Apr 5

Today we take a look at “figma Racing Miku 2016” from Max Factory. She’s sporting the Team Ukyo colours (GOODSMILE RACING & TeamUKYO’s team manager Ukyo Katayama also leads a bicycle team called TeamUKYO) and even comes with a partially pre-painted plastic model kit for a bicycle. Lindsay and David also announce the winner of the Pokemon Terrarium set from Re-Ment, so stay tuned till the end!

In this episode:
figma Racing Miku 2016: TeamUKYO Support ver. (Hatsune Miku GT Project)



  1. This is a cool figma!

  2. nice, more miku for me.

  3. Considering the price of this figure i think that making you build and decal up the bike is not that great, but i guess it helps reduce the price of the set. The figure itself looks nice i have to say that the paint on the hair is quite spectacular, i love when figure makers put a lot of colors in a small area and its not all smushed. I also wonder about the bit of red hair on the front of the head and now its a semi-transparent piece, could it be a Kill la Kill reference?

  4. This Miku i so cute! ^^

  5. Figma? Check! Miku? Check! BOTH?!? OMG Check check check!!!

  6. This figure itself is art of you place this on your shelf this will pop up because of it’s colours.

  7. Gosh! Seriously I LOVE Figma & Miku!! They have such a detail articulation and mold. Keep it up guys, love you both! 😆😆

  8. Nice figure, great video!

  9. Nice. Keep it up. Thank you !

  10. Nice figure with awesome accessories…but a bit expensive any how awesome review guys

  11. I wish I could actually go to a show……

  12. love this toys, miku series

  13. ive liked miku for a while, but i REALLY started to love her when i got addicted to project diva f, so itd be pretty cool to win this

  14. It still baffles me how a character from a vocaloid game managed to create such a big following.

  15. RNG! RNG! RNG!

  16. Max Factory makes the best articulated figures and considering that I have only recently got hooked in getting the figures such as Figma Ryuko, Satsuki, and Figfix Nagato it will be nice to add Miku to my small collection.

  17. beautiful figure love it

  18. Rai said on April 5, 2018

    Good day, I need this Miku figma to one step closer in fulfilling my lifehood dreams of collecting Miku merchandise. (9+_+)9

  19. Please do not dab.

  20. Miku has always been a favorite character of mine. winning this prize would be awesome!

  21. Miku Miku Miku. come to me Miku!~ (#^3^#)

  22. The colors pop so nicely on this figma!

  23. That rainbow hair gives Miku a more vibrant look! Thank you for another good review! 🙂

  24. Wow! Never knew bikes and Miku can go well together!

  25. I love miku! I really hope the RNG chooses me!!!

  26. Great review!

  27. Figma Racing Miku looks so cute and cool!!

  28. sya said on April 5, 2018

    nice miku~

  29. really nice miku, love the lovely hair!
    (and the bike is a nice plus too!)

  30. I’ve always Loved the Racing Miku Figma line. I love the bold contrasting colors

  31. That is a nice looking Miku

  32. If i win I will put it next to my PC, so if I looked at it I will get up and exercise 🙂

  33. Nice figma and cool looking bike. I like the colors and mold of the hair.
    So far only have 2 figmas, Rika Shiina and Akemi Homura

  34. I need this so that I will be motivated to exercise. very nice figure!

  35. I wonder if her bike can have other figmas riding it.

  36. I love this Figma! ♡

  37. This would make a fine addition to my 2013 racing miku! Love the hair

  38. Ride on, Miku! Ride on!

  39. i like it, its look awesome (^-^)

  40. welp, Miku is my new waifu

  41. I agree with you, the hair is the best part of the figure. I just love the colours.

  42. I can’t never get myself to completely like human-like figmas, the joints always bother me a bit, but it still makes me curious, hopefully I’ll win this, because here they’re pretty expensive.

  43. I usually don’t care much about Miku, but I like this version. The color in their pigtails.
    But it’s the bicycle what I like the most about this figure. Looks great

  44. Ugh… Biker shorts. I hate to love them…

  45. This is a great figma. One of the advantages of winning would be that the bike is already assembled.

  46. I’ve never bought a Figma but they seem pretty neat.

  47. I love this Miku, love the colors in her hair!

  48. ayy

  49. miku is fine too.

    but her 2nd face is like just receive an announcement you are actually disqualified! after winning 1st place.

  50. What a cutie! nice sponge bob references guys lol

  51. The bike I like to get my hands on would be the “1/12 LittleArmory [LM002] JGSDF Reconnaissance Motorcycle DX Ver.”

    That bike looks detailed. Its also a kit, and I like kits. And its abaout the size of a Figma scale 😀

  52. That’s quite a cool figure

  53. Every Racing Miku Figure looks so cool…!!

  54. Hoping to win the Miku figure!

  55. That’s a beautiful figure.

  56. There is no such thing as too much Miku :3

  57. rub said on April 6, 2018

    i want that miku!

  58. I’m not surprised that Todd carries his nippers with him, but the real question is how many

  59. Racing Miku figures all look good, wouldn’t mind adding one to my collection

  60. Jay said on April 6, 2018

    Waw Very detailed review.

  61. That bike is actually cool.

  62. Love the bike accessory! Looks like a pretty cool figma.

  63. How tall is Lindsay? Or how short is David? This was like watching an episode of Attack on Titan

  64. Xef said on April 6, 2018

    A firms with a bike. I like it!

  65. Gotta love Miku! The biking Miku was an interesting idea. I wish I knew who some of the sponsor on her outfit were though haha!

  66. I really, really, REEEAAAALLLLYYYYY!! would like to win this. Awesome show as always guys.

  67. I’d paint the bike in the colours of my road bike… Or is that taboo

  68. Miku is love. 🙂

  69. You can never go wrong with having another Miku and this would go nicely with my sohoku figmas.

  70. Just started collecting figures and started with a nedoriod and some miku statues. This one looks fantastic!

  71. even with Miku Hair you should always wear a Helmet!

    The idea of Mr Gunpla always having his godhands with him is so amusing to me.

  72. Miku is a cutie!

  73. Can’t really go wrong with a miku figure, beautiful design and nice details!

  74. I really like the bike!

  75. Need this Miku figure for my collection! It’s really cool how often you guys do giveaways here ^^

  76. This is real nice!

  77. This would look cool next to my Onoda Sakamichi from figma

  78. Really like her design! that black and green looks so good. love that hair also 🙂

  79. Really like the bike. Great way to start the bike season!

  80. So Sporty!! XDXD

  81. Enjoyed the description. Thank you.
    Had most of the snow miku version of figma and nendoroid and other figma figures fron varies series, seen the improvement made for figma through the years, such as hands joints etc.
    Hope to get this racing miku figma ver as a start for miku “racing” series 🙂

  82. I love miku please sweet athletic idol

  83. Dude this is real cool! Always love Miku figures

  84. This Racing Miku looks great!

  85. This would be a nice compliment to my Miku 2.0 figma!

  86. Wow, she looks amazing! But our currency is low so they are very expensive for me….But! This amazing review can get me one! That would be amazing!
    ı think you should do more figma reviews!

  87. Really cool figure and bike. Love to be able to add them to my collection.

  88. I have never been really into figures in general, but this figma is pretty neat. It would be cool to wheather it a bit with some detail painting on the bike and give poor miku a couple of scuffs so that she will look like she work her figma booty off for a competitive bike race.

  89. Awesome Figure! I didn’t know we’d have to build the bike, that’s pretty cool!!! Great Show Guys!! Thanks for all the content!!!!

  90. A more serious riding pose with the normal face could look pretty cool! You didn’t show how to switch the faces but I’m sure it’s not too difficult anyways.

  91. Never seen a figma with a bike before…

  92. This Miku figure is super cool, I love how awesome she looks in all the different poses. I would be happy to add her to my collection.

  93. Great looking Figma as usual. Even with all the figma in my collection i still haven’t added a Miku to it.

  94. Cool!! Miku racing and the rainbow color hair. 😁😁😁

  95. Miku best girl

  96. i love that bike, hope i win

  97. Miku + racing bike = double amazing!!

  98. Wonderful and impressive

  99. Figma + bicycle = pretty awesome!

  100. This looks very nice. Bicycle and hair looks really cool ~ <3
    Nice review btw

  101. Nice figure!

  102. Another awesome review on Miku

  103. I really love the design of Miku’s hair and her outfit and the bike too. this figure embodies the two things i love, Miku and Cycling. I WANT IT SO BAD

  104. I really love the design of Miku’s hair and her outfit and the bike too. this figure embodies the two things i love, Miku and Cycling. I NEED IT

  105. That’s a beautiful Miku figure, but the best selling point is that bike. What a lovely set. BTW, great job guys.

  106. Wow.. Nice Review.. I hope I win this time.. I’ve always post my comment here every time there is a new review.. More power to you guys…

  107. Nice bike!

  108. The bicycle is very detailed.

  109. If I win this Figma Racing Miku figure, I will give the tiny bottle to my other Figma figure.

  110. I’ve yet to get my hands on a proper Miku figure… Let’s see if this one will be my first!

  111. Really amazing Miku figure! Would love to have this!!! ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

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