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5 Gundam: 45 Days

Here are my 4 entries for the MGX4 Challenge held at the first of the year on the Fitchenfoo forums, click here to view full challenge thread. The idea of this challenge was to finish at least 4 MG kits by April 30th giving everyone about 45 days to complete.

Full gallery of images below!

Here are the rues of the challenge:

– At least 4 Kits
– Recent MGs, past 2-3 years
– Well-done despite the quick turn-around
– Decals applied
– Some sort of customization, however minor (maybe a different color scheme) done to each
– Macross Frontier kits acceptable as they’re basically MGs
– Deadline of 4/30/2010

So I decided on the Blue Destiny conversion by AKO Creations, RX-78 2.0, 1/100 MG Astray Blue Frame, and the Exia Ignition Mode. Each build was fairly simple and straight forward.  Since a part of the challenge was to do some sort of customization I did the following.

Blue Destiny
This is a conversion using the MG GM and here re the specs:

Colors used are all Mr. Color and are as follows:
– Base coat of Gloss black for pre-shade
– Dark grey color is Light Sea Gull Grey
– Light grey is Light Mitsubishi Grey
– Blue is Bright Blue
– Internals and hands Alclad Steel
– Red is Bright RedT

RX-78 2.0
I used some metal thrusters on the bottom of the feet and on the thruster pack.

Again all Mr. Colors:
– Character Blue
– White
– Character Red
– Yellow

Astray Blue Frame
This is one of my favorite kits I have done.  I just changed the colors a little giving it a metallic blue frame and using light grey instead of white.  All the decals are Bandai water slides and the gloss coat on the frame is thinned Future.

Exia Ignition Mode
The Exia is a cool little kit.  It has a tone of parts for being so small and the LED GN drive is a cool addition.  I did find that after I painted the GN drive I could not get it out again so I was only able to see the finished kit with a lit GN drive once (:  Again just changed the color scheme with polished aluminium frame and purple armor.  I love this color combo and will be using it again in the future.  The final top coat is Future flattened with Tamyia flat base.

Unicorn Gundam
Although the challenge was for 4 kits I did kit a 5th kit done by the April 30th deadline and that was the Unicorn.  I really hate the pink psycho frame so I went with a metallic green frame with shaded armor.  The shading took a lot of tim just because of the number of parts but it looks great in the end.  The decals took me 3 full days, about 16 hours do apply.  I don’t know how many there are but there are a lot.  I changed the thruster pack a little just by using whit on the parts that flip out to reveal the side thrusters.  I thought it looked nice and just broke it up  little.  Again the final top coat was flattened Future.

Well there you go 5 MG kits in 45 days.  It was a lot of fun and work. I spent about 25-30 hours per kit.  It meant several late nights painting, but it was worth it.  Here is a link to my final thread for this challenge and the 5th bonus kit here.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments section below.


Matt Mrozek

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  1. how did you make the metallic colors? did you use a silver base and used clear blue and green or did you use regular metallic paints

  2. On the Astray it’s just Mr. Color Metallic Blue on the bare plastic and the Unicorn is Mr. Color Metallic Green over the bare plastic. I stayed away from candy color to prevent paint build up.

  3. oh cool thank you.

  4. WoW that’s a nice mg astray metallic blue frame indeed, good job for bringing out the blue of that kit!


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