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Getting Weird With figmas!

It’s no secret to many collectors that FREEing brings some of their unique ideas to the figma line of action figures, and that’s no exception to their newest addition with the figma Human Anatomical Model!

Not only is it super flexible and articulated, it also utilizes semi-translucent parts for optimal realism and to give the user an eye into the anatomy of a real body. It’s great for unique dioramas, funny meme photos, or even just to educationally investigate how the human body works on a fun figma level! Look at the pictures above – there’s an example for every instance given!

FREEing has also blessed us with an action figure line-up they’ve labeled as the “Table Museum” series which spotlight famous works of art in hilarious yet impressive figma form. Just take a look at the slideshow above and imagine all of the different, quirky poses you can put them in. And, boy, do we have good news for you – they’ve been reissued, so you can now get your preorders in for them all!

If you decide to pick these up for yourself, feel free to tag us on our Twitter or Instagram with photos once you receive them and we’ll be sure to give them the shoutout they deserve!

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