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Pokemon Plamo Collection Pikachu N.19 and N.41 (Part 2)

Pokemon Plamo Pikachu N.19 and N.41 are available from HobbyLink Japan

Continuing from the first part of this small series, this time I’m here to talk about Pokemon Plamo Collection Pikachu and N.41 and finally have a verdict on which of the two plastic models is better.

Number 41 is, once again, very simple to assemble. The kit comes in a pretty normal box with its contents carefully packed inside. Instructions for assembly are provided, as well as stickers for details. This kit provides us with a very articulated Pikachu figure, and pieces are a little more than the ones we had in the other model.

This kit has an optional face for Pikachu, so one can choose between a friendly and cute Pokémon and a more aggressive Pikachu. I personally went with the former, but the fighting Pikachu was a tempting choice. N.41 has more pieces, and some are parts for details like the nose or the mouth, and this means there are fewer stickers to place here and there.

I have nothing against stickers, but when a piece comes straight from the mold and only needs to be placed in its right place the final result is way more neat and precise, and I like that.

This kit has a slightly different assembly process from the first one, though it stays as easy as possible and is really fun to put together.

The assembly process

Although this kit is very, very simple to put together –just as the previous one, I have a video of my assembly process, also useful as an additional and more detailed loot at Bandai Pikachu Plamo N.41.

Final thoughts: comparison

Both these kits are fun and enjoyable, and a good way to spend some time relaxing without thinking too much. Both n.19 and n.41 Pikachu figures are articulated enough to be played with and, at the same time, very good looking thanks to the quality of the pieces, which makes them great for display purposes, too.

I find that kit n.19 is the one I enjoyed less, but not because of the assembly –which is almost identical in both kits; it’s just a matter of personal preference, I believe. This kit is movable and when you turn Pikachu’s head right and left the ears move; that’s adorable and so smart, but I dislike the use of unbelievably tiny stickers for parts like the nose.

The n.41 is my favorite of the two kits, as it does the character more justice in terms of poses, has already molded pieces for little details and also comes with an alternate expression for Pikachu which works well with the rest of the plastic model. You can even sit Pikachu down, which is awesome!

Probably the difference in the two kits is due to their age. They are about one year apart but the same character and same design; I believe that this gave Bandai time to improve the older kit.

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