184, I like what you’re doing! More ML kits!

  2. Does it transform?

    • Nah it doesn’t transform. Super articulated though. Kind of a refresher if you’re mainly into gunpla.

  3. It looks better than average non grade gunplay..

  4. Hum, it looks cool.


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