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Gunpla TV – RG Evangelion Unit 01

The RG Evangelion Unit 01 is here — or, the RG All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon Artificial Human Evangelion Unit 01 DX Transporter Set if you will. It’s as awesome as its name is long.

Bandai has decided to welcome the EVAs to its RG series of kits and that’s a good thing. Dave takes a look at this DX version of the Unit 01, based off the “Rebuild of Evangelion” series of films that are currently ongoing. We take a look at the accessories, stickers, transport unit, and Eva itself. This was the first time Dave built an RG kit and lets put it this way, he was not disappointed!

There are two versions of this kit — the standard and DX release. The Unit 01 in both kits is exactly the same, but the DX version comes with the transport platform.

In this episode:
RG All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon Artificial Human Evangelion Unit 01 DX Transporter Set
RG All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon Artificial Human Evangelion Unit 01

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  1. now get in the robot

    • Absolutely fabulous kit, I’m so getting the version with the transporter it! Really takes me back, hope they churn out more of the Evas (maybe Angels even?) so I can do some re-enactment scenes!!

  2. the AT effect looks great

  3. The anime is pretentious as all hell. But this kit… Hot dog, this kit is so nice…

  4. Shinji got in the gunpla.

  5. Love the color separation on this.

  6. I love that intro how the full name was stated. It’s quite a long product name.

    This was your first RG? Very nice. The only RGs I currently own are the ones from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (including most of the limited, Premium Bandai releases).

    I’m glad that the RG Evangelion series is looking good. So far. I know that RG Evangelion Unit-00 and RG Evangelion Unit-00 DX Positron Sniper Rifle Set was recently announced as well.
    So, I hope that we also get an RG for:
    Evangelion Unit-00改
    Evangelion Unit-01 (Awakened)
    Evangelion Unit-02
    Evangelion Unit-02/Beast
    Evangelion Unit-02’β
    Evangelion Unit-02’γ
    Evangelion Unit-02’γ/Beast
    Evangelion Unit-03
    Evangelion Unit-04
    Evangelion Provisional Unit-05
    Evangelion Unit-08α
    Evangelion Unit-08β
    Evangelion Unit-08β-ICC
    Evangelion Unit-08 + 02

  7. I think I’m fine with my Revoltech action figure.

  8. It just looks great. Thanks for the review.

  9. I love the design, it’s like RoDa has child with Metal-build, it looks mechanic but still has organic feel in it. And one thing unnecessary is those stickers, apart from nerv logo on shoulder an eva decals on forearms it doesn’t need all those crampy stickers


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