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1/60 ARX-8 Laevatein by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

By Rrobbert184 from GundamReviews.net

1/60 ARX-8 Laevatein by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (1)

The ARX-8 is all put together. Let’s check it out!

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (2)
As always, a good set of plastic nippers is all you need.

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (3)
Simple and clean looking from the front and rear.

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (4)

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (5)
Pretty good articulation for the arms and legs.

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (6)

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (7)
And a ton of weapons and option parts. Let’s see what they can do for posing…

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (8)

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (9)

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (10)
The monomolecular cutter can be mounted on the knee.

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (11)
And attack poses are possible with the optional blade.

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (13)

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (12)
Decent amount of details on the weapons.

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (14)
And the sub-arms can be used to hold weapons as well.

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (15)
Λ-Driver Canceller Fairy’s Feather can be attached, and here you can also see the  smoothbore cannon mounted.

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (16)
And best of all, the cover pose can be recreated!

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (17)
The size is between a regular HG and MG for the great-granddaddy Gundam.

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (18)
For some final thoughts, this may be the best Kotobukiya kit I’ve ever built. The joints are so unique and different from Bandai and previous Kotobukiya kits, which is both pleasant to build, and then to pose.  Best of all perhaps is the fact that they are strong enough to hold poses, while still allowing for a high degree of mobility.  And with lots of options for weapons and parts, there is no end of play options.. Overall, it was a treat to build, and will be very fun to show off your shelf.  Thanks for checking this out!

rrobbert184-ARX-8-Review (19)
“Who’s next?”

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  1. Hey Rrobbert184, this kit looks great. I got mine today and it is mostly done. Are you planning to paint up the missing orange strips? If so do you have any tips for a noob. Keep up the great work with the gundam reviews!


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