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New Plamo Arrivals For September 3, 2021

Gurren Lagann and Macross top the list of new plamo arrivals this week! We also get releases from Medabots and Megami Device, plus a piece of heavy machinery and a Zaku hat!

Gurren Lagann

PLAIOBOT Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann

“Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” gets a new PLAIOBOT plastic model kit addition from Sentinel of the Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann! In addition to the five molded colors, the head and chest are pre-painted, so all you have to do is assemble it to have the mighty drill mech in your hands! The two towering Giga Drills on each shoulder can be removed and reassembled to be attached to the arms to recreate the “Super Galaxy Giga Drill Break”! Also included is the Gurren Boomerang.


V.F.G. Macross Frontier: VF-25G Super Messiah Klan Klang (Reissue)

Klan Klang from “Macross Frontier” is getting a rerelease from Aoshima’s V.F.G. (Variable Fighter Girl) figure-kit lineup! She’s combined with the VF-25G Messiah in its Super Pack configuration, complete with the Dragunov Sniper Rifle, and in Michael Blanc’s colors. This kit is molded in color and snaps together, so neither paint nor glue are needed! Stickers and decals are included for the markings; the aircraft is convertible with parts replacement to all three of its forms: Gerwalk, Fighter and Battroid. It can be assembled as either its normal or Super Pack version, too. Three pre-painted faces for Klan Klang are included, too, as are extra parts for an armored version of her.


KWG05-C Dorcus

Kotobukiya’s newest “Medabots” plastic model kit is here -KWG05-C Dorcus! This kit includes a special feature where users can Medachange Dorcus into his ‘Reckless Mode!’ The right arm’s sword ‘Forvice’ and left arm’s ‘Intense Beat’ hammer can be recreated with interchangeable parts. The elbow joints are of the same sculpt as previous popular Medabots, meaning you can combine parts from others to customize your very own unique Medabot! The kit comes with two pre-painted and one unpainted clear red face visor part, allowing you to display the model however you want. The parts are made of multi-colored plastic, allowing for easy assembly with no painting required!


Character Kigurumi Char’s Zaku Deluxe Cap (62cm)

This detailed Char’s Zaku head cap from Sazac is the best way to disguise yourself! Combine it with a bikini, gorilla suit, or cheerleader outfit for maximum hilarity. Order yours today!

Megami Device


These new additions to Kotobukiya’s Megami Device M.S.G. lineup give you a set of parts to build a new lower body for your Megami Device figure!

Other Plamo


The spider crane used in construction projects across the world is now a plastic model kit! Presenting a 1/20th scale PS plastic model of the MC174CRM spider crane. The crane’s boom arm is extendable and its outriggers can be displayed deployed or compactly stored. The hydraulic cylinders can also be moved in accordance with the movement of the boom and outriggers. The model can be converted from its compact folded form for storage to its deployed form without the use of additional parts. A cable for attaching the hook of the crane is included as well. The model kit is split up into green and grey runners and comes with stickers, making it easy to create the crane with a simple assembly.

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