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1/400 Evangelion The 13th Angel Evolution Ver. by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

Available From HobbyLink Japan

Evangelion The 13th Angel Evolution Ver. is all put together, in all his effect part glory! Let’s take a closer look at the finished kit.

Rrobbert184-EVA-13 Awake-Review (2)
As always, a pair of plastic nippers is enough to put it all together.

Rrobbert184-EVA-13 Awake-Review (3)
Front, side, and back shots. The pictures may not show it well, but there’s a tinge of pink coloring in the white.

Rrobbert184-EVA-13 Awake-Review (5)

Rrobbert184-EVA-13 Awake-Review (6)

Rrobbert184-EVA-13 Awake-Review (7)
The elbows can bend over 90°. The knees can bend almost 135°, but the hips don’t move too much and are a bit problematic.

Rrobbert184-EVA-13 Awake-Review (9)
Here are all the option parts. The effect part is so huge that it needs an extra stand.

Rrobbert184-EVA-13 Awake-Review (10)
Here he is fully loaded with extra wings, arms, weapons, and rings!

Rrobbert184-EVA-13 Awake-Review (11)
As for the size, it’s taller than Master Grade Gundam 2.0.

Rrobbert184-EVA-13 Awake-Review (12)
Some final thoughts. This version has been attracting a lot of attention since the official pictures were released. So far, the quality of the line has been quite good, but there is one problem with this kit. The legs are rather weak, and even have problems staying on. My version takes great effort just to get the legs to get the body to stand up, but I’m hoping this is a one-off problem. Other than that, as usual it’s got quite good mobility, sharp sculpting, and most importantly a huge and effective-looking effect part. If your shelf is not big enough, it might not even fit!  If you’re a big fan of this angel, you may want to give it a level-up paint job and maybe even glue it in the pose you like. Overall though, it’s a striking addition to any shelf!  Thanks for checking this out.

Rrobbert184-EVA-13 Awake-Review (13)
You can (not) win.

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  1. Nice review! Is the building process of the Evangelion the same as that of Evangelion type-13?


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