Apr 9

Spring brings new beginnings and this week Todd and Lindsay are up for a look at the new Pacific Rim Uprising kits from Bandai! Just how do they stand up to Bandai’s Gundam kits? You will need to watch to find out! Also in for this week is the new Gundam 00 Diver!

Check out our Gundam Build Divers page!

Kits in this episode:
HG Gipsy Avenger DX Set (Pacific Rim: Uprising)
HG Bracer Phoenix (Pacific Rim: Uprising)
HG Obsidian Fury (Pacific Rim: Uprising)
HG Gipsy Avenger (Pacific Rim: Uprising)
1/144 HGBD Gundam 00 Diver
HGBC Diver Gear
1/144 HG Gundam FSD



  1. I like the changes on the filming style but with Todd standing the size difference between him and Lindsay.

  2. I love the new look, the new fancy graphics, the 360 turn table and how amazing Lindsay looks in 4k. Impressed with how good the PacRim kits look.

  3. Yeah! Gundam 00 Diver! Im excited to build it with the custom kit! 😁 The pacific rim kits is also cool!

  4. Loved the Pacific Rim Uprising movie, and I’m definitely looking at getting some of those figures!

  5. Godspeed Ryan, welcome back Lindsay, and Todd, you are doing a great job hosting the hobbylink.tv episodes so keep it up! Please pick me Mr. Random-Comment generator, I wanna win! (Fingers crossed)

  6. *checks wallet* yep, getting the pacific rim kits, 2 minute noodles for dinner for a while.

  7. Is it odd that i find the Bracer Phoenix cute?

  8. love the pacific rim kits, will get some for sure

  9. In the arms of the angel Ryn or better yet in the cockpit of the falcon <3

  10. bracer phoenix would look great with a hyakuri head

  11. good job guys i wished bandai had the license of the first pacific rim.

    • Hopefully if these HG Pacific Rim kits sell a lot, it will encourage Bandai to get he license to make model kits for the first movie as well.

  12. Those new Pacific Rim kits looks amazing, though I would love it even more if Bandai also makes the kits from the first movie

  13. I generally like the changes in model presentation. keep it up. But I’d like to add my three cents.
    1. When the models are on a black background only, we don;t really have a feel of scale. I would love to see some reference to know how big is the model.
    2. There was something wrong with audio it dropped few times like the was some kind of compression going.
    3. I really like the showcase at the end. Love to see some slower moves so we can spot some details.

    Also wanted to ask a question. I was interested in Pacific Rim models before, but was holding back with shopping to first see the movie. There were some more jeagers in the movie and Saber Athena is the best one, I want that model kit! So here’s the question: do you have any info if Bandai is planning to release other jeagers?

    • If the HG releases sell well enough, I’m sure Bandai will keep making more and more. Heck, it might sell well enough for Bandai to go back and do model kits of the original movie as well.
      So the best way is to keep supporting Bandai by purchasing Pacific Rim model kits if you want more.
      Bandai (like any other company) runs on popularity, profits, and sales. Whatever product/product line is popular, sells well, and profits a lot will encourage them to continue making more products in that line up.
      Makes sense right?
      In terms of a retail store, if a retail store regularly sells out of a particular item or product line up (i.e. HG Pacific Rim model kits), then they’ll have to order more stock from Bandai. If Bandai seems that regular restocks are being made by retail stores, that will be indicative that those products as selling well.

      In short, buy more HG Pacific Rim kits, and odds are Bandai will make more Pacific Rim kits. =)

  14. The smart thing to do would be to wait until ‘Build Divers’ ends to see the best versions of each kit that comes out. Raise your hand if that’s what you’re gonna do.

    I thought so.

  15. new style presentation. noice!

  16. loved the new presentation!

  17. Gypsy Avenger led is amazing!

  18. Nice kits

  19. I liked the new video format.
    I look forward to seeing the Build Divers kits.

  20. Have either of you seen Ready Player One yet? If so, what did you think of it? I prefer the book over the movie, but I still thought it was amazing. And not even Spielberg can make people using VR look good in the real world, it seems…

    • Sadly, it’s not out here until the 20th, but most of us plan to go when it’s out! 🙂

  21. PM said on April 9, 2018

    wait for new model review

  22. Haven’t seen the movie yet but I’m really digging these Pacific Rim kits. I’ll probably have to buy them all.

  23. This might be stereotypical, but yes, it is cold in Canada (at least where I live). Funny thing is though, last week it was actually really warm. This week it’s freezing. Thanks Japan for robbing us of our warmth.

  24. Havent watch the movie but the Pacific rim kits look good!

  25. the gundam 00 diver looks great. i also want a pacific rim kit to have something different to put together!

  26. The new format has a “QVC” feel to it. Can’t say if that’s good. Definitely feels hyped, faster paced. Models on the black background looked great. Not a techno fan…just my/2. Lindsay and Todd are awesome as usual.

  27. This pacific rim kit seems cool but I don’t no if it’s very interesent to buy them.
    I think that I prefer Gundam design

  28. I already got 00 Diver in my Private warehouse and now I’m waiting por my Orange Haro to ship them 🙂
    Anyway – it’s 25 degrees Celsius in Poland today

  29. Those Pacific Rim kits have a ton of great detail that is just begging for a panel line wash.

  30. Those Pacific Rim kits look cool…. hmmmm….

  31. Pacific Rim kits look pretty good.

  32. I would love the set of 3 Pacific Rim Kits. Cant decide to spend the same amount of money for a few RGs though.

  33. It seems to me that Bandai’s hobby division tends to put more effort into their non-Gundam kits. Their Star Wars, Macross, Pacific Rim, etc. kits always seem to have this intangible *feeling* of being better kits to build, like more care was put into the design and production.

    On the one hand, it makes total sense. Gundam will consistently sell no matter what, so they don’t really need to put as much effort into it, whereas these kits do require more investment. But still, it would be nice if their Gundam HG kits were consistently as good as their Pacific Rim HG kits.

    • Well it’s not like the High Grade, GunPla kits are bad. If anything, they’re always getting better. Starting with the HG Revive series that started in 2015, High Grade kits have gotten much better.

      • Gundam HG aren’t “bad,” but Bandai do tend to take shortcuts with them that they don’t with other lines, especially nowadays. (You wouldn’t see the hollow parts and shoddy hands of today on their mid-00s to early-10s HGUCs, for instance.)

        But generally, attention to scale and detail seems better on their non-Gundam models. Building tends to be more involved, more effort goes into smartly implementing gimmicks like the light-up chest of Gipsy Avenger, etc. Their Star Wars kits have turned out fantastic so far, giving you far greater quality for the buck than a comparable HG/RG.

  34. I am excited for the new Gundam Build Divers series! I hope that we see some Real Grade kits as well. Also, I wonder if Bandai will go back and make model kits from the original Pacific Rim movie.

  35. Still lazily working on that unicorn full armour.

  36. Awesome show guys and hope I to get that 2000 yen voucher

  37. i can’t wait to get the new origin kit the rx-78-1 was my fav 78

  38. I was one step from buying the Gipsy Avenger Dx.
    I stop myself from clicking just because I didn’t watch the movie yet!
    My thoughts were: What if the movie is stupid? I don’t want a robot from a stupid movie! I want it to be cool!

    I read that the movie is for kids more then adults…bed news for me…I’m sad bacuse I really like this Gispy Avenger design. I also like the Black one…very cool. I was hoping there was a dx version of the black one too.

  39. Love the new look, looks more…..”modern and cutting edge”! That’s a good thing. Pacific rim kits looks pretty cool. Would love to get my hands on that ¥2000 store credit, so I can get more tanks for my stop motion animation I’m doing.

  40. The Build Divers series started off great, i looking forward to see more long with getting the kits I really want from the series

  41. I enjoyed the beginning of Build Divers but I find the design of the 00 Diver flat. BUILD STRIKE and the BUILD BURNING were cool but there are just not enough changes for me.

  42. I really enjoy the new style of the videos, but I gotta ask why are you guys standing?

  43. The new Pacific Rim kits are so cool for mere HG’s. They’ve got an insane amount of molded detail, it’s really impressive for HG’s, and quite poseable too.

    00 Diver and FSD look great, they might be retools of older kits, but the older kits are great to begin with, so they’re bound to be nice kits as well if they’re parts separation is just as good.

  44. So many changes!

    First, sir down, please! Standing is weird cause the shot is so far back.

    2nd, the new pop up info is cool but use thick fonts and no gradient background

    3rd no white flashes. That messes with some people’s eyes

    4th the solid background is nice but now you are not as hands on with the kits and we don’t see as much of the movement and falling parts.

    That is all… for now

  45. I have to say that if I got one of these Pacific Rim kits it would definitely be the Gypsy DX. That lighting effect is both impressive in an HG as well as looking fantastic.

  46. The Lesser Antillean macaw (Ara guadeloupensis) was a parrot of the Guadeloupe islands. There are no conserved specimens, but this macaw is known from several contemporary accounts, and the bird is the subject of some illustrations. Austin Hobart Clark made a species description based on these accounts in 1905.

  47. I think P-Bandai is starting to expand its range. For Gunpla, they used to just do recolours like the RG GAT105 Strike Gundam. Now they’re printing whole new molded kits.

    Question: Will there be a Boss Build this year?

  48. I wish that Bandai release the Original Gypsy Danger as a model kit

  49. need that yen!!

  50. I live in Canada Todd so I got one question for you, “do you want to build a snowman?” Of course not, you’re a Gunpla guy. Actually the west coast is mostly green; no lick of snow on the ground where I am.

  51. Nice PRim kits!

  52. Finally you guys review the Pacific rim

  53. I really like the designs but I haven’t watched any of the movies. Wow, I’m lazy. xD

  54. Love those Pacific Rim kits!

  55. Great show guys! Love any 00 version:).

  56. I’m genuinely curious about the business calculations behind the whole P-Bandai thing…

  57. #4kLindsay for president.

    • Oh, btw. Reveiw some FGirls kits (like Baihu) or new Hexa Gear coming in april. That Alpha kit is worth for review.

  58. The review on Pacific Rim is awesome.

  59. Love how the Pacific Rim kits turned out, hope we get the other jaegers in the line.

  60. I like that you’re standing, it allows you to be active. Those Pacific Rim kits looks solid. Looking forward to the 00 Diver and the Heavy Gundam as well.

  61. It is amazing how much detail they have in these Pacific rim kits. I wish the gimmick of lighting up the chest were more readily applicable to other kits, such as Wing Gundam.

  62. Really like the new review look.

  63. Not to beat a dead horse, but I do hope you’ll take a look at the new Wave 1/72 VF-4 Lightning III. Surprise surprise, it has turned out to be a snap-build kit (with a surprisingly small number of runners for the price, too, at least from preview indications).

  64. Really nice kits. Please review the new hexa gear kits when you get the chance.

  65. I picked up the Gypsy Avenger and Obsidian Fury after watching the movie and I got to say I love the detail in the kits. I didn’t expect much since I thought they were going to be just promo trash kits, but they were fairly well done!

  66. the only design i liked from pacific rim 1 was the russian Jäger.

    This time around i like the obsidian fury.

    Jäger means hunter im German by the way. One of the favorite words they like to borrow im Japan haha

  67. Looking forward to getting the FSD, but I forgot to preorder the magazine with the long range beam rifle :/

  68. Todd scares me because he’s like Hannibal Lector

  69. I am comment 75 and I won’t be picked because I’m a high number. 🙂

  70. I like to win that 2000 yen store credit.

  71. I like the new presentation style, and the pacific rim kits look like fun builds, dot they come with a lot of stickers or decals?

  72. Pacific Rim is a really fun movie. Hope you two enjoy it. Seeing the Ogre GN-X in the latest GBD episode made me love it’s design even more.

  73. The HG Pacific Rim kits look pretty cool.

  74. RNGesus be with me

  75. I want a gypsy dangerkit, but I didn’t know this existed prior to this post

  76. color changing make it a little bit confusing.

  77. did i make it in time!?

  78. Can Gundams fight import tax?

  79. I have to get one of those Pacific Rim kits. They look fun to have. Maybe paint it Gundam colors.

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