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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 13 Part 1 – Metal Aftermarket Parts Tutorial

We’ve had several requests asking us to show aftermarket parts and modifications and what better time than now! In this video, which is part #1, we’ll show you how using aftermarkets parts can make your kits look that much better and also show you how to assemble aftermarket parts and attach them to your model. When it comes to aftermarket parts, there are a large number of choices available to you so feel free to click the links and check them out.

Gundam models shown in this video :
1/144 HGUC AMS-129 Geara Zulu Angelo Sauper Use
1/100 Master Grade MS-06F Zaku Minelayer

Parts used in this video:
Adlers Nest Armor Collar III L (20pcs)
HIQ Parts SV Vernier 9mm (4set)
HIQ Parts product list
Adlers Nest product list

Tools used :
– Tamiya Instant (CA) Cement – Gel Type

Here’s a shot showing only a sample of the many parts we have!


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  1. Hey Syd, how about to do someday a gunpla episode showing how the wonder HLJ works, and some other people who work with you?

  2. And I forgot to mention, I have the Angelo Sauper, and I have to say, it’s a wonderful model, one of my favorites, I had a great time builting it, and he really pull my attention on the shelf. But for modifications, I think I ain’t gonna do any for now, maybe when I already in the college.

  3. I’d like to make a few parts recommendations of my own…
    Metal parts are great, very precise – but they also tend to be relatively expensive. As a result, most of the aftermarket parts I personally use are plastic parts.
    Kotobukiya makes some great thruster parts, for instance… They also make a nice, cheap version of the “Zaku cable” beads, called “Kotobukiya Mobile Pipe”. The relatively low cost of “Mobile Pipe” is great because I tend to replace kit-supplied Zaku-style power cables quite a lot, particularly if they’re molded solid, or molded in an unpaintable material.
    Also, regarding the metal parts: some people like the look of them unpainted, and some prefer to paint them… But there’s a third option as well. There’s a product I use called “Blacken-It” – it’s a chemical bath that etches the surface of metal slightly, turning it black. It’s important to remember, however, it doesn’t work on aluminum, so you’d have to start with the “gold-colored” (i.e. brass, I guess?) versions of parts.

  4. Very good information from this video, now i know how modeller able to modify their kits though i guess modifying plastic kits is still too early for me to do.

  5. This gunpla series is very helpful for us. Thanks a lot for inspiring us to do more than just building :)… one request, may you show also how to use rivet? TIA.

  6. Man whats with the shirt lol…shirt under a t-shirt nice.

  7. George makes a good point about the Kotobukiya after market parts. Wave also makes some good ones. Those usually require painting to match with what you’re building so we opted to leave them out of this video. The second part of this video will show more aftermarket parts like minus molds, and rivets.

    Yami, the only modification I did was to drill a hole in the plastic. The earlier you start out trying to modify plastic the more practice time you are giving yourself.

    The shirt is actually one shirt, but it has an inner lining around the collar and sleeves making it appear that there’s another shirt underneath. Why the Japanese clothing company did that I don’t know. I just needed a collared shirt so the video guys would stop yelling at me because they couldn’t mount the wireless microphone to my T-shirt. 😉

  8. Its the best. 🙂

  9. nice tips loveing the vids so far but why do with have to watch in quick time and be shackled to evil apple 🙁

    • Quite a few of users view our site via iPads and iPhones so Quicktime works on both PC and Apple machines.

  10. Thanks for the reply and chance of doing the vids in a few different formats

  11. Hey Syd, whats that drill you used on this episode?

  12. Hi Yang,

    I used this set:
    but in the past have used these as well.

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