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RG RX-78-2 Build Part 2

Before we get onto the second part of the Real Grade Gundam build we’re going to clear up a misunderstanding from Part 1.  The legs.  George correctly pointed out that the images at the end of that entry showed the leg assembly when it wasn’t complete.  What I didn’t realize at the time of my reply to that comment was that I had forgotten to insert two other images of the legs that I was looking at when I replied to his comment.  So, here they are.

Here’s the completed leg.

And here it is bent. You can see the gap in the frame which allows you to see through to the other side, but what I also noticed is that there is a hollow in the front of the leg frame allowing the knee joint to move and depending on the angle when viewing you can see right inside.

Continuing on with the build we come to the skirt section and the start of it is rather unique. Before you can start assembly you actually have to separate the skirt frame section from the rest of the torso frame.

After that you start assembling the individual sections of the skirt, two for the front and two exactly the same for the rear.

I’d like to note for everyone that the yellow pieces for the skirt armor come with some large gate marks and care is needed when removing them as the gate marks are going to be somewhat visible when the kit is complete.

I wasn’t content with the color of the yellow. It seemed too bright to me when compared with the pictures and my memory of the 1/1 Gundam in Shizuoka, so before I continued with the skirt assembly I took a moment to spray a coat of clear orange over the yellow parts to darken it up a bit. As the pieces are small, I elected to keep them on the runner when painting.

The Real Grade is a 1/144 scale kit, but it does come with gimmicks like a Master Grade such as the latch on the back of the skirt. Because it’s 1/144 scale, however, you’re working with some very small pieces.

Bandai has designed the Real Grade to have some flexibility in its midsection above its waist. To do that you need to separate parts from the torso frame a second time.

To this small frame part you are adding armor, but not just one just one solid piece. This is where the pinkish-red parts come in. Make sure your hobby knife is sharp…

But that’s not all! You have another section of flexible frame used in this assembly.

It actually has ball joints allowing the side armor sections which will be attached to move quite easily to accommodate the movement of the legs.

Attach the side armor and lower torso armor and you’re good to go.

With my yellow pieces dry, I can continue on with the skirt assembly, however there is one part which may hold people up. Here are the parts in question.

You’ll notice that Bandai has designed it so that you are placing two red pieces around the yellow piece rather than having a yellow piece inserted into one red piece. Why they did it this way I don’t know but due to the size of the pieces (very small!) it proved a challenge to get the three pieces to stay together and then insert them into the armor piece.

What I ended up doing was stabbing the sharp end of my design knife into the back of the yellow piece and then using that to place it into the armor. Final result looks sharp.

Attach the skirt frame to the lower torso section you assembled and the front and back skirt armor pieces assembled previously and this section is complete and the result is worth the time spent to achieve it!

Up next, the torso, and the part the manual doesn’t show you.

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  1. about where im done, except that i haven’t done the wrist yet.

    i also broke a piece in the left leg armour piece T^T i think im going to write that off as battle damage or something 😛

  2. now that’s small…
    wow… i hope your thumb’s bigger than mine… 😀


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