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Non-scale Anubis by Kotobukiya (Part 1: Unbox)

Non-scale Anubis by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert-anubis   (1)

Anubis, from Zone of the Enders (Z.O.E.), is looking sharp and well armed in this big kit from Kotobukiya.  What’s inside??

rrobbert-anubis   (2)
After Jehuty and Vic Viper, Anubis is the third model Kotobukiya has made in this series.

rrobbert-anubis   (3)
My first impression of the box is: big! Twice as big as Jehuty HD Edition, and even a little bigger than MG Gundam 3.0.

rrobbert-anubis   (4)
A MSRP of 7800 JPY. But you save 20% off that at HLJ.com!

rrobbert-anubis   (5)

rrobbert-anubis   (6)
Let’s jump inside!

rrobbert-anubis   (7)
The cover of the manual and the art is looking very sharp.  It gives me some ideas for lining…

rrobbert-anubis   (8)
The official color guide (they can’t break it down into multiples of 5?):

Brwon: 54% red brown + 20% neutral grey + 15% black + 10% white + 1% olive drab.
Black: 60% midnight blue + 30% neutral gray + 10% navy blue.
Gold: 50% diamond silver + 25% white + 15% orange yellow + 5% tan + 5% clear orange.
Pearl white: 90% diamond silver + 10% white.
Energy line: 40% white + 35% red + 22% orange + 3% clear yellow.
Sensor/camera: Base: 100% super fine silver; Coat: 60% clear red + 40% clear orange.

rrobbert-anubis   (10)
The pile of plates contained within.

rrobbert-anubis   (13)
Here is an individual plate, showing off the good lining channels and details..

rrobbert-anubis   (17)
One plate is from Jehuty, as mentioned in the manual.

rrobbert-anubis   (14)
The main colors, with multiple plates for each.

rrobbert-anubis   (15)

rrobbert-anubis   (16)

rrobbert-anubis   (18)
The other plates that should work wonders for display purposes. The small stand Plate P is also from Jehuty.

rrobbert-anubis   (19)

rrobbert-anubis   (20)
I’ll be doing a lining experiment for energy lines this time. I’ll try 2 plans, 100% Gaia scarlett and 80% Gaia limited fluorescent + 20% Gaia GP-02 red.  Let’s see how it looks!

rrobbert-anubis   (21)
“You’ve got a really big box, but Kotobukiya kits always end up seeming a bit small compared to us.  Let’s see!”

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  1. cant wait to see your energy channels at work. Makes me wanna get a jehuty and do the same ^__^

  2. I’m just wondering even though Z.O.E. kits have pilots and cockpit…why is the scale a Non-Scale kit?


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