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Non-scale Anubis by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

Non-scale Anubis by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert-anubis-review (1)

Anubis is finally put together. Let’s see exactly how it looks!

rrobbert-anubis-review (3)
The plates are empty, and what do they yield?

rrobbert-anubis-review (10)

rrobbert-anubis-review (11)

rrobbert-anubis-review (12)

rrobbert-anubis-review  (5)

rrobbert-anubis-review  (6)

rrobbert-anubis-review  (7)
Part of the design, but most of the details are hidden on its back.

rrobbert-anubis-review (2)
Anubis can carry the spear with 2 clear parts attached on his hand.

rrobbert-anubis-review (4)

rrobbert-anubis-review (5)
Normal and open modes for the thrusters.

rrobbert-anubis-review (7)

rrobbert-anubis-review (6)

rrobbert-anubis-review (8)
The thrusters are actually not attached with the main body, but supported by another small stand.  Overall, they’re one of the kits best features, adding menace and power in any pose.

rrobbert-anubis-review (13)
Normal state for the thrusters shown behind Anubis.

rrobbert-anubis-review (14)
Vertical state for the thrusters.  Not a guy you want to make angry.

rrobbert-anubis-review  (13)
Good details on the legs and feet.

rrobbert-anubis-review (15)
The leg can stretch a fair bit.

rrobbert-anubis-review (16)
The feet can extend, but don’t expect it to stand on your shelf as the body is too heavy.

rrobbert-anubis-review  (16)
Maximum range of the elbow.

rrobbert-anubis-review (9)
It’s actually MG size, very important I think for a kit this price.

rrobbert-anubis-review  (1)
Overall, the whole building process was very interesting. If you’re used to building Gundams, this kit will certainly give you a lot of new experiences, and includes a some well designed gimmicks. The design of the armors reminds me of MG, or even RG style. The details on the parts are also impressive, and will surely look really good if you do the lining carefully.  Disappointingly however, its head can’t move at all.  Some may be disappointed that the thrusters are not connected to its body, which makes the kit feel kind of strange, but does allow more freedom when you’re posing. Some of the parts are also a little bit loose as they may fall off if you move them too much.  However, when you consider the size and presence this kit brings, with its wild thrusters and angry poses, it would be a nice addition to anyone’s shelf.

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  1. Looks real cool!
    Not sure tho if its up my ally on the looks department tho.

  2. I’m a fan of Anubis’ design, but I don’t own any kits myself. Wish there was an alternative to owning one. I think this looks great, I bet even more amazing after coloring. =)

  3. I finally received this one, now my collection of ZOE Kotobukiya kits is complete. ^^
    The only thing on this one is that I don’t like the gold color they used. I’ll surely paint it with Tamiya or other brand pure gold.


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