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New Plamo Arrivals For April 29, 2022

This week Kotobukiya brings the bulk of the new plamo arrivals! We get two Frame Arms kits, two killer Hexa Gear accessory sets, a Frame Arms Girl, and a rare Da-Garn kit! To top it off, a versatile new accessory from the M.S.G. lineup hits shelves, and you can use it to create wings, shields, and more. See it all below!

Frame Arms

Frame Arms RF-9 RF-9 Revenant Eye:RE2

The armed reconnaissance type mecha Revenant Eye joins the “Frame Arms” model kit lineup from Kotobukiya! The Frame Architect Renewal Version used for its inner frame is included (assembly required); the armor parts are all newly molded! Its parts are different from those of the Todoroki and Stiletto, and it’s equipped with 3mm connection ports so it can use armor and weapons from the M.S.G. lineup too. Its hands are equipped with a swing axis for greater posability, and a new hand holding a gun grip is included.

Frame Arms Revenant Eye Armor Parts (Ver.F.M.E.)

This set of model-kit parts from Kotobukiya brings you the armor parts from the Frame Arms Revenant Eye! A Frame Architect Type-001 frame (not included, sold separately) will be required to assemble the figure shown. The parts are molded in off-white, making them easy to customize and paint as you like. You can paint the clear parts too! Order yours today, and get ready to create your own custom battle machine!

Frame Arms Girl

Frame Arms Girl Handscale Baselard Animation Ver.

Kotobukiya’s palm-size “Hand Scale” model-kit lineup now welcomes Baselard to its ranks! Using the design data from the Megami Device Collaboration Frame Arms Girl Baselard Animation Version, she’s been “shrunk down” to an appealingly small size — and she’s ready for action with 20 points of articulation! She can be displayed with or without her armor and weaponry; a HexaGear mini flying base is included for airborne poses, and she comes with decals for her eyes, as well as two blank face parts. She also has interchangeable hands, as well as a replaceable weapon-holding mechanical hand on the external frame.

Hexa Gear

Hexa Gear Governor Weapons Combat Assort 01

This Hexa Gear weapons set from Kotobukiya allows you to equip your armor-type Governor with a wide array of armaments for virtually any situation! This basic set emphasizes balance, containing a sword and rifle, as well as a hanger and backpack-style container.

Hexa Gear Governor Weapons Combat Assort 02

This Hexa Gear weapons set from Kotobukiya allows you to equip your armor-type Governor with a wide array of armaments for virtually any situation! This set includes a plasma cannon, a shotgun, handgun and sword.

The Brave Fighter of Legend Da-Garn

Da-Garn X

Da-Garn X from “The Brave Fighter of Legend Da-Garn” is here as the seventh addition to the Kotobukiya Brave model kit series! It boasts an insane amount of detail to make not only the finished product astounding but also to ensure it looks as faithful as the original series’ robot does! An articulated frame built into every part of the figure ensures both faithful proportions and articulation. With the included additional parts, you can thoroughly recreate each armament of Da-Garn X, such as the Da-Garn Blade, Earth Cannon, Earth Vulcan, and Breast Earth Buster. The frame has been partially redesigned to improve assembly. It also features an even greater sense of mobility than past model kits in the Brave series.

Plamo Accessories

Heavy Weapon Exceed Binder 2

Kotobukiya introduces the Exceed Binder to their Modeling Support Goods (M.S.G.) lineup — a variable wing with clear armor that’s perfect for character plastic models! It can be transformed into a wing form with a sharp silhouette, or a defense form for use as a shield. The armor is clear blue and the internal mechanical frame is silver in color, giving the unit a really striking appearance when assembled that will enhance any figure kit! The binders are jointed for superior flexibility, and can also be opened and closed. A clear sword and dagger are included, and they can be stored on the back of the binder, and a 3mm shaft at its base means it can be used with many different figure kits.

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