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RG RX-78-2 Build Part 5

With all sections of the Real Grade RX 78 2 completed I turned my attention to the panel lining phase.  If you haven’t seen the Real Grade up close you might not know the amount of panel lines this thing comes molded with.  It’s amazing that Bandai could put this many lines of this size on this kit.  But how to bring them out?  I turned to the September issue of Dengeki Hobby magazine for the answer.

Dengeki Hobby advises to use a Gray Gundam Panel Line Marker to fill the lines liberally, then use a cotton swab to wipe most of it away leaving marker in only the recessed areas.  I had previously used the Black panel line marker and found the black to be difficult to wipe away however the Gray marker wipes away easily.

I tested this method on the legs first as they had the biggest surface. Just color in the lines…

…then wiped it away.

It’s amazing how the details really come out with this method. There are lines I didn’t see before!

Here’s a good example. Here is the top of the arm with the marker generously applied.

With the excess wiped away you can see the tiny details Bandai gave this kit.

Here is what the back of the head looks like after only a few seconds of work.

Oh ya!

After the panel-lining was finished I gave it a coat of Gloss in preparation for decals. I love decal work but the Real Grade seems like a daunting task. I can’t wait to get at it.

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  1. I think the real grade came with some really well designed “seals.” I like how Bandai cut them to actually fit the pieces that they are stuck onto, it gets rid of the borders, and the stickers look great!

  2. great work on the panel lines ! 😀

    btw, did you do the panel lines before or after top coat ?
    can it still be wiped if applied above a glossy clear/top coat ?

  3. Gamedingo,

    You’re right. The seals are excellent on the RG because of how Bandai cut them. It not only gets rid of borders but makes it easier to align the sticker when you’re putting it on.


    I did these lines with the gundam panel line marker before putting on the top-coat. It’s easy to rub ink straight off the plastic. It can be wiped away if applied over a gloss coat but it’s not as easy.

  4. I actually had finished my RG a while back and I must say that the stickers are definitely a great thing. It’s good that they actually thought about how some of them actually can cover up some of the nicks that sometimes get leftover from the gates and stuff. I wish that they do the same thing with the MG kits too.

  5. That was my thought when I first started working with the stickers from the RG. “Why can’t Master Grades have stickers like this?”

  6. i’m kinda confused right now, does top coat go on before or after decals?
    u always put them on after, but i think i’ve seen many who put them on before.

  7. Hi Leon,

    Both. Before and after decals.

  8. ah, i see.
    thanks for the info~


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