Mar 8

This week we’re back in the studio having a look at the Amazing Yamaguchi No.007 Captain America. We test his 13 points of articulation to the max and have a look at some of the awesome accessories he comes with. Also David is forced to part with the amazing Good Smile Company Rem as we announce its lucky winner!

Items in this episode:
1/7 Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-: Rem PVC
Amazing Yamaguchi No.007 Captain America




  2. Looking forward to seeing some of the pictures people take with that Cap!

  3. rub said on March 8, 2018

    i really wanted that rem figure, but i guess cap is ok

  4. I love Captain America. My favourite Marvel movies are Captain America’s. Would love to add him to my collection.

  5. I want this figure and it looks so sick as awesome

  6. That smell is called Freedom, citizen!

  7. Omg this cap looks amazing, the new revoltech line definitely does the comic book characters justice in my opinion

  8. Revoltech is going all out with their toy line, I’m really liking this cap. America

  9. Sweet review! Would love that cap! keep it up you two.

  10. *raises arm up* Pick me, pick me.

  11. JB said on March 8, 2018

    me want Cap….i have venom and deadpool and wolverine

  12. I have been very cautious about starting this line of figures, but that Cap is a good insinuative to go all in. Heaven help my wallet.

  13. Nice review!

  14. Love the beef up look, Hes ready to brawl ><

  15. Need it!!

  16. If i win it will be my first amazing yamaguchi, i hope in thw future they release a Cyclops

  17. Just gimme the damn figure. I’m going through action figure withdrawal <.<

  18. Me want Cap!!!

  19. captain america revoltech’s boot *does* have a joint that you can rotate. Saw it on another reviewer’s site. yours might be a little tight from the paint.

  20. The amazing yamaguchi figure are very cool.

  21. He’s a lot bigger than I thought,I have the venom one and it’s great,I got it from HLJ of course 😁

  22. Captain America has never really been my forte, but gotta admit, this figure is pretty cool.

  23. Those are some interesting proportions, very bulky. Are you sure he’s not on steroids or something?

  24. ohhh captain america! i want one! please pick me!

  25. the Amazing yamaguchi figures seriously amazing and i want this figure.I have hope.

  26. I guess I need more Captain in my life.

  27. That’s not the smell of fresh PVC. That’s the smell of freedom!

  28. Awesome! Would love to win this and it might start me down the path of Marvels Revoltech figures, good luck everyone! Cap’ s shield is made from Vibranium with the source being from the nation of Wakanda. Would really love a Black Panther and Storm figures in this style.

  29. Great video. This cap would go brilliantly with my collection of SHF Infinity War figures; so cool to have different style options amongst the various companies. I have the revo Guyver, and love it’s unique design, it’d be great to win this competition!

  30. I have the Amazing Yamaguchi Spider-Gwen, who is pretty amazing. The only awkward part is her unmasked face, which is smaller than it should be. The way her hair is, that face would only make sense with her in an idle pose.

  31. hmm but i want Rem… (TwT)

  32. Been collecting these Marvel Yamaguchi figures. Still need this one. Looks awesome and I don’t mind the bulkiness. I only wish the blast effect part was scattered and not a straight line.

  33. ive got iron man figures…. just need a captain america one…..

  34. Cap looks pretty nice

  35. A very good review, this figure is very good as is the whole series amazing yamaguchi, I have several figures and are excellent, greetings from Peru

  36. MG said on March 9, 2018

    I like this line very much, though Cap was one that I skipped. Looking forward to Carnage the most.

  37. I am still on the fence with Cap, his hair reminds of the President. But with the helmet on he looks cool. I have all of the yamaguchis so far but cap and like others, I am waiting for carnage. Good episode and review though.

  38. nice videos keep it up!!!

  39. nice video keep it up guys proud of you

  40. Cap is lookin’ pretty swole on that figure.

  41. Now that poseability is just so nice. He’s a bit swole for my taste, but still looks cool.

  42. Red said on March 9, 2018

    The Amazing Yamagichi line is quite nice.

    I hope we get the Punisher soon.

  43. Nice episode, also
    Give me, give me, give me, give me, give me, give me, give me, give me.

  44. Really like the look of the Yamaguchi figures. They are aesthetic. Thought they were smaller but now I’m interested. Am waiting for the Batman to preorder.

  45. Joe said on March 9, 2018

    I want it.. lol 😛

  46. Oh well, next time I guess, not like super crazy about marvel related figures, I’ve been let down in the past, hopefully i win this so it can change my mind.

  47. Really nice action figure

  48. Big Fan! Enjoyed watching you guys pose Captain Steve Rogers! Super funny. Lol!

  49. Can’t Wait to pose my Cap, beating down evil with his patriotic Frisbee of justice.

  50. Wow! That articulation is great! Would love to have it as an addition to my figs!

  51. Great action figure! It can probably imitate iconic poses of cap in the movies.

  52. Cute episode.
    Is gunplatv gone?

  53. “Todd comment”? Hahaha

  54. This is a comment

  55. The Marvel Revoltech toys consistently look amazing. I made the mistake of making my first Revoltech a transforming toy, though, and you can imagine how bad it was twisting and turning tiny Revoltech joints just to get an airplane to look like a person. Ick. Never again.

  56. Kaiyodo should make the Amazing Yamaguchi Iron Man figure to complement this Captain America figure.

  57. Kaiyodo Captain America is nicely done.

  58. Nice, and with that awesome effect part!

  59. Cap’s buffness kinda reminds me of how he looked in Marvel vs. Capcom, I’m digging the aesthetic. I also love how the well painted the shield is.

  60. Would love to pose this as it looks like it has great articulation. I hope I win this while I save up for Spiderman and Wolverine.

  61. get them all

  62. Short and sweet, did I win?

  63. Love the comic book inspired look of this set of figures.

  64. Love this Captain America. I love Revoltechs and thanks for bringing Toy tengoku back. Great job guys. Till the next.

  65. Could you imagine what a Colossus would look like in this style?!

  66. AMERICA!

  67. These Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech figs are amazing in the truest sense of the word!

  68. Captain America is one of my favorites!

  69. Cool proportions on this Cap. Love the shield, the bullet ricochet effect parts were a great addition.

  70. Smart move from Kaiyodo to re-use the bullet impact effects, which were used previously for the old Revoltech Lupin the Third !

  71. Why is he so bulky?

  72. I want it!

  73. captain america!

  74. I have Spiderman.. just ordered Deadpool.. can I have captain America pls?

  75. I really like seeing the comic Cap instead of the movie Cap.

  76. Love that shield.

  77. The quality of Kaiyodo figures has improved definitely.

  78. Would be awesome to win this! I have spider Gwen and wolverine already. My favorite part about this line is that you can pull off the wild iconic poses of these characters

  79. great show guys i need to expand my collection

  80. I don’t think Cap sweats. The super soldier formula makes it so it takes a long time to get tired. and don’t use the movies to explain otherwise, those things are random in depictions of super powers.

  81. That Cap looks amazing. Seems like you can get him into really dynamic poses.

  82. That cap fig looks cool,it would look awesome next to my revoltech wolverine fig!

  83. I Cant wait for this cap! He’s lookin like a real thicc boi with them thunder thighs 😉 i bet he does squats

  84. Mighty Cap now needs Red Skull to fight!

  85. I want that figure!! Please give it to me n_n

  86. The articulation of this Amazing Yamaguchi Captain America figure is amazing!

  87. like

  88. Cool toy as always. It will be nice to win it. 🙂

  89. I really like their Marvel line. Hope they do as well with their new DC one.

  90. cool!

  91. Awesome review of Captain.

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