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Optimus Prime (D-Style) by Kotobukiya

Optimus Prime (D-Style) by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

Rrobbert184-Convoy (1)

Who doesn’t love the original Autobot Leader Optimus Prime?. Lots of toys that made him famous, so it’s exciting to see him in D-Style.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (2)
Sharp cover art with an old-school transformer style. They go for their cake and eat it too with the large Optimus Prime, and small Convoy written below in Japanese.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (3)
The box is very small; even moreso than what’s now a small High Grade.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (4)
Classic styling to the side, with the always-inspiring face with no mouth or lips. 3000 JPY is written in the corner — Get a 20% discount at HLJ.com!

Rrobbert184-Convoy (5)
Some very familiar looking weapons and gimmicks are shown off. Will they recolor this eventually with Magnus and the matrix?

Rrobbert184-Convoy (6)
When you crack open the box, the iconic colors pop right out.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (7)
The manual art and box art are the same.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (8)
The building process doesn’t seem too complicated as you can tell from the number of plates, and amount of white space all around.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (9)
Official color guide at the back of the manual.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (10)
Here are the plates in alphabetical order. Keep an eye out for the prepainted parts and clear plates.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (11)

Rrobbert184-Convoy (12)

Rrobbert184-Convoy (13)

Rrobbert184-Convoy (14)

Rrobbert184-Convoy (15)

Rrobbert184-Convoy (16)
A small piece of seal with the Autobot logo.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (18)
All you need is a good pair of plastic nippers to put it together.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (19)
Front, side and back shots. He looks quite simple, but everything is colored the way it should be.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (20)

Rrobbert184-Convoy (21)

Rrobbert184-Convoy (22)
The elbows can bend 90° and a little less for the legs, bringing SD kits to mind.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (23)
Rrobbert184-Convoy (24)
In hours that are dark, the chest can be opened to reveal a pretty good looking matrix.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (25)
Where it’s needed, the head and chest pack in the details quite well.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (26)
All the classic weapons are here. Thank goodness for hand swap weapons that appear when the plot requires them!

Rrobbert184-Convoy (27)
A shooting pose with the ion blaster.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (28)
And a chopping pose with the beam axe in hand. It can also replace the hand itself.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (29)
A pointing finger is the only optional hand he’s got. But it’s an inspiring hand.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (30)
There’s also a trailer with only 2 parts in two colors.

Rrobbert184-Convoy (31)
As for the size, it’s similar to the SD Unicorn Gundam. Two legends? 1.5?

Rrobbert184-Convoy (32)
Some final thoughts. I’m sure it made a lot of people quite excited when they heard the news that Optimus Prime would be made into D-style, which overall isn’t surprising given Takara and Kotobukiya’s relationship. The quality of the kit is quite decent, and the mobility is good enough. However, I’m still a little bit disappointed, because there are many transformable kits in D-style line, but not this Optimus, who really is the one that should be able to Transform! But as a 3000 JPY kit, it’s still fun to build, play with and show off on your shelf in any iconic pose, thanks to all the focus being on bot mode. Plus he’s slightly cuter than the old G1 toy, so expect some cute reactions. Thanks for checking this out!

Rrobbert184-Convoy (33)
“Listen up! WE should be pals. Never listen to that magnum guy!”

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  1. Surely the best part of this kit is the fact that the Ion Blaster has a handle peg in the correct position so that it can be held correctly and not pointing to one side like the two versions that were created for the original and subsequent issued versions.

  2. Such a neat kit. I’ll be adding this to my buy pile. Nice review!

  3. Oh Hi robert ! You’re still alive ?


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