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Ramba Ral Zaku II

User Content (UC) : Ramba Ral Zaku 2.o
Submitted By : GaoGaiGar

I got the idea for this kit while Re watching mobile suit gundam 0079. Im a huge zeon fanboy . and always wounderd  what a ramba ral zaku would look like. So i got to work making a ramba ral zaku II.  For this kit i used after market thrusters metal beads and power cables. The paint i uses for the blue  was testors Chrome under testers clear enamel paint. i also installed may metal beads to give it a menacing look. I think this kit came out  very nicely! It’s not the best iv;e done but  its darn close.

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  1. Very nice, are those spikes on the shoulders metal? Where did you get them?

  2. Thats a really neat paint job! 🙂

  3. The armor spikes look like the Adlers Nest ones from the ST series. Dunno what size they are (S, M, L) but they’re on Hlj http://www.hlj.com/product/ADNANE-0127

  4. Very Sexaaay.

  5. Have you seen pics of the Dozle Zabi Zaku II custom that someone did years ago for a Gundam contest in Japan. That thing was INSANE!

  6. Woah… do you mind tellin me in detail how did you achieve that nice DEEP METALLIC BLUE EFFECT?
    i know the basics, as in you gotta first put a base of CHROME( or even metallic silver perhaps? OR tamiya silver leaf?)
    then u gotta apply CLEAR BLUE on top. but to achieve DARK BLUE, can we achieve this with multiple coats of CLEAR BLUE?

    Im just gonna use spray cans so can you give some advice? Im in a dilemma coz the only clear blue spray in the tamiya line is light blue.

  7. Did you painted the model chrome silver and then put several layers of clear blue over the chrome? It look fantastic…


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