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3 Practical Accessory Sets for Your 1/10 Action Figures (And Plamo Girls)

The Sousai Shojo Teien series from Kotobukiya is a model kit line of ordinary school girls. It was an original IP, and became an instant hint from the first release, Madoka Uki. The line has since introduced spectacled Takanashi Koyomi, and blonde-haired Ritsuka Saeki.

In this article:

  1. The Schoolgirls
  2. 3 Accessory Sets
  3. Compatibility with Other Kits & Figures

The Schoolgirls

Whether it’s because these kits only have a modest number of parts so even beginners can assemble the easily, or because they are beautifully molded in color and look super cute — preorders always fill up immediately.

The good news is that Kotobukiya knows it has a gem in its hands, and has already reissued the first release, Madoka! This gave customers a second chance to grab one without having to rely on high resale prices.

What’s better, is that Madoka’s quick reissue means that we just might be able to expect reissues of the other girls after initial release… and maybe even more of Madoka down the line!

Currently at HLJ, neither of these girls are available for order, but for future reference, we recommend keeping an eye on the Sousai Shojo Teien page for changes to available kits!

3 Accessory Sets

This brings us to the main point of this article: the accessories. It’s great to have beautiful model kits, but even better to have addons to make your displays or photography stand out. Let’s take a look at the three accessory sets from the line that give you a range of display options!

After School Retro Desk

The After School Retro Desk set consists of a Taisho Era romantic style desk, chair, and a classical lamp. Two different books are included, each in opened and closed versions, that you can arrange however you like. The desk drawer opens and closes, too! This kit is molded in color, so just assembling the parts will give you a result that’s close to the images here. 

Furthermore, a bonus set of facial expression parts and additional decals are included for the matching figures, too!

After School Travel Time Set

The After School Travel Time set includes a travel trunk, a camera, a selfie stick, and a smartphone. The trunk can actually be opened and closed, and small items can be placed inside. In addition, the carry handle can be extended just like a real travel trunk. The lens part of the camera is made of clear parts to express the difference in texture, as well!

After School Umbrella Set

Finally, the After School Umbrella set can be used in three different ways: folded up, closed, and open. It uses a translucent material with a hint of white and blue to really make the aesthetic pop! Not only that, but like with the first kit it also comes with extra facial expression parts for Ritsuka, like with her eyes closed!

Compatibility With Other Kits & Figures

Now, it’s worth noting that this whole line is 1/10 scale. I was curious to see if Megami Device (technically 1/1 scale) would be compatible with any of these parts, since they’re all from Kotobukiya. So, I picked up one of these kits myself and compared them to a Megami Device kit.

Megami Device on the right

The face plates are about the same size. That’s a hopeful start.

…but if we look at the back, the connectors aren’t quite the same. Even so, it’s possible that with a hobby file, glue, and some perseverance, you may be able swap faces with Megami Device anyway!

What about the accessories — can you use these new After School accessories with Megami Device?

Well, I don’t have my hands on accessories yet so I did the opposite: I gave my schoolgirl a massive battle weapon. And it works! At least, the grip works. You may need to work those joints if you actually want to pose one of the new kits holding a hulking weapon.

So, just to recap:
– You can keep an eye on the changing product available of the Sousai Shojo Teien line at HLJ.com
– You might be able to rework some of the parts to make Sousai Shojo Teien and Megami Device compatible!

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