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1/35 Kenbishi Heavy Industries HAW206 Prototype by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

1/35 Kenbishi Heavy Industries HAW206 Prototype by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-haw206 (1)

The kit is all put together. Let’s take a look how it looks after the build!

rrobbert184-haw206 (2)
A straightforward but still pleasing build from start to finish.

rrobbert184-haw206 (3)
Views from all around. A decent amount of details despite its seeming simplicity, and it comes across as looking like a semi-realistic piece of military machinery.

rrobbert184-haw206 (4)

rrobbert184-haw206 (5)

rrobbert184-haw206 (6)
The underside, though hidden most of the time has a good amount of detail.

rrobbert184-haw206 (7)

rrobbert184-haw206 (8)
The hatch can open, but you’ll only get a small peek into the cockpit.

rrobbert184-haw206 (9)
Here you can see the maximum range of moment for the tail.

rrobbert184-haw206 (10)

rrobbert184-haw206 (11)
The max movement range of the turret, which also includes a small hatch that opens.

rrobbert184-haw206 (12)
The range of the “hands” and “legs”.

rrobbert184-haw206 (13)

rrobbert184-haw206 (14)
Also includes a movable sensor.

rrobbert184-haw206 (17)
How does it stack up size-wise?  Here’s a comparison with MG G-Fighter, and it comes across as just a little bit bigger.  The big tail of course helps out a lot.

rrobbert184-haw206 (18)
As my second Ghost In The Shell kit, it was still a lot of fun to build.  It is going to be a bit on the easy side, as there’s lots of duplicate plates.  But you can’t help but think that it would look quite good if you paint it up properly with an air brush. However, even if you did, the cockpit cannot be seen outside, but takes a lot time and effort to paint which doesn’t seem particularly productive.  Sadly it shares some common problems with Kotobukiya kits, namely a general looseness across the body.  It takes some effort to put  Koto kits together without them falling apart, especially when you’re trying out various poses.  But overall, it’s still a good kit, and looks good in spite of its simple outward appearance.  And it only makes me more excited for the 1/35 Tachikoma!  Thanks for reading everyone.

rrobbert184-haw206 (19)
“Firefox vs… Internet Explorer?”

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  1. Looks like the kit goes together fairly nicely. I’ll mostly likely forego painting the majority of the cockpit if it’s not even visible from through the hatch. Seems kind of bizarre to have so much detail for something that is going to be completely encapsulated and not even seen. Airbrushing the body of the tank should be relatively straight forward.

    Good job, and thanks for the review. Looking forward to your next kit review.


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