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Destruction At Hand


Submitted By: Chris R

Here is a Christmas present that i made for my best friend. The Gouf Custom is his favorite suit from the Gundam universe, and he’s always wanted a diorama of this scene. When the new HGUC Gouf Custom was announced i knew it was time to make it for him.

The Guntank is made from Bandai’s Ecopla line, which is a line that uses recycled plastic to make a model for a cheaper price. I heavily modified it to resemble a mass produced Guntank, which was never produced as a model kit. I used a model from Hideki Shimawaki from a Gundam Diorama Master book i have as a major reference while modifying the Guntank, as i haven’t seen to many builds of it. The colors used were Model Masters Insignia red for the red, Model Masters Angel Blue with a hint of Insignia Blue for the blue, and Kustom Kolor Military Grey for the arms. Tamiya German grey was used for the barrels and other parts. Mr. Color Burnt Iron was used for the tread wheels.

For the Gouf Custom, i used Insignia blue as a first coat for the shading. The main blue is a mixture of various Tamiya blues that i made about 2 year ago for my MG Gouf Custom, so i couldn’t really tell ya whats in there besides some sky blue and base blue… My opinion of this kit is very high! It was such a fun build and i was very suprised at how far along the HGUC line has come.

For the weathering, i used Tamiya Weathering Sets, and a mud pen. The base is made using an old plaque i had, with the buildings be bought from a train hobby shop. I did all of the damage to the buildings myself however. The oil effect is quite simple really. Just make strips using hot glue, let them cool down and then you can peel them off.  Then just reheat the ends using a heat source(carefully as hot glue touching your skin will stick and BURN), and then carefully attach them to the kit.

The great thing about this build was seeing the huge smile on my friends face when he opened his present.  And in the end thats what really matters!

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  1. This scene was soo effing cool. Awesome job, seriously.


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