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1/35 Kenbishi Heavy Industries HAW206 Prototype by Kotobukiya (Part 1: Unbox)

1/35 Kenbishi Heavy Industries HAW206 Prototype by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert-HAW206 (1)

HAW206, a scorpion-shaped Think Tank made by Kenbiki Heavy Industries has been released by Kotobukiya. Let’s take a look inside the box!

rrobbert-HAW206 (2)
The box is a little bigger overall than the MG Wing Zero.

rrobbert-HAW206 (3)
6800 Japanese yen as you can see at the bottom, but save 20% at HLJ.com!

rrobbert-HAW206 (4)
More fun here from Ghost in the Shell.

rrobbert-HAW206 (5)
With some decent cover art, despite the seeming simplicity of the tank itself.

rrobbert-HAW206 (6)
Scopronok would be proud of that tail.

rrobbert-HAW206 (7)
A simple hatch, but overall, I’m a big fan of the graphic design they use around the box.

rrobbert-HAW206 (8)
More included parts.

rrobbert-HAW206 (9)
And guess who’s coming next? More Tachikoma fun.

rrobbert-HAW206 (10)
Don’t expect a rainbow assault when you open the box.

rrobbert-HAW206 (11)
The plates and pieces are well carved, though you’ll see lots of multiples.

rrobbert-HAW206 (12)
That’s a huge B part.

rrobbert-HAW206 (13)

rrobbert-HAW206 (14)
I wanted to say 3D, but…

rrobbert-HAW206 (15)

rrobbert-HAW206 (16)

rrobbert-HAW206 (17)

rrobbert-HAW206 (18)

rrobbert-HAW206 (19)

rrobbert-HAW206 (20)
The small stuff to wrap up the plastic.

rrobbert-HAW206 (21)
Even the polycaps join in the Gemini fun.

rrobbert-HAW206 (22)
The manual shows off a simple but cool looking battle in progress.

rrobbert-HAW206 (23)
With some sharp visuals on the inside cover.

rrobbert-HAW206 (24)
The plate layout however clearly spells out the lack of variety in the plastic sheets.

rrobbert-HAW206 (25)
A typical page, with a lot going on. Looks straightforward however.

rrobbert-HAW206 (26)
I’m not sure if color splash page is the right word here.

rrobbert-HAW206 (27)
Overall, it’s a positive unbox, with a lot of plastic included. The final product is subtly colored, which explains the lack of colors inside the box, but they look good next to each other. It also would serve as an excellent base for painters to really add some details and bring it to life. A solid manual has me excited to see it all put together! Thanks for reading everyone.

rrobbert-HAW206 (28)
“Coming soon in Pacific Rim 2.”

rrobbert-HAW206 (29)
“But we all know if the Tachikoma’s appear, they’ll be the real stars.”

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  1. This is another kit I’m looking forward to, being the GITS fan that I am. Glad you picked it to review. I always liked the look of this tank, from the moment I first saw it when watching the episode it was featured in.

    I enjoyed the un-boxing and agree the artwork for the box cover and manual look pretty sharp. One surprise seems to be that it appears that the tank kit includes a fairly detailed cockpit. Didn’t notice that until I looked at the photo of the Colour Guide you included. Thought the painting was going to be fairly strait forward until I noticed the second page. Based on the image of the painted brain case and how small it is, looks like I’ll need a pretty fine brush or too.

    Looking forward to seeing how the rest of your build goes.

  2. Yes! Tachikoma is next! Any ideas when so I know when to stop using my juice box money to save up for it?

    • HLJ recently posted the Tachikoma on their site with a release date of March 2014. Includes Motoko, Batou, and a third figure of a young girl moulded so that she can ride atop the Tachi.

  3. Hi pals !

    You can find the upgraded HAW206 in my media gallery or in my posts in the advanced builder category of “playing with plamo” contest.
    This is a great kit and I very enjoyed building and modding it !

    I wish you the same !

    regards pals !


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